Is it cool to hate this VN now?

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#1 by luther
2017-07-15 at 23:23
Now that it's localized, it lost its place being the ultra hipster chuuni VN moon readers can lord over EOP's. Let the average score go down now.
#2 by cnkx
2017-07-16 at 01:14
implying this visual novel, like 99% of this genre, is ever going to be mainstream in the west? it doesn't have cute cat girls, steam is not interested. Realistically speaking, this can remain a hipster's product forever in existence. That is until anime scrubs see the inevitable bad anime adaptation which will give the product an overall bad name, instead of making the VN more popular.Last modified on 2017-07-16 at 01:22
#3 by kazeno
2017-07-16 at 15:13
Oh, calm down. Just like you, people complaining about random things, Let's Sarcasms Gameplays, biased reviews, and brainless ratings will appear in the due time. They need to read the vn and see the adaptation to be able to complain better. Not everyone consumes entertainment for fun!
#4 by kiru
2017-07-16 at 15:28
Just another chuuni work.
#5 by albedo
2017-07-16 at 18:00
Totally cool to hate it, esp. since it wasn't the best thing since sliced bread, contrary to what a certain group of weebs had been saying for years.Last modified on 2017-07-16 at 18:00
#6 by luther
2017-07-16 at 22:57
Not sure how you took it as me complaining. Just pointing out a trend that happens for "kamiges" once they get translated, be it Steins;Gate, Grisaia, Muv-Luv etc. Westerners really love to pick apart these games just to "prove dem weebs wrong" as exemplified by the above posts.
#7 by dk382
2017-07-17 at 00:08
DI's rating hasn't gone down much (if at all), and only has one bad rating in the last two weeks.
#8 by infernoplex
2017-07-17 at 02:06
Well ... for a chuuni VN that's described on some corners of the Internet as a "chuuni to end all other chuuni VNs" - yeah, I agree, I do feel it got kind of a lukewarm reception in the west. But I am ready to say that I was expecting such a case, I can't remember any really good quality japanese VN that got a very good reception in the west for the last couple of years (maybe I am wrong in that assumption, can somebody point me out a VN that was objectively really good and got well received in the west?).
#9 by dk382
2017-07-17 at 03:24
Probably the biggest culprit is the worship people have for some members of the community. These people's opinions may be perfectly valid on their own, but too often end up parroted by the community as the one true gospel, resulting in huge overhyping effects where there is virtually no way the games could live up to expectations. When people find out that Dies irae is in fact far from perfect, disappointment naturally arises.

The flip side to this coin is that similar VNs released in this group's blind spots end up thoroughly ignored, no matter how good they may be. It was an uphill struggle to get anyone to pay attention to Tokyo Babel, for example, despite it being a perfectly good chuuni VN in its own right. It was a chuuni VN barely anyone ever talked about, so no one gave a shit, not even those who had an apparent interest in the genre.Last modified on 2017-07-17 at 03:29
#10 by kominarachromer
2017-07-17 at 04:51
#8 Objectively good?...

Muv-Luv Alternative and YU-NO have high ratings on both EGS and VNDB. I'd say that's as close as you're going to get.
#11 by sakurakoi
2017-07-17 at 05:51
Excuse me for a sec but...

You have no right to tell me what I can and can't enjoy!

This work is a masterpiece which only a genius could have written! It is flawless and perfect so I unconditionally recommend it to anyone and everything! My life has changed completely for the better thanks to this and this must be read by as many people as possible! I can't help but cry every goddess damn time I think about the story, twist and turns and the characters' fates!

Thank you for listening and by the by... I actually did not read this work at all, serious chuu2 I actually can not take seriously at all due to the tons of premises and coincidences, which are happening in such a tight time frame, to make the work cool&complicated and ofc "dramatic". Even if written well enough to leave no contradictions, plot-holes &c, that design in inherently unauthentic and anyway, while not able to be inspiring at all for any IRL matters, the usual message is rather "the end justifies the means"-esque for since absolute evils are usually antagonists and (human) sacrifices must be made.
#12 by luther
2017-07-17 at 07:44
Muramasa, if it ever gets an English translation, might join those two. It just has all the elements Westerners lap up (mecha, "hardboiled" adult characters, snarky grimdark atmosphere)
#13 by kiru
2017-07-17 at 09:10
If MLA is anything to go by, people rather want more moeblobs though. After all, you tend to start with MLE. And that's... fairly awful in a lot of ways. You should not forget/ignore sequel rating inflation either. That's not gonna dump it down to an average 7 or whatever, but it's only first here because of that, I'm rather sure. Sequels are simply a bit higher rated on average because if someone didn't like the first game(s), they won't be bothering with the later ones, leaving only the ones who enjoyed the series anyway.
#14 by ginseigou
2017-07-17 at 13:03
Yes. The vn was more concentrated on fights and pompous dialogs than any other component of the story. The good characters are less interesting than their enemies, it's a little hard to feel sympathetic towards the good guys.Last modified on 2017-07-17 at 13:07
#15 by encrypted12345
2017-07-17 at 17:22
@12 The west doesn't really like mecha that much. Muv Luv being military was probably a bigger factor than it being mecha.
#16 by sup-chan
2017-07-21 at 18:11
Personally, the other big chuuni VN that I've liked a lot was FSN, and that pales in comparison to Dies Irae.

The former just doesn't hold a candle to the later in terms of characters (DI's ones simply have a lot more layers and depth, outside of the MC) and their idelogies, fights, artstyle, pacing (Heaven's Feel had godawful pacing in particular) arguarbly music as well (I can think of a lot more memorable songs in Dies Irae tan Fate). I personally went in expecting a FSN with nazis and I was blown away how Kasumi's route was better than Fate by a long shot. Kei route didn't fully convince me, but by Marie's route I was sure it was better, since it surpassed both HF and UBW. After Rea's route is not even a contest, the whole route was a 10/10 from beginning to end.

It's well deserving of it's praise to be perfectly honest.Last modified on 2017-07-21 at 18:16
#17 by mextenlab
2017-08-06 at 06:21
Sure. I found it mediocre at best and it full of edge. It not deep or mature. It the most pretentious vn I ever read.
#18 by molok
2017-08-07 at 21:23
"full of edge"
Try harder.
#19 by czxcjx
2017-11-20 at 02:19

Those who are wondering whether they will like Muramasa or not and can't read Japanese - actually, it's very easy to gauge. Read Hanachirasu and imagine that style of writing, moral ambiguity, detailed fights & detailed historical setting for 50 hours.Last modified on 2017-11-20 at 02:20
#20 by chipp12
2017-11-25 at 09:20
Looks like most of people are hating the anime adaptation already (in case they haven't dropped it yet) so I guess yeah.
#21 by behappyeveryday
2017-12-04 at 11:24
@20 I think adaptation is most hated by lovers of VN, not haters, lol. A person who didn't like this VN wouldn't go and watch this poor adaptation, only those who doesn't know about VN, or already played it would waste their time.
#22 by chipp12
2017-12-12 at 12:35
No, I've meant that people who haven't read this VN and hated anime adaptation might also think that the VN is as bad as its anime.Last modified on 2017-12-12 at 12:35
#23 by coldnobility
2018-06-14 at 06:26
I thought this was pretty overrated, but still a decent read. Pacing was super slow, the route structure was repetitive and the plot was meh. The background mystery is more interesting. Mc is quite generic as well. Its really the supporting cast of characters that makes this vn worth reading. Chuunige is not for me, but I can see why some people would like it assuming they are into the genre.Last modified on 2018-06-14 at 06:27
#24 by behappyeveryday
2018-08-10 at 06:18
BTW what we now see is what overage rating haven't go down too much and Bayesian on contrary was raised. If people dislike this vn then this is just personal preferences. If you compare game to FSN which have similar premise and which is in top ten of ratings then to some extent some aspects in Dies Irae was done much better. At least protag, antagonists and music is better in DI. Specially music objectively better.
#25 by kominarachromer
2018-08-10 at 13:37
Specifically music objectively better.

Not a chance in hell, bud.


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