Steam Key Drop Thread

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#1 by minah
2017-05-28 at 20:06
Might as well make a centralized thread for this instead of starting a new one every time I have some extra bundle keys or whatever. Feel free to drop your own Steam/ keys if you want. And as usual, please comment saying which key you take so other people know which ones are used.

Cyber City 2157
Steam keys. Replace ? with the most common letter in the English language.

Get A Job! keys. Please make sure you don't already own it, as will let you activate a key even if the game is already in your account. Add to the end of this link to activate.
#2 by lunaterra
2017-05-28 at 20:40
Took the last Cyber City 2157 key. Thanks!
#3 by ayumisuki
2017-05-28 at 20:54
grabbed the fifth cybercity2157 key. much obliged!
#4 by mmdryoma
2017-05-28 at 21:29
Got the first Cyber City 2157 key. Thanks again!
#5 by rozuko
2017-05-28 at 22:33
Got the third cybercit2157 key. Thanks!
#6 by herbalnekotea
2017-05-29 at 06:30
All keys for Cc2157 are gone (tested 2,4,last) got second of Get a job!
#7 by minah
2017-05-30 at 00:25
Looks like all keys in the first post are gone, so here's some more =3 Replace ? with zero.

One Small Fire at a Time

Blue Rose

Divine Slice of Life

Shenming de Yitian Shijie

True Lover's Knot
#8 by lunaterra
2017-05-30 at 01:06
Might want to re-check which codes are for which games. The code under One Small Fire at a Time added Blue Rose to my Steam library.

ETA: Nevermind, it says One Small Fire at a Time weird...I tried the Blue Rose code first but it was already taken, so maybe that just confused Steam when I tried One Small Fire.Last modified on 2017-05-30 at 01:09
#9 by seccora
2017-05-30 at 15:29
just gonna leave these here. two unused steam keys from an old bundle here, if anyone wants them (replace ? with M):

Tokyo Hosto

A Wild Catgirl Appears
AG9R?-AI?4I-8QH95Last modified on 2017-05-30 at 15:29
#10 by alatartheblue42
2017-05-30 at 23:56
I didn't take any codes myself, but I tested the Shenming de Yitian Shijie code and it is already gone.
#11 by encrypted12345
2017-06-06 at 20:26
Got some titles I didn't want from the Humble Bundle Sekai sale. Replace questionmark with 0.

Kara Kara

Ame no Marginal
Gift Link

Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michuru Parts 1 and 2


Japanese High School Life

Sound of Drop: Fall into Poison

Memory's Dogma Code 1
#12 by beliar
2017-06-14 at 16:31
I know it's not a visual novel, but I need to get rid of a spare key for "Alan Wake's American Nightmare", so here you are:
1. It's a GOG, not a Steam key.
2. Replace ? with the fourth letter of the alphabet.
3. The key will expire on June 27, 23:59 CEST.
#13 by minah
2017-06-16 at 15:48
Another non-VN GOG key here:
Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition
Replace ???? with the band who sang "Highway to Hell".
Redeem here.

I can't really recommend the vanilla campaign, but it's got some interesting adult mods, including A Dance With Rogues.Last modified on 2017-06-16 at 15:49
#14 by verdun
2017-06-16 at 16:26
I just swooped in and took the Neverwinter Key. Thank you very much.
#15 by beliar
2017-06-18 at 19:43
I remembered that I also have a spare key for Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition on GOG:
Replace ?? with the initials of Captain Picard... or "child porn" if that is your preference.
#16 by minah
2017-06-18 at 20:20
Shenming de Yitian Shijie

?? = Marvel's competitor.
#17 by kominarachromer
2017-06-18 at 20:35
#16 I took the first key
#18 by dreamysyu
2017-06-18 at 20:58
#16 I took the last one. Thanks!
#19 by fra-dra
2017-06-18 at 21:23
#16 Got the middle one, thanks a lot!
#20 by minah
2017-07-10 at 01:25
Sword of Asumi

Divine Slice of Life
+ Soundtrack 9MGQ-FZTR6-JY7FZ

Highschool Possession

Highschool Romance

Summer Fling
+ Soundtrack 88CX-KMBK4-NF355

Beach Bounce
+ Soundtrack 8J3D-IP7AG-LQ9FJ

Club Life
+ Soundtrack 9AVA-QWLHZ-7TQ0R

Add a zero at the beginning to activate.
#21 by minah
2017-07-19 at 01:07
Animal Lover
#22 by minah
2017-08-21 at 03:44
Soul Gambler
#23 by supertaco512
2017-08-21 at 16:04
Tried #15, someone already stole it :(, tried #7 divine slice of life, stolen again, #11 has Kira kira gone, and both idol magical girls ones are gone, #20 divine clice of life is gone as well. Ill try the rest in a bit when steam lets me.
#24 by fuukanou
2017-08-21 at 16:41
#23, I guarantee you they'll be gone within 10 minutes of them being posted. You didn't have a chance.
#25 by supertaco512
2017-08-21 at 19:13
I'm guessing all the product keys are as of right now already taken. Thanks to the people who decided to use them without posting it. Actual thanks to those who did.


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