Favorite heroine (Spoilers obviously)

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#1 by scharlach927
2017-05-27 at 19:31
I just wanted to know your opinion. What is your favorite heroine. It has nothing to do with best character development or anything, just your preference because, to be honest, Stout Alchemist has got to have the best character development out of all characters. Out of the three main heroines, I think the pink loli is the best one because elftits is too boring and the swordsman too annoying with her stoic and later tsundere attitude. My favorite character would be Elizasleyn due to the fantastic work of the voice actress and I kinda like the personality. But that's just my opinion.

I intentionally excluded cameo and clone characters because their involvment equals lim x->0. Eushully characters are an option since they are mascots.Last modified on 2017-05-27 at 19:33
#2 by supertaco512
2017-05-27 at 21:38
I would go with either Kohakuren or Mylen. I like fox girls, and she fits my thoughts on "perfect mature foxgirl" pretty well. As for Mylen, I like demons as well (bonus that she is a loli). Her H-Scene was a little surprising with the whole "I like pain thing", along with "let's have some help" (tried to be vague to not spoil it). I wish there were more H-Scenes with her in it tbh.
#3 by pramit
2019-10-23 at 13:33
For me the pink loli is the worst one. I just don't find her art appealing at all, she looks like she has the face of an old man. And I get what you mean by Selwari being boring. Initially I liked her composed nature and I really enjoyed her romance scene with will (not H scene) at the start of the route. But then it was largely forgotten, and the premise of "elves living longer than humans", which could have been a source of conflict in their relationship, was completely forgotten. There was so many obvious ways to make their relationship more complicated and nuanced, least of all the fact that they are from two different cultures. But no, selwari is just a composed onee san type and she stays that way till the end of the game and their romance is the most lackluster thing there is.

For me the best heroine is kohauken because I find her character design really cool. Elizasleyn as well. The conflict with Elizasleyn that lasted just one chapter was way better than the ENTIRE selwari route.Last modified on 2019-10-23 at 13:34
#4 by zakashi
2019-12-03 at 04:13
Lol you put even Eushully? I vote for Yuela, sword wielding tsundere girls make me rock hard, servalwi is really nice also, emelita in unbearable for me bacause she is a loli (-1 point),acts like a child(-1 point), and has short hair (-1 point(more or less, i always make her use the clothing with long hair so we can fix it :D)), i can stand lolis only if they act like adults and have huge breasts (probably there are exceptions but this is the pattern).
The others don't have much screen time to compare, but i choose melodiana between them.Last modified on 2019-12-03 at 04:14


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