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#1 by ikilledmywife44
2017-08-05 at 19:38
I'd like some advice if anyone can help. I read all routes but Rin in a very short amount of time (2.5 weeks, I had a lot of spare time) and now all I have left is Rin 1 and 2. I wanted to save her for last because I like her, but now I've hit a wall. It's been about 2 weeks since I finished Kurugaya and I really want to read Rin's route but I feel a bit exhausted at the idea of playing the game 2 more times just to get her good end and the final route. Reading her bad end then immediately reading again to get her good one just doesn't sound appealing.

Can I reload and make a different choice as soon as I get the bad end, or does the bad/good end not occur that way? Could I conceivably skip through the whole bad end route without looking, and read it only for the good end? Or is it dramatically different throughout the entire route between Rin 1 and Rin 2?

I'm not saying I definitively don't want to read the bad end itself, but I don't want to read the whole route twice in a row. I get the bad end is caused by them not gaining strength through the routes, which I've done, so.. I dunno! I still feel a lot of excitement about unraveling the mysteries in rewrite (or whatever its called) and exploring Rin's character more, but ahh. I could also give it a rest and come back but I'd rather read it now while I still remember everything. Any guidance is appreciated.
#2 by kzel
2017-08-05 at 19:48
If I remember right, you can only get Rin's second end after finishing the other character's stories, otherwise it kinda stops in the middle as you get an abrupt ending basically telling you "come back later".

If you've already cleared the other characters, then you should probably be able to see her whole route and get on with the game.

Also, the game may not be so close to the end as you may think.Last modified on 2017-08-05 at 19:50


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