Rance 4.1/4.2

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#1 by shinnew
2017-06-20 at 07:51
< report >Regarding r4002.7 and r4004.7

The "hd installation document" you are referring to is something the programmer left for power users and not something officially supported. "このドキュメントはパワーユーザー様の既存の環境に応じて、より快適かつ高度なプレイ環境を構築する為の手引書です。" "また、ALICE-SOFT並びに執筆者WAOはその内容を保証しないものとします。"

The FM-TOWNS section also requires files that are not present on the floppies version. (They are on the CD one though) "DRI.CAT" and "SYS3.CFG"
The "SYS3.CFG" file itself has a note "(for FM-TOWNS)" and refers to multiple files with the ".cat" extension that also don't exist on the floppy version. This makes me suspect that the document is actually for the CD version. (It also makes references to the CD in the memory section)

The only installation program on the floppy version is for PC-98. If the game was intended to be installed on other platforms there would be a setup file for that like in the CD version that was released on the same day.

While it might be possible to make the game run on other platforms the floppy release is officially only for PC-98 and I don't know how the DB handles that.


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