VNDB Suggestions!

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#551 by eacil
2019-04-15 at 20:33
Arg, wrong thread.
#550: OSU!
#552 by weter
2019-04-19 at 20:08
I ask users and administration to read my suggestions and express your opinion. link
#553 by minah
2019-05-17 at 01:31
Demon King Domination includes a Malay language translation, but that's not an option in the database. Worth adding? Or an "other language" option for uncommon languages could be useful; I might have suggested that before.
#554 by yorhel
2019-05-17 at 10:39
I'd add the language, but which flag should I assign to it? :-/
#555 by minah
2019-05-17 at 14:24
I guess Malaysia? But actually, I'm way out of my element here. Looking it up more, I'm not really sure what Mayalsian's status is in relation to Indonesian; the Wikipedia page says it's an official language of Indonesia "as Indonesian," but this translation's specifically described as "Bahasa Melayu" not "Bahasa Indonesia." Now I'm not sure if just listing the release as Indonesian would be accurate (enough), or if there should be separate languages ala European and Brazilian Portuguese, and some of the current Indonesian releases in the DB should actually be listed as Malaysian. Maybe someone here is familiar with the languages and can weigh in?


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