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#1 by loctav
2017-08-03 at 10:54
to be honest,

im going to Himeno route, any recommend route chart?
#2 by kzel
2017-08-03 at 11:07
The order of routes doesn't particularly matter, but I would save Sena's route for last. The True route that gets unlocks after finishing all four characters routes is a direct continuation of Sena's story, best seen as a whole without sidetracking with other heroines in between.
#3 by fumakisou
2017-08-03 at 15:35
I would agree. Running Sena's route after running all the other three routes since her route is the VN's true route
#4 by loctav
2017-08-05 at 06:02
thanks for recommending guys, gonna take Ayane.


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