Walkthrough for True ending?

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#1 by araasre
2017-07-31 at 05:00
Any walkthroughs? I've tried looking online through google, but I couldn't find anything on this specific entry. I could find previous games, but not this one.
#2 by araasre
2017-07-31 at 05:16
Had to look for it by using the number of the series rather than the actual name of the game. Here it is. It is for this game, even though the picture is that of the first game in the series, it is misleading. But ignore it. linkLast modified on 2017-07-31 at 05:49
#3 by fumakisou
2017-07-31 at 08:16
based on that, the incest route is the true end while the other two girl route are bad end
#4 by kiru
2017-07-31 at 09:09
^You may wanna spoil that stuff. Although it's fairly obvious if you start the game and read for maybe an hour or look at promo art like the cover, so it may not matter much...
#5 by torappu
2017-07-31 at 12:44
To add to fumakisou; there are two twincest-ends but one has 2 extra h-scenes + story development. You have to pick the second option in the last choice of said route to get that variation.Last modified on 2017-07-31 at 12:55
#6 by fumakisou
2017-09-13 at 05:53
Some summary of the story for Biman 4 for the curious who can't read japanese. I might made a mistake/ forgotten some part of it so those who did read the story are free to make some corrections.

- Yuuma and Yuuri had been experiencing sexual abuse throughout their childhood years. It was up to a point that Yuuri and Yuuma decided to kill their mother, with Yuuri tried to hang her to death, while Yuuma release her, only to choke her to death and burn the house down.
- Their uncle end up rescuing Yuuma and after many years has passed, he decided to poison his uncle so he can came back to meet his twin sister.
- Yuuma secretly dress up like a girl so he can imagine him having sex with Yuuri.
- Yuuri eventually found out about his antics, and decided to let him cross-dressed as a girl
- This allow him to enter to the all-girl high school where Yuuri went to
- He was later being introduced with Ichika and Kyouko, who he met before while he was wandering around the town at the beginning of story. Those two turn out to be Yuuri's club member.
- One day, when Yuuma came back to the school, he found out about Kyouko having sexual relationship with Yukari, the doctor of the school infirmary.
- Yukari then raped him. He was devastated but this make Yuuri confessing her love to him.
- Yuuri then takes revenge by imitating as Yuuma and cause Yukari to be expelled from the school.
- Yukari tries to make Kyouko to seduce him but she failled and end up talking about the day he saw when Kyouko having sex with Yukari. While Yuuri confronts with Yukari to the point that Yuuri willingly cutting her wrist with a knife but Yuuma and Kyouko manage to stop them in time.
- After that, Ichika confess her feeling to her but Yuuma rejects it.
- Yuuma and Yuuri went for a lovely-dovey moment in the love hotel
- Yuuri head home, but as her father is about to rape her, Yuuma stab him just in time
- Yuuma reminisce his tragic childhood memories that lead to the current event
- The two twin finally felt relieved and it become a happy end, run away (They probably move out) to Singapore and have a twin baby there.

for the bad end

Bad end 1: Yuuma become Yukari's slave.

Bad end 2: Yuuma kill Yuuri by pushing her towards the moving train and kill his father after that.
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