Where are you all from ?

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#126 by domonkazu
2011-02-24 at 02:42
< report >currently living in Germany, but Im from Indonesian
#127 by adhinferno
2011-02-25 at 11:55
< report >
Small off-topic? In that case, I don't want to know how does the BIG off-topic look like. :P
Funny. He4x~! Just hope that you don't live to see it then.

@vibeke: Don't worry. There are so many girls in this forum. Let me introduce you to my wife. Here she is:Last modified on 2011-02-25 at 12:02
#128 by kiseki-yamihana
2011-02-25 at 11:57
< report >Hi, vibeke~! My name is Kiseki Yamihana~! Pleasured to meet you~ ^_^
Adhi and I lives in Indonesia.Last modified on 2011-02-25 at 11:58
#129 by hiya4321
2011-07-04 at 12:51
< report >Hiya4321 here and i'm from Western Australia =)
#130 by delirius
2011-07-07 at 00:31
< report >I'm from Poland.

We run EU now. So for your own good don't mess with me.

You mess with me, we don't give you potato and you hungry. I serious.Last modified on 2011-07-07 at 00:33
#131 by kuroikaze
2011-07-07 at 00:38
< report >I'm from The United States. California, to be specific.
And a female, for the record. ;PLast modified on 2011-07-07 at 01:40
#132 by hiei
2011-07-07 at 08:39
< report >I´m from Turkey but currently living in Germany
#133 by lordkimsan
2011-07-10 at 05:34
< report >I'm from Cambodia, near veitnam! Maybe, I'm the only one in cambodia who play visual novel!, ^_^
#134 by engix
2011-07-10 at 05:49
< report >Good old United States
#135 by karomi
2011-07-10 at 07:08
< report >Shy female from Poland ^^
#136 by pioneer
2011-07-12 at 04:21
< report >I'm also a VN enthusiast who comes from Indonesia (technically).
#137 by warfoki
2011-07-12 at 11:49
< report >Hungary. And no, it's not equal with hungry. (I've heard this joke way too many times already...)
#138 by adhinferno
2011-07-13 at 02:42
< report >@warfoki: Yeah.... I know~ Lol!
Hmmm..... (==)a There are so many females in vndb now~ (=w=) In Indonesia, I have only 2 of my friends who are female and knows VN, although only one who I know play it....
#139 by busterj990
2011-07-13 at 03:12
< report >I'm from the United States
state Michigan
#140 by mintsyrop
2011-07-24 at 19:25
< report >Northern Italy.
#141 by jac
2011-07-28 at 03:59
< report >I'm from the United States
state Los Angeles
#142 by culex
2011-07-30 at 08:18
< report >Southern California here.
Nice cool weather here.
#143 by harrysoung
2011-07-30 at 21:04
< report >I'm from South Korea, but living in California in the US right now.
#144 by vanarch
2011-08-01 at 13:28
< report >I'm from Indonesia, roughly 1000 km to the west from adhinferno
just know VN 6 months ago when one of my senior upload Eien no Aselia in one of my campus ftp server
nice to meet you all :D
#145 by overmage
2011-08-02 at 15:08
< report >I'm from Singapore. I just came back from a 6-month stay in Los Angeles, USA.
#146 by wolff
2011-08-03 at 02:37
< report >I'm from Portland, Oregon USA but am currently stuck in hot-as-hell Phoenix, Arizona for a few weeks (with no VNs *sigh*)
#147 by nathanms
2011-08-07 at 06:35
< report >Brazil
#148 by chaotix37
2011-08-07 at 09:08
< report >well I'm from the Philippines.
#149 by arnez260282
2011-08-10 at 04:45
< report >argentina here, and still playing kara no shougo
#150 by dotspot25
2011-08-21 at 05:04
< report >The USA, St, Louis, Missouri