VNDB 2.12: You have been waiting for this!

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#1 by yorhel
2010-11-03 at 10:57
< report >Literally, you have been waiting a long time for this! It has been almost 9 months since the last update. Does that mean that this update is so large that it took me 9 months to develop? I'm really sorry to have to disappoint you: I've simply been absent for all that time thanks to real life issues. This update contains some new features I still had lying around unused on my hard drive, and some other small things that have accumulated during that time yet really needed to be done. So here I present to you: VNDB 2.12!

- New and improved VN search
The new VN search is faster than the old one, and should also return more matches. Unfortunately the new search still isn't perfect. Searching for "ef", for example, still returns way too many results, and typo'ing a title will not work.

- Added 1024x576 and 1280x800 screen resolutions
- Added Apple iPod/iPhone/iWhatever platform
- More comparison VNs for the length field
- Read notifications are automatically removed after a month
- Improved styling of the thread browser
- Screenshot-by-URL lookup via Multi on IRC, simply type !scr <url>
- Switched to newlines to separate aliases (except when displayed on VN pages)
- Some minor API changes, see d11#6
- Various other improvements and bugfixes
#2 by rintohsaka
2010-11-04 at 02:30
< report >Um... they have a name for "Apple iDevice"

It's called 'Apple iOS'

Also it would probably be a good idea to throw Android in there as well at some point...
#3 by yorhel
2010-11-04 at 07:41
< report >
It's called 'Apple iOS'
I'm aware of that. I just prefer the slightly incorrect "Apple iPlatform". Not everyone knows about iOS, yet when you see "iPlatform" you instantly know what is meant. :-)

Also it would probably be a good idea to throw Android in there as well at some point...
As a separate platform I presume? Since I don't think iOS stuff is compatible with the Android, in general. (But obviously I may be wrong, I know absolutely nothing about those things)
#4 by justinizhere
2010-11-04 at 15:37
< report >awesome, now i have something to use internet for on my ipod when im not home, search for my next VN =DLast modified on 2010-11-04 at 15:38
#5 by rintohsaka
2010-11-04 at 18:32
< report > don't know about Android?

And you're in charge of platforms?!

Here's a hint - The entire 'Droid' line, Samsung 'Galaxy S' line, HTC Evo 4G, HTC G2, T-Mobile myTouch, LG Ally, Google Nexus 1, and the Sony Ericsson XperiaX10 are ALL Android powered.

Perhaps you've heard of one of them?Last modified on 2010-11-04 at 18:36
#6 by yorhel
2010-11-04 at 18:35
< report >I've heard of it and I know it's an OS for phones. My question wasn't *that* primitive, I was just wondering about compatibility. >.>

And you can't possibly expect me to know everything about every detail related to the administration of VNDB. I do rely a lot on others...
#7 by rintohsaka
2010-11-04 at 18:38
< report >Being a different OS, I figured you'd pick up that it's not compatible. The closest comparison would be comparing OS X to Linux. (iOS is derived from Mac OS X and Android from Linux)Last modified on 2010-11-04 at 18:39
#8 by izmosmolnar
2010-11-04 at 18:39
< report >And are there any vns on android? If there aren't any, or only a handful then there aren't any points creating a category for them.Last modified on 2010-11-04 at 18:39
#9 by rintohsaka
2010-11-04 at 18:41
< report >Well, I said "at some point", meaning to get in preparation. However ONScripter and Ren'py are already running on Android, so the capabilities are definitely there.
#10 by yorhel
2010-11-04 at 18:43
< report >
The closest comparison would be comparing OS X to Linux.
Totally off-topic, but you'd be surprised to see how many Linux applications can run natively on OS X, with both OSes being based on the POSIX specification. But sure, I can imagine that this isn't the case with GUI software for mobile devices, which indeed aren't likely to have a standardized API... but well, you never know, that's why I was asking. :-)
#11 by icbk
2010-11-14 at 14:07
< report >How about add field with external link to youtube with vn-opening video?
#12 by yorhel
2010-11-14 at 14:11
< report >Not going to happen, see t443.14.


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