Re-Read VNs?

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#1 by bishoujoguy
2017-07-01 at 19:40
< report >Do you´ve ever re-read a VN although you still could remember on the important plot-elements?
#2 by harleyquin
2017-07-01 at 19:56
< report >Does one re-read a book despite having it read it cover to cover?

Depending on the person, answer could be yes or no. Same for VNs which aren't too different from electronic books in terms of format.
#3 by kiru
2017-07-01 at 20:16
< report >@2: They actually are incredibly different.

Books tend to be written with a hard page/word cap that most authors aren't allowed to go past. And in comparison to a VN, that's very low. A typical VN tends to feature 2-3 times the content of an average book. In addition there tends to be editing and whatnot.

VNs tend to be written with a certain standard in mind. Commercial VNs share roughly the same amount of CG/art as well as voice-acting. That's no coincidence. Even complete writing styles are based on that. It's no coincidence that VNs with voiced protagonist from the start (as in, no re-release or port or whatever) have either a rather low text amount, or way above average narration.
Most writers get paid per character and are asked to write exactly x amount. Which is also why routes are usually roughly the same length in moege. Though there are still a few VNs out there, where one person has a bit more influence over it or may even completely write it. They may still have the other things to keep in mind though.

Why does this matter for the question? Most VNs are way too long for what they are already. Reading that once may already have plenty of parts where you are simply getting bored. So I think with VNs, you will find comparatively few people who actually re-read a whole VN. With Anime or normal books that should be more.
#4 by harleyquin
2017-07-01 at 20:32
< report >Defending the uniqueness of the VN format doesn't really matter as far as the OP's question is concerned.

I have actually re-read a couple of VNs in their entirety. Main reason being I wanted to see how much more I could understand on a second or third read after improving the language skills required. It's not something that everyone is going to do, so my answer to the question remains the same.
#5 by tyrog
2017-07-01 at 21:09
< report >The answer is the same as with a book: if it's not worth reading a second time, it wasn't worth it in the first place.
So yes, absolutely.
#6 by sakurakoi
2017-07-01 at 21:20
< report >I actually have yet to re-read any visual novel and while it has been "just" about 7 years since I started, I actually re-watched plenty of anime meanwhile (I also started watching anime seriously, as in not just the few they showed on TV, also around that time). Minami-ke, all 4 seasons, I must have watched about 4 times already and welp, it has been a while so might make that a 5 whenever I do not feel like playing or reading anything else. Incidentally I once re-watched an one cour anime while it aired, Youjo Senki just hit all my right spots, except the anime character art design.

In terms of re-reading anything, I don't recall ever re-reading any book or novel either... wait, there may be one exception which'd be the Harry Potter Series (yeah, I read all of 'em, problem?) but maybe I still did not, it has simply been too long already and who remembers such a thing like re-reading? I just now that I read the last one indeed very close to release.

Not quite sure if I ever want to re-read something like The Dark Tower Series either but that might be due to a terribly long and honestly boring flashback. I sure did like it very much but nah, I can still recall most of the story and want to leave it at that even though another book set somewhere in between has been released meanwhile. Ya can't bait me with "extended lore", I ain't a cash cow!

Now obviously, VN-game hybrids should not count, after all, if it was not for the newest Eushully Meister work, I might have replayed and read the last one already.
#7 by tyrog
2017-07-01 at 21:29
< report >The beauty of VNs is that you can reread only select parts, e.g. Heaven's Feel from Fate/Stay Night and still get a more or less complete experience.
#8 by gabezhul
2017-07-01 at 21:47
< report >I'd say the biggest difference between books and VNs, as far as reading and re-reading is concerned, is that books, especially now, in the age of e-books and constant internet connection, are mobile. You can read and re-read stuff while on the train, waiting for the bus, or during your lunch break. VNs? Not so much.

Sure, there are a couple of IOS/Android VNs out there, but the really big and popular ones are on PC, meaning you have to sit in front of a screen for dozens and dozens of hours to read them instead of doing the thousands of other things you could do on a PC. Now, when you are working and you have maybe a couple of hours each day to relax in front of your computer, and you have to make a decision between spending all your free time for up to a month on re-reading something you have already experienced, or do something shorter and new, it's usually not really a question, no matter how good the VN was the first time around.

Let me use myself as an example: In the past three months I haven't read a single VN, let alone re-read one. I have read bits and pieces of Tokyo Babel, and I plan on reading Dies Irae sooner or later, but whenever I sit down in front of my notebook, I realize I have too many other things to play or write or work on or watch or whatever.
In contrast, in the past three months I have read about a hundred light novel volumes, plus a ton of one-shots and short-stories, because I can do those on the move using my tablet or my fancy new phone (yes, I was one of those old-fashioned guys who only bought a smartphone a few months ago because I was certain it wasn't worth it, as I wouldn't use it to its fullest, and guess what, I was right.)

As for the actual question: Have I re-read any VNs in the past? Sure. I re-read Ever 17 and F/SN twice, Umineko thrice and Tsukihime about four times. The thing is though, I did all that years and years ago, during high-school and university, when I had a lot of free time on my hands. Nowadays, I would probably try to shorten my ginormous backlog instead, to little success...
#9 by pendelhaven
2017-07-02 at 00:49
< report >I have a lot of backlog. I have to be very selective of which I have to play in the first place and skip the shovelware ones. plus I have to make sure I only watch anime through my low-spec laptop since that's pretty much the only thing it can do while being mobile.
#10 by shazbut
2017-07-05 at 16:38
< report >I read Kana Imouto about three or four times, Crescendo a couple of times, Seasons of the Sakura more than once.

When I got into VNs, there were only about 3 in English anyway...

I tried to read Ever 17 again and then got too overwhelmed
#11 by anonymous
2017-07-05 at 16:56
< report >Before I even dream of re-reading VN's, re-watching or re-playing any other sort of forms of entertainment/mediums, I should worry about getting through my damn ridiculous backlog of VN's, games, anime first.

IMO when I start thinking of all the spoilers of things I've already watched/played, it kinda drops my motivation to go back to them anyway. Knowing X character dies, X drama happens...for me that time is better spent finding new things that I could potentially love just as much as the things I've experienced in the past.Last modified on 2017-07-05 at 17:00
#12 by ramaladni
2017-07-05 at 17:35
< report >No way. There are so many different forms of entertainment, and reading a vn that I've already read..well, I just can't relive the same experience I had when I read it for the first time.Last modified on 2017-07-06 at 22:23
#13 by any13th
2017-07-05 at 18:15
< report >I would only re-read VN's under the condition that I forgot about them, but remember really enjoying them.
Even so, I'd only replay the one's I rated really highly.
I know this isn't completely related, but I'd like to bring my experience with Steins;Gate the visual novel as an example.
I watched the Steins;Gate anime a good few months before I played the Visual Novel and loved it.
I gave it a 10/10.
I played the Steins;Gate visual novel, and it was not as fun.
I knew most of the plot aside from the bad endings, and that hurt my experience which resulted in me giving it a 9/10.
That's still a high score, but that's mostly out of respect.
In this case, it's not so much "rereading" a visual novel but "re-experiencing" a plot.

Rereading a VN is also something that should be done if you don't have access to many other VN's or things to kill time with.
This idea of knowing the plot for VN's is especially harmful since a great number of VN's don't have much in the way of gameplay or replayability besides the usual multiple endings deal.

That said, I feel like I will replay through some Visual Novels, namely the Zero Escape Series and Remember11.
The thing is, I won't do that for a couple of years, because I want to go back in knowing little as possible, and it's also great reading a story from an entirely different perspective.
Even if I remember the plot halfway through, that initial moment of excitement and nostalgia is much more potent if my memory has waned.
Remember11 has a complex plot to begin with and a lot of difficult concepts that I will probably learn later on, so replaying it would allow me to better appreciate them.
I'd replay Zero Escape to remind myself why I loved these games so much.
I might remember the plot, but I'd at least have the gameplay to fall back on to keep my interest.

That's just my thoughts on it.
Here's a few reasons why people would reread a VN:
-They really, REALLY loved it.
-They have nothing else at their access
-They forgot the details about it and want to rediscover why they liked the VN so much
-They liked the gameplay enough to reexperience it

Also, here's some reasons not to reread a VN:
-They have huge backlog as many other folks mentioned
-They got too busy with life and responsibilities.
-They remember the major details of the VN and find that replaying it would not allow them to re-experience what they had once felt
-The VN is trash, and few people want to walk through a garbage dump twice.(Unless they're paid to do so)
-They somehow lost the cartridge/disk of the VN and don't feel like/are able to repurchase it.Last modified on 2017-07-05 at 18:17
#14 by cockblockula
2017-07-05 at 18:27
< report >does re-fapping to the same CG count?
#15 by kzel
2017-07-05 at 18:29
< report >I don't usually re-read VNs, but I have a few exceptions.

For instance, I re-read Fureraba at least three times. And not because I didn't remember it, but specifically BECAUSE I remembered it. Sometimes I just want a particular type of scene, a CV cast that I appreciate and know does a good job, something to relax. When that happens, I tend to prefer going back into known territory, rather than bet on finding what I want in a currently unplayed title.

Other exception is when I introduce some particular VN to friends and play with them. I must have read Danganronpa 1/2 at least four times by now...
#16 by any13th
2017-07-05 at 18:40
< report >#14 Underrated response
#17 by anonymous
2017-07-05 at 19:26
< report >@15 "Other exception is when I introduce some particular VN to friends and play with them. I must have read Danganronpa 1/2 at least four times by now..."

Ahh... Danganronpa, that series I truly appreciate for getting many people (including me) into visual novels. They're definitely a good start for those people who are intimidated by the idea of heavy reading at first, so giving them something with that much gameplay is perfect for a start, from then it can lead to them finding out something they didn't know they would enjoy (it happened to me and here I am today).

I know that was kinda off-topic, but is that maybe the reason you've read Danganronpa that many times? introducing friends to the genre?Last modified on 2017-07-05 at 19:27
#18 by kzel
2017-07-05 at 20:06
< report >@17 : I read the first two Danganronpa twice on my own, first in Japanese and then in English. The other times were indeed while introducing friends to the genre. I only read Danganronpa V3 once for now, but I'll probably check out the English translation when it comes out before recommending it to the few people I converted to the series.Last modified on 2017-07-05 at 20:07
#19 by mattoak2010
2017-07-05 at 21:00
< report >In general I'm more likely to re-read a favourite route in a VN rather than the whole thing. Ayu's route in Kanon immediately springs to mind as does Komaki's route in To Heart 2 and Misaki's route in One to the Radiant Season.

There are some exceptions, however. I've read Ever 17 and Symphonic Rain at least three times as I loved both of them from start to finish. I also intend to re-read Little Busters once the full version is released (if it ever is).
#20 by encrypted12345
2017-07-05 at 21:19
< report >Personally, one of my criteria of rating something at least an 8 is if I am willing to reread the VN more or less in its entirety. Some VNs are obviously harder than others to reread due to length and pacing issues, but I would largely still enjoy myself and wouldn't feel forced.

That's not to say I've never reread a VN I've only considered a 6 or 7, but it would be significantly and require some willpower on my part. I usually only do so of it's part of a series like Ace Attorney or Muv Luv.
#21 by roadi
2017-07-06 at 21:22
< report >Fully? Very rarely if at all.
Partially? Quite often.

For example, I tend to suspend VNs at times and come back to them some time later, at times even years later, and partial re-reading lets me pick up from where I left without wasting a lot of time.
#22 by ffthewinner
2017-07-07 at 01:20
< report >Only if the VN is truly incredible. for example for me,Kanon.
#23 by formis
2017-07-07 at 14:48
< report >I haven't fully re-read any VNs yet (as far as I remember) besides the first Sunrider. However, there might be various reasons for re-reading a VN.

One reason could be when a sequel is released. Either to recall what happened previously or to get in the right mood for the sequel, example being the aforementioned Sunrider when Liberation Day came out. Though it's not a pure VN and has a fun combat element so it's not just re-reading.
Other reason could be partial re-reading if you drop a VN mid-read for whatever reason and then pick it up later. Again, you either want to recall what exactly happened previously or get in the right mood. I had to re-read a bit of Heaven's Feel like this.
You could also just re-read it for the experience (of specific plot points for example) even if you still remember he plot. Knowing the plot details beforehand also gives you context, so you might see stuff from a different perspective, or realize stuff you previously didn't.

At the moment I'm planning on partialy re-reading Katawa Shoujo because of the fan-made restoration project. Another one on the list is the entire Muv-Luv trilogy once Degica finally releases MLA and all the fandisks.Last modified on 2017-07-07 at 14:50
#24 by tinkerbell
2017-07-26 at 17:06
< report >Yup.I read some nukiges that I had already read 3 years before I re-read it.
e.g. いちゃぷり! ~お嬢様とイチャラブえっちな毎日~
#25 by bobjr2000
2017-07-29 at 06:21
< report >Its a kind of a toughie for me. Before I got heavy into VN I would go back to some because I didn't have many VN was into and finding a category that I liked as well. But now that I have so many VN its a bit harder to go back to some VN when I have some I haven't even touched yet which can be more compelling.

Its essential porn to me to put it blunt. I never get tired of porn after all these years even stuff I have seen hundreds of time. But do have 2 categories, VN reading not because of story just jump right in and those which can set up a nice mood an like able story with characters. Honestly if it didn't have romance sex couldn't be bother. I tried regular VN and some hybrid games but couldn't enjoy them. Some of the much longer VN I put on in background and just clean place or other chores and treat it like a tv show. Pausing and stopping it when it reach a good stopping point. I can jump in and know whats going since Ive seen it before but still enjoy it and move on with other stuff without feeling like I missed out on something.Last modified on 2017-07-29 at 06:28