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#526 by nvortex
2018-11-10 at 21:42
There should be an option in "My Profile" that allows you to hide unofficial visual novels from the main page of a visual novel
#527 by rrreee
2018-11-22 at 16:31

maybe it has been suggested but how come we can't see the VNs we have previously wishlisted in the general list ? A simple color code would help so much to know right away which VN we clicked on already and wishlisted or blacklisted so we don't click on them again. Because right now, we have no indicators telling us if we visited a VN already or not, or if we wishlisted it already or not, before we actually click on it. It's a huge waste of time.

And for blacklisted we could even have an option to just not display them in the list at all. Currently they are displayed like every other VN, and only after we click on it, we realize it has been blacklisted, so we waste time browsing even more.

We could even have a "not interested" color code added to the wishlist (high, medium, low etc... + not interested) that would still display the VN in the list but with a color code that remind us that we already clicked on this one and we're not interested in it, so it would be different from blacklisted, which would just remove the VN from the list.

Thank you.Last modified on 2018-11-22 at 16:33
#528 by yorhel
2018-11-22 at 16:40
@527: The VN list does show your wishlist status and you can filter on it.
#529 by marantana
2018-12-12 at 15:58
Hi yorhel,

I have a suggestion (I'd even like to request it ;-) ) for /u<#>/list:

It would be great to have "rating" as an additional sortable column.

Reasoning: If users have a long backlog they might want to read the highest rated vn they own first. In the present list format there is no way to see that without manually checking every single vn from the list. There should be room enough even on smaller browser windows and the additional db query condition should use less resources than tens or hundreds of manual page calls.

Thx for considering that...
#530 by yorhel
2018-12-12 at 16:16
The main VN list can do that. Improved user's VN list is also planned, I'll take that into account.
#531 by marantana
2018-12-12 at 16:36
Oh, I completely missed the "my lists" section in the filter list. thx for pointing me there...
also tia for future improvements!


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