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#1 by craxuan
2017-06-19 at 11:22
Haven't done this in a while.

Sakura Dreamers 2 seems to answer some of my questions, but I was confused by a few things in Sakura Dreamers due to bad chronology so I need some answers:

1) In the middle of the game, when Madoka has supposedly finished her mission and left the real world, there was a part that showed her coming back to Shinji and them promising each other that they'll never part again. This really confused me right after that it's as if Madoka is gone as she should be.

It was only until the end of a route that I noticed that the reunion scene may have chronologically taken after Joker was ultimately defeated. Then it makes sense that Sakura Dreamers 2 starts with Madoka still around.

Of course it may be that Sakura Dreamers 2 starts with an alternate universe where Madoka didn't die. I'd need to play the trial version to know that. But I'd appreciate it if someone can confirm this.

2) The same question as the other thread really: who the hell was that scene referring to exactly? I do not get the hint the thread suggested; found nothing that caught my eyes in the SD2 OP.
#2 by snoosnoo
2017-06-27 at 02:07
For question 1), I assume you meant the part after chapter 10 when Madoka ascends to heaven and later you see her talking to Shinji through the window again?

That was a dream sequence, like a "What if Madoka was still alive" kinda thing.

After playing Dreamers 2 trial I believe there are two world lines, one where Hidenori disappeared (mentioned in the trial) and did not murder Madoka, and then the main timeline. The writer mentioned on the site's development blog that Dreamers 2 will reference Honoguraki Toki no Hate Yori so I think a world line explanation is the most apt cos that game dealt with world lines too.

Edit: Right just saw the other thread you mentioned. Think those end of chapter shorts are Hide's memories. The woman who comes back is his mother.Last modified on 2017-06-27 at 03:49


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