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#1251 by wakaranai
2022-05-22 at 22:34
< report >^you gave me an idea for another tampermonkey script
#1252 by wakaranai
2022-05-22 at 22:42
< report >here you go -- link
#1253 by Mrkew
2022-05-23 at 00:11
< report >Yep, great script.
#1254 by Ileca
2022-05-25 at 20:43
< report >Something that bugs me occasionally is that releases with identical dates are ordered by ID. Meaning it depends on how you add them to the DB. And sometimes you add them in a stupid order like download editions first then platforms instead of grouping by platform.
Can those releases be ordered by platform > type/patch > alphabetical order?
#1255 by anay
2022-05-28 at 11:35
< report >Hi mods.
Could you please make an option about Play Time so that "Play Time with vote" need to be clicked before it show its playtime. It is kind of spoiler to me, knowing the actual play time of a VN and that was because one or two votes?! It just outrageous. Im sorry but that's how I feel.
The old "none vote" version is a looot better.
#1256 by hawkwing
2022-05-29 at 09:25
< report >Is it possible to add a grid view for "My list", the view where our finished VN's and our wishlists are located?
#1257 by cubky
2022-05-29 at 09:40
< report >#1256 t18370
#1258 by hawkwing
2022-05-29 at 09:55
< report >That worked, thank you very much!
#1259 by anay
2022-05-31 at 21:24
< report >Hi, mods.
Have you consider my suggestion above?
Should I make new thread?
#1260 by Ezezin
2022-05-31 at 22:16
< report >That's not how it works. First: we don't make options or changes to the website, that's up to the website administrator, which is Yorhel.
Second: You don't need to repeat or bump your suggestion if you are not going to add anything meaningful to it; Once is enough.
Third: just because no one commented or discussed your post doesn't mean that we didn't read it.Last modified on 2022-05-31 at 22:18
#1261 by Ileca
2022-05-31 at 22:52
< report >I am pretty spoiler sensitive myself but claiming that length is a spoiler... I don't know how to answer that.
I doubt it will be implemented as it is unreasonable and most likely is the reason why you were ignored.
What's left to you is to find a way to hide this part with CSS.
#1262 by anay
2022-06-01 at 00:37
< report >@Ileca Maybe not to you, but it is to me.
Why fix something not broken, right?
The old version was perfectly fine, the length was in "range" which is good not only for me but maybe for everyone else. Instead to be spoiled by one vote!
I just want to hide the voted length via simple click, if the current format is used.
And, I hope mods consider it.
#1263 by Mrkew
2022-06-01 at 00:49
< report >If it makes you feel any better, you don't know the person's reading style and speed, so the length could be different by like 30 hours either way.
#1264 by Ileca
2022-06-01 at 01:24
< report >Here is quick CSS to remove the length entirely:
.vndetails tr:nth-child(3) {display: none;}

Here is a trick to hide the text by using the background color of my superior skin (gekkou):
.vndetails tr:nth-child(3) td:nth-child(2) {color: rgb(18, 22, 34);}
It allows you to unhide the length by selecting the text.

For the default skin, the background color should be rgb(7,28,48).

I don't have time to find how to clean the inside of a selector but spare the a element.
#1265 by anay
2022-06-01 at 02:09
< report >@ Mrkew Ah, acceptable advice.

@ Ileca Thank you. But, I think I will use my hand to cover it instead. For a time.
#1266 by Ileca
2022-06-01 at 03:50
< report >Yeah, it sounds much more efficient than pasting one of these lines in My Profile > Custom CSS after complaining about how important this issue is...Last modified on 2022-06-01 at 05:06
#1267 by anay
2022-06-01 at 09:39
< report >When one vote determined VN's length... Yes it is important. At least for me.
#1268 by bassttark
2022-06-04 at 18:22
< report >I know that this feature has already been selected, or at least it was mentioned in t16051.17 but I am yearning for some way of searching releases with a machine translated version for a particular language.
#1269 by notauser
2022-06-07 at 01:46
< report >Would it be possible to automatically upscale/zoom thumbnail sized images in image flagging instead of just centering it? Especially that people like to vote explicit on covers that are just 30 different screenshots from a game, and one of them has an 1.5 pixel dick hidden in one corner...
#1270 by Yorhel
2022-06-07 at 10:43
< report >Press 'v' to enter fullscreen flagging mode, it's what I generally use.
#1271 by notauser
2022-06-07 at 11:27
< report >Hmm, not bad, even though it hides the rest of the ui.
#1272 by Mrkew
2022-06-07 at 18:04
< report >If two releases were released on the same day, they are ordered by when they were created. I don't think this should be the case when they are of different types (trial/partial/complete). I suggest trials and patrials are always ordered before (above) complete releases. Example: Loli Imouto ~Kindan no Nakadashi~
#1273 by Ileca
2022-06-07 at 21:11
< report >Also patches at the end.
#1274 by Yorhel
2022-06-08 at 05:01
< report >Huh, I recently fixed the release ordering, but apparently forgot to incorporate type & patch.
#1275 by dostedt
2022-06-09 at 00:11
< report >Ignore this post. Suggested something already in effect.Last modified on 2022-06-09 at 00:50