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#1 by kzel
2017-07-27 at 20:24
Anyone managed to get it to work? Starting MakingLovers.exe does nothing.
Tested on three different computers (Vista/W7/W10), same results.
#2 by shinystraw
2017-07-27 at 23:19
Same problem here.
#3 by davitr
2017-07-28 at 01:18
Your system interface need to be japanese. I'm using fake interface option on locale emulator and is working.


If someone have a hook code, please share.Last modified on 2017-07-28 at 01:36
#4 by kzel
2017-07-28 at 08:23
Locale Emulator didn't work for me, but starting the program with NTLEAS did the trick.

Quick impressions : The protagonist didn't grow up and is as much a fool as in the other recent SMEE games. Jokes are already focusing on shimoneta, it's kinda worrying...
#5 by krykry
2017-11-03 at 20:54
I like the protagonist as much as the previous ones. Also it appears that the dirty jokes will go down in frequency once you enter heroine routes (which is early).Last modified on 2017-11-03 at 23:22
#6 by aoyu18
2017-11-25 at 14:13
[SMEE] Makingļ¼ŠLovers


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