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#876 by fallenguru
2021-01-22 at 13:29
< report >> The difficulty of the language is pretty subjective and depends on the person, their background, their native language, etc.

That is true, of course. Nevertheless, call it statistics or call it swarm intelligence, if enough people participated, a useful metric would emerge. (That and you could have a look at the ratings of players whose level you have a handle on, specifically.)

> This is just too subjective for a database

I agree that is is purely subjective, but I'd argue so are votes and reviews. That one has left the barn.

> would be useful for a diminutive pool of users.

That is certainly possible. I really couldn't say.

Well, thank you for considering it, in any case. ^^
#877 by mutsuki
2021-01-22 at 17:04
< report >It's an interesting idea, but it'd be too hard to quantify. A good selection of screenshots would do the job just fine IMO, however for some reason people seem dead set on replacing half or more of all the Japanese screenshots where the language complexity is actually an important factor with English ones where it isn't any time there's a translation.

I still feel like it should be a 6:4 worst case Japanese to English ratio for screenshots.Last modified on 2021-01-22 at 17:04
#878 by ember
2021-01-23 at 18:41
< report >I don't want to cause a panic, but when I use the search function and get 1 result, it says "1 results"
#879 by poudink
2021-01-27 at 01:53
< report >Please excuse me if this has been requested a million times before (which to be fair it probably has been, there's absolutely no way I'm the first to think of this), but it would be quite helpful if much like the way visual novels can currently be linked to related animes from databases like aniDB, they could also be linked to video games outside of the visual novel genre through databases such as GameFAQs or others.
#880 by mutsuki
2021-02-02 at 19:45
< report >i feel like amateur group could be split into "amateur group making visual novels" and "amateur group translating visual novels" for better categorisation
#881 by yorhel
2021-02-03 at 07:13
< report >Erm, no. "amateur group" is what they are "translating/making" is what they do - these should not be conflated in a single field. The "what they do" part should be answered by database relations to VNs. Not saying we do a great job at that right now, but that's where the focus ought to be.
#882 by npzmzfg
2021-02-04 at 07:50
< report >J-List seems to be have switched to a new URL format that is not recognized for External Links.
It would be useful if that could be supported as well:
#883 by yorhel
2021-02-04 at 08:02
< report >Huh, that's an odd change. I can't find any other (VN) products with that format, everything else still uses the shorter format. Let's wait and see if this is a temporary/local format or something they'll use more often.
#884 by fllthdcrb
2021-02-04 at 10:36
< report >Guess you don't have to wait. The *entire* VN category (every single item on every page) has links in this format. I'd say that means the new format is permanent. I can't find any other than the one npzmzfg linked for which the old format doesn't work (to convert, just delete all of the path segments between hostname and the last one, so would become; presumably they don't want to break existing links. But it doesn't recognize that format for this last one, so I'm thinking they probably aren't using it for future items.Last modified on 2021-02-04 at 10:37
#885 by yorhel
2021-02-04 at 10:47
< report >No, the long-form URLs with category stuff is the old format and just includes the path you took to get to the product page. Those should already be properly recognized by the release edit form, and you'll still get the short form if you use search: link
What's new in npzmzfg's URL is the inclusion of a numeric ID and the fact that short form doesn't work anymore.
#886 by mrkew
2021-02-04 at 10:57
< report >Might as well ask since it's the topic now. I noticed the following stores which carry eroge aren't recognized for external link either:
#887 by fllthdcrb
2021-02-04 at 10:58
< report >Oh, okay. My mistake. I didn't even notice that. That said, I just tried the old long-form, which should be "", and it doesn't work on this item either.

(Interestingly enough, the new format seems to include optional information about the category, *after* everything else, although it doesn't seem to make any real difference.)
#888 by beliar
2021-02-04 at 15:57
< report >
What's new in npzmzfg's URL is the inclusion of a numeric ID and the fact that short form doesn't work anymore
Erm, from what I can see, short form works just fine: link. Just added the link to the relevant entry. The link npzmzfg has posted is probably just an alternative. Though the link stops working if you add a slash (/) at the end.Last modified on 2021-02-04 at 15:58
#889 by yorhel
2021-02-04 at 15:59
< report >Yup, looks like it was a temporary thing after all. The short form now also shows up in their search. This morning that pointed to the long version with the numeric ID. Adding a slash works for me, though.Last modified on 2021-02-04 at 16:00
#890 by beliar
2021-02-04 at 16:05
< report >
Adding a slash works for me, though.
I meant to say, the vndb form doesn't recognise the url, if it has a slash at the end. Not sure I should count it as a bug....
#891 by fllthdcrb
2021-02-04 at 16:06
< report >And the old long form works as well now. Fair enough.
#892 by npzmzfg
2021-02-04 at 17:43
< report >The short form URL didn't work when I posted earlier today, but I see that was just a temporary issue. Sorry for jumping the gun.
#893 by siotechua
2021-02-06 at 01:09
< report >I want to suggest a search history because in case of going back to the vn you want to visit which you may forget the name or wither it would be a JP title
#894 by mcmullengage
2021-02-13 at 04:11
< report >link Can someone change the website in this entry? NaGISA doesn't want to take it
#895 by poudink
2021-02-13 at 04:16
< report >you need to have a / at the end of your link otherwise it won't work for some reason. that said, the link you're trying to put also seems dead.Last modified on 2021-02-13 at 04:17
#896 by npzmzfg
2021-02-21 at 10:37
< report >This is a pretty minor thing, but it would be helpful if patch releases could list what release(s) they apply to. That would potentially also allow for non-patch releases to show a list of applicable patches. Right now the relationship between patches and other releases is implicit or recorded as notes (see e.g. r60368).
#897 by eacil
2021-02-26 at 05:16
< report >I noticed that, when you are not logged in, you don't have the contribution features (like the "edit" tab or the "add x" in the navigation bar). It sounds obvious (and I completely forgot about that because I am always logged in as you can imagine) but how do you expect guests to know they can contribute if you don't present them with those options? Shouldn't they be accessible and redirect them to the registration page with a message when clicked? Maybe this way we would have less guests reporting the lack of such and such data if they became aware that there is an edit button above the report button.
#898 by poudink
2021-02-26 at 06:19
< report >It's true that at first it's not immediately obvious that this site is a wiki. I believe it took me a bit to understand how this site works.
#899 by eacil
2021-02-26 at 14:18
< report >To be fair, guests who report missing information are greeted with a message telling them they can edit the db themselves and they purposely decide to ignore it. Reporting is the last place I would look after if I wanted to edit something on any db.
Anyway, probably not a suggestion that matters much.
#900 by poudink
2021-02-26 at 14:20
< report >I feel like the Quick Reply box should be aligned to the left instead of being centered to give more room to expand it horizontally, since right now when you expand the box horizontally there's a bunch of room to the left that is wasted. This also applies to the Edit Summary box.Last modified on 2021-02-26 at 14:24