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#26 by gundamace
2018-12-18 at 07:14
#25 The "adult" form you saw in Die Morgendammerung is Rusalka's true form. The younger form she has for the rest of the story is just the result of magic she used to make herself look younger. As you can see in the flashback to Rusalka's past in Rea's Route, this adult form was what she looked at at the time she acquired magic.Last modified on 2018-12-18 at 07:15
#27 by zolm
2018-12-18 at 15:08
Then there's something very wrong on rea's route ending, after the final battle.
#28 by harleyquin
2018-12-18 at 15:16
Then there's something very wrong on rea's route ending, after the final battle.

If you're talking about the side story, then it's not wrong either.

Rusalka in Reinhart's timeline was a waitress in love with Reinhart, which is why Rusalka in the present time "remembers" who he is in Rea's route. Mercurius being what he is with his infinite time loops, the Rusalka in the adult form who is a magician and the Rusalka as a waitress in love with a soldier are really one and the same, the only difference being Mercurius "lending" a hand to the former when she was framed as a witch.
#29 by zolm
2018-12-18 at 16:29
But isn't that the wrong thing?
After marie sets the new law, everyone returns to their origins (for some reason I won't bother pondering about) - ren warps back to being lotus on ~1940 along the LDO members - even valerian is back to his original body. That means rusalka should be back to their own original time loop, at what, ~1700 iirc, where she would be burned at the stake because witches.

I'm probably thinking too deep here, but rusalka is really the greatest anomaly among LDO mmbers, because she was already delving into sorcery before mercurius formed the round table. trifa replaced his body with reinhard's one during the assassination scheme, but hers was never explained. Was it illusion? A morphing thing? Did she kill some kid and possessed it because her own body was rotting? The latter one wouldn't make too much sense, since she was still using her original body during WW2 events. I really don't get it why the heck she would get a new body after two hundred years using her own.

Probably they needed an evil loli for the game.

So, the waitress anna at rea's route never existed in mercurius world. Marie simply took the liberty of warping reality to put her there and bang lotus to find some happiness after becoming barbecue on her original timespan.

#30 by harleyquin
2018-12-18 at 16:54
The side story players see at the end tells how Schwagerin met with Reinhart and is a what-if scenario that shows what happened had she come up with the courage to ask him to marry her. This takes place when Mercurius is still in charge, so it's nothing to do with Marie's powers.

Rusalka in the adult form is after she's been gifted her magic powers by Mercurius. She's older than the others by a long way, so chooses to take on the form she had when she was about 16-18. It's during the Second World War that she falls for Reinhart, so readers can interpret the bar scene as either the magician Rusalka falling in love or one of the infinite loops planned by Mercurius where she's not abused, isn't gifted magic yet still falls in love with Reinhart in World War 2.
#31 by zolm
2018-12-18 at 17:59
Dude, I like didn't get anything from the last post. What is this about rusalka x reinhard? That ship has never been built. Unless you're talking about reichhart or whatever lotus' surname is.

The extra story dificile amanti or whatever it is called surely is NOT a what-if. It shows events which happened after marie takes the throne. Anna bangs lotus and has an unnamed child. This child grows up and is forced to go to live in japan as per her agreement with lotus. Then it marries with some unnamed man/woman and it has a child (Ren). Then they die in an accident if i'm not mistaken, and beatrice raises him (since she knows he's anna grandson). Then beatrice calls anna to japan to see how her grandson is basically lotus reincarnated. In the meantime ren meets rea again and they reengage and marry. The end.

It still doesn't explain rusalka's body change aside "they needed an evil loli for the game". In mercurius world, she worked at the bureau of magic garbages for the nazis (same place as lotus). Since she *worked* there she was still using her original body. She met lotus in mercurius timeline in her original body. She was dealing shady business with trifa in her original body. She witnessed reinhard's supremacy against wilhelm/wolfgang in her original body.

The body change happened after the round table had been founded, but the reasons for that were never explained. Maybe it was really "they needed an evil loli for the game", and she being a witch and whatnot was a good option.

Anyway, since she wasn't a waitress in mercurius world, the anna waitress never existed there. If she did, then rusalka actually killed the kid and took her body in mercurius world. That would explain the swap, and would be consistent with a waitress existing in marie's world.

Well, guess it was really the "they needed an evil loli for the game", after all.
#32 by harleyquin
2018-12-19 at 11:11
Not intending to reply a VN I finished reading years ago, so have to rely on reliable external sources to find an answer to the question. Not much going round, but this source has what I think is the only explanation why she takes on the appearance she has.

The prologue story which shows how most of the members of the Round Table met each other depicts Anna BEFORE she joins the Longinus Organization. Shortly after she meets Mercurius (she's already a witch and hundreds of years old at this point), she also begins to manifest the symptoms of Apotheosis and feels compelled to join the Longinus Organization in hopes of finding true immortality. It's at this point she falls for Lotus Reichart, but he dies in battle so the chance to hook up with him is lost.

What does that this have to do with her chosen appearance through much of the story? Simple answer is that it doesn't and Masada just wanted her appearance to be like that, as postulated earlier. I think it's because she sees ageing and an increasingly mature appearance as an inevitable descent towards the death she has been striving so hard to avoid. Transforming herself to look younger beyond her years is to reassure herself that her death from old age is still avoidable. Considering all of the other Round Table Members from WW2 didn't age outwardly after the ritual in Berlin was completed, her decision to have a complete makeover isn't exactly unusual in an organization comprised of immortals.

As mentioned in the previous post, I got it wrong when I thought the after-story featuring her as a waitress was related to her appearance. Turns out the witch is executed when Marie is in charge, but the power of reincarnation brings her back as a waitress in Berlin with the same game appearance and the same falling in love with Lotus.

It doesn't help she has a fetish for engaging in orgies with young boys, so keeping an outwardly teenage appearance is easier for hooking pre-adolescent kids to her than the tall mature form she had in the prologue story.
#33 by joseph
2019-02-11 at 20:25
Rusalka > Kei > Rea > Kasumi >>>>>>>>>> Marie.

Marie pisses me off a lot. I only found her character interesting in the early dream sections. The rest is... just wanted to kill myself, every route made her worse except in Rea's. I really enjoyed seeing her suffering so much there and that suffering gave birth to a perfect ending.

Yet, I think the concepts which surround her are pretty interesting. What a shame it doesn't make her better, only helps you to understand Mercurius' mindset regarding her much better.

What a shame. I really love Yui Sakakibara's chuuni songs snd she has so much talent... but listening to Marie is irritating. The only character I hate in the whole novel (Schreiber is annoying too, but only when he goes german berserker).
#34 by pkkodama
2019-06-07 at 02:50
Why is Eleonore not in the list? Her scenes were always the most enjoyable ones. She's nothing like the pathetic feminists in real life.
But among the ones in the list, my favorite is Rusalka.Last modified on 2019-06-07 at 02:54
#35 by zakashi
2019-08-11 at 00:59
Does Rusalka have a route? She appears as a side character on VNDB.
#36 by diabloryuzaki
2019-08-11 at 05:00
yes it have
#37 by zakashi
2019-08-11 at 11:30
thanks, i liked her in the game and got worried.
#38 by kilicool64
2019-08-11 at 12:35
That guy is lying. She has no route.
#39 by diabloryuzaki
2019-08-11 at 13:14
no, i tell the truth because her route is placed on "different scenario"
#40 by zakashi
2019-08-11 at 18:57
What the hell? What do you mean by a different scenario?
#41 by diabloryuzaki
2019-08-11 at 19:10
well, it is Light. they always give another scenario that separate from main scenario and sometime that another scenario "contain best heroine"
#42 by zakashi
2019-08-11 at 19:19
Hm, i still didn't understand, you telling about a "joke" ending or something? Can you have a ending with her at least?
#43 by onorub
2019-08-11 at 21:21
#42 Rusalka is a love interest in the last side-story. It's on a really roundabout way that involves major spoilers.
#44 by zakashi
2019-08-16 at 01:49
Oh thanks, this still works.


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