Fate/Grand Order

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#1 by usagi
2017-07-09 at 21:18
Does this qualify as hybrid vn? Judging by info I gathered it has rather significant story mode in vn style (over 1 million words link) despite its mobage nature. Considering that recently it had english release link I thought that it will be actual to discuss. Nevertheless feel free to share impressions about the game - whether it will be accepted here or not ^_^Last modified on 2017-07-09 at 21:25
#2 by fuukanou
2017-07-09 at 21:57
The translation was pretty bad from what I've seen. Lots of out of context translations, ignoring of puns and clunky phrasing. Haven't bothered playing it as a result.
#3 by realitymaker
2017-07-09 at 22:16
According to the Anime Expo panels, the localization team had 3 people on it. As a result, most of the work was outsourced: they wanted the release in time for Anime Expo.

From what I've seen and played through so far, the story is presented in a visual novel style. Your choices have little effect outside of changing the dialogue (for now I supposed). Though, I'm not sure if this would fit the standard though.
#4 by desann
2017-07-09 at 22:51
Well, despite text part is really averege VN long, there is almost no actual narrative in game text - and d2 says that this is essential point. Not sure about later content, since I dropped japaniese version when emulators stopped to work, but before that there was like around 10 lines of actual narrative in the start of one of events - everything else was just dialogs.
#5 by lomachello
2018-12-22 at 12:25
Anyone knows will there be a port to PC with English translation? I really woull like to play it! I know there are Android simulators, but it is better and more comfortable to play it on PC. Thanks!!
#6 by lordnight
2018-12-22 at 15:45
Do you guys not have phones?
#7 by lomachello
2018-12-22 at 18:51
I have smartphone but it is much more convenient to play FG Order on the PC, for me personally.
#8 by lordnight
2018-12-23 at 08:13
I don't see anything wrong in trying to play it on an emulator?
And what do you mean by better and more comfortable to play it on PC?
Aren't emulators ran on PC?
Or are there a new kind of emulator I'm not aware of?
#9 by traumatizer
2018-12-23 at 09:55
there are emulators for phones too but those are mainly for classic/retro games. :P
#10 by wei321
2018-12-23 at 15:52
you can use memu or nox to play fgo on PC. You can look up youtube tutorials on how to do itLast modified on 2018-12-23 at 15:53
#11 by lomachello
2018-12-23 at 16:24
I know there are simulators, but there must be PC version also. There are many people who want to play FG Order on PC too.
#12 by alexlung
2018-12-25 at 18:48
FGO is great back in the day but it feels outdated now, Epic seven is the new meta, way superior, no loading times, real pvp, guild wars, raids, guaranteed to summon, superb if not the best animation in all mobile games etc

its still lame the fact that FGO was never released to EU, and that you only do 40 ap quest a day and then u wait 8 hours for refills

LDplayer is better than Nox btwLast modified on 2018-12-25 at 18:50


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