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#1501 by Marc402
2023-03-09 at 16:22
< report >I see, so the previous one was actually incorrect. Changed the settings now and it's visible again.
#1502 by Biggi442
2023-03-10 at 05:33
< report >You should add notifications for when a new translation of visual novels on your list is available
#1503 by nyaaamii
2023-03-11 at 23:21
< report >I use the Tsukihime (black) theme and I've noticed that the colour of quoted text in discussion boards is too dark and barely visible on an already dark background. Could you please make the colour of quoted text brighter? Thanks
#1504 by ash-79
2023-03-18 at 05:01
< report >Is it possible to allow line spacing in the Notes section in your VN list? I'd ask for formatting but maybe that is asking too much and would be more work. As it is right now, if you try to add line spacing in your notes by using Enter or if try to format your notes into paragraphs, then the line spacing is automatically removed when you are done editing & refresh the page.

If it's possible to implement line spacing it would help making the notes section seem more neat and organized (or would allow you to have your notes consist of short bullet points instead of writing up text walls.

Would appreciate it if the option was available but I understand if it's not a focus to implement.
#1505 by trickzzter
2023-03-22 at 05:06
< report >Requesting the addition of Belarusian language.
For this release r82750


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