Amatsutsumi clone?

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#1 by february
2017-07-27 at 11:29
< report >so much similarities with Amatsutsumi, ex. synopsis/the protagonist's power, poster, and the first meeting mc with heroine (link)

not that i complaint, but making this like amatsutsumi is make my expectation high.

Trial ver 1 is already out, anyone care to play it.
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#2 by emotional
2017-07-27 at 11:39
< report >Won't be really surprised if aoi tori is having the same setting amatsu does.
#3 by bouldabassed
2017-07-28 at 08:25
< report >They definitely seemed to use Amatsutsumi as a template from what I've read of the trial. But I don't mind that. Amatsutsumi was very enjoyable, and the setting, characters, and overall atmosphere seem to be different to the extent that similarities won't bother me.
#4 by february
2017-08-12 at 08:51
< report >read it.
it is same setting with the vampire-chan said there's kotodama user who want to kill themLast modified on 2017-08-12 at 08:51
#5 by netinho
2017-09-11 at 04:27
< report >Yep Amatsutsumi was glorious, really hope this can live to the hype, and not stay on its shadows.
#6 by sai30
2017-09-15 at 21:14
< report >I translated the synopsis based from this untranslated synopsis line look like it still not good enough, this untranslated synopsis I take from Getchu


男子禁制であるそこに、学生神父という特例で暮らす主人公・白鳥律 はいた。
律は、触れた者、特に性交渉を行った相手を “幸福” にする力を持つ。


そして、学園の少女たちに “天使” として抱かれてもいた。

“奇跡”の力は本当に人を幸せにするのか? この世界に生れ落ちた価値は?

それは祈りが紡ぐ、命の物語――Last modified on 2017-09-15 at 21:19


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