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Who's the best girl?

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#1 by shinn
2017-06-15 at 14:52
Best girl thread (different from best route).
The one you like the most.
#2 by exaccuss
2017-06-16 at 01:37
I havent even played the game yet, but based on their character pages, definitely Kasumi.
#3 by shinn
2017-06-16 at 02:20
Her voice actress is Samoto Fuuri, the one that played Asuho in Wish upon a shooting star.
#4 by molok
2017-06-16 at 10:05
The best girl isn't even in the poll.
#5 by shinn
2017-06-16 at 11:38
This is a poll for girls you can romance and have a good time in bed with them.Last modified on 2017-06-16 at 11:40
#6 by danteas
2017-06-17 at 00:45
i hated rusalka but rea's route and her epiloge in the extra chapter made me love her above the other's heroines
#7 by waterwalker
2017-06-19 at 07:00
Kei. Rusalka comes in 2nd.
#8 by seoah
2017-06-19 at 17:47
Rusalka. Rea second. Don't care about other heroine.Last modified on 2017-06-19 at 17:48
#9 by gurigamej
2017-06-19 at 17:52
Gotta go with Rea. Enjoyed her route the most
#10 by mirrored
2017-06-22 at 07:16
I would say Rusalka, Marie, Kasumi Rea, Kei in that order. They are all great girls, but I think Rusalka was a bit too priceless. I absolutely loved the final choice in the game, it was such a surprise to have that there.
#11 by infernoplex
2017-06-29 at 15:51
Marie ... I'd pick Marie over any other heroine in the VN, any time of the day ... Also, her route is the one I liked the most (by a very thin margin more than Rea's) so Marie is my answer. If I were to sort them out, my order would be like this:

Marie > Rusalka > Rea > Kasumi > Kei (literally the most annoying heroine in the VN is Kei)
#12 by ginseigou
2017-06-29 at 16:26
Rusalka obviously, then goes kei.
#13 by sup-chan
2017-07-01 at 15:24
Kasumi and Marie are both boring, but Marie is cuter and has more and better moments to shine than Kasumi.
Kei is a good character but a terrible heroine. Couldn't stand her melodramatic bullshit in her route most of the time.
Rea is alright. Romance feels kinda forced, but she herself has a nice personality.
Rusalka is an enjoyable villain in most other routes and amazing in Rea's route.

Rusalka > Rea > Marie > Kasumi > Kei in terms of heroines, characters would be the same but swapping Kei for Kasumi.
#14 by bookwormotaku
2017-07-02 at 02:30
Okay, I have yet to beat a single route, but so far I like Kasumi the best as so far she's the funniest character in the game.
#15 by burningblade04
2017-07-04 at 07:02
no beatrice?

poll invalidated
#16 by ginseigou
2017-07-04 at 15:57
She has even less screen time than Eleonore. That should be expected.
#17 by bestkatalyn
2017-07-08 at 12:13
Indeed, I would be very hard pressed to pick between Beatrice and Kei, if she was one of the options.Last modified on 2017-07-08 at 12:18
#18 by bolvicmas
2017-07-15 at 06:41
Rusalka FTW
#19 by flint-san
2017-07-15 at 14:55
Kei is best girl, best romance, best chemistry, also japan favorite heroine too
#20 by bestkatalyn
2017-07-18 at 21:11
The Rusalka fandom cracks me up. This is one of the reasons why I can't stomach or trust many of the opinions of others, when there is a chance they may be exactly like this. We think so differently there is no way I can ever find some common ground.
#21 by vortexoblivion
2017-07-20 at 22:48
I choose Rusalka mainly because I'm a fan of her VA (and also because Beatrice or Eleonore aren't in the poll), but overall I'd say my favorite heroine in the game is Marie thanks to her adorableness.
#22 by davremedy
2017-07-21 at 07:52
anna (rusalka) , plus sieglindeLast modified on 2017-07-23 at 14:43


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