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#1 by thewayfarer
2017-07-03 at 03:26
< report >Had a discussion with a user and it seems like he tells me Reiji's involved with the story. I mean, he even put in more traits about him. That's a reasonable quantity.

So you see? It does not generally mean that every character must have a route to be classified as a "hero/heroine". All it matters is that they play a large part in the story. Because that's what "main characters" are for: They're important figures that advance the story.

You may want to cancel your downvote on the hero with glasses, since he (somehow) got that legit info about Reiji. Again: Main character. Important role.Last modified on 2017-07-03 at 06:56
#2 by 707
2017-07-03 at 06:14
< report >i'm not sure why you talk about this to me maybe i forgot about something?
#3 by thewayfarer
2017-07-03 at 06:54
< report >...That I am informing you that 'someone' knows their information...

...Or you are too lazy.

PS: Fixed my first post.Last modified on 2017-07-03 at 06:56
#4 by 707
2017-07-03 at 07:58
< report >i saw the discussion between you guys, but that user didn't agree with main char = hero/ine?

but eh, i cancelled the downvote anyway if you satisfied with itLast modified on 2017-07-03 at 07:59
#5 by thewayfarer
2017-07-03 at 08:41
< report >Reviewed the discussion with him a short-while ago before reading your reply. Said that Reiji was some sort of a "mini-route/side". So I changed my vote to 1.0 if that's the case...


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