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#626 by turix
2019-10-10 at 23:32
#625 As the poor sap that thought building a website to generate recommendations would be easy.... well I've learned a lot in the last 5 or so years.

I actually agree with you in that I really like how the MAL recommendations come out; you tend to find a couple of really good suggestions for most titles. However my personal opinion is that user generated recommendations would be better placed on vndb itself opposed to VNStat - my philosophy for VNStat has always been to avoid directly collecting anything. This is mostly to avoid having to moderate user content and keep my maintenance load low when I'm too busy to work on the site, but also because I feel vndb is better placed to handle this anyway as it already has the community in place.

It's very difficult to recommend any kind of media to people in a consistently good way (see how much the likes of Netflix invest in this topic) so the approach I settled on for VNStat was to provide a large number of "ideas" rather than a more specific "read this next". The whole thing is basically optimized to give you a collection of suggestions that it thinks you will rate higher* than expected.

* Meaning your normalized rating would be above the novels current average rating by some amount, although your actual rating might be lower depending on if you have a tendency to underrate compared to average.
#627 by eacil
2019-10-11 at 00:21
MAL had no other choice to come out with user reco as their autorec is complete garbage (don't remember if autorec came before or after).
I would have said it's not their fault, their entries have not enough metadata to link them together in any meaningful way recommendation-wise, but when you look at what is generated, it is impossible to make them dodge the responsibility. They are not even using the little data they have: genres and demographics!
I can't fathom how they coded it to be able to fail so hard as to recommend Sailor Moon or Rozen Maiden after Netorare Fighter Yaricchingu!...

Anyway, MAL is the last website I use to find new anime. It's pretty good at what it was designed for: managing your anime and manga lists, but for everything else... meh (ok, reviews and user reco are a nice touch)Last modified on 2019-10-11 at 00:25
#628 by yorhel
2019-10-11 at 05:57
User reviews are on my wishlist: d8#4.
#629 by kivandopulus
2019-10-11 at 13:26
Great to know that reviews get to the wishlist. It's a really difficult task to implement with hundreds of reviews existing for translated works and lots of small comments/impressions that (like from reddit) also probably need a way to be placed. It's also unclear which languages to accept reviews in provided that there is also a place for Japanese reviews egono. Even if only user reviews are accepted, it'd be a huge step forward. I'll keep collecting reviews for untranslated vns in European languages for as long as it takes, anyway. We're proud of progress VNDB makes.Last modified on 2019-10-11 at 13:29
#630 by fuukanou
2019-10-12 at 20:00
I think it'd be good to have your own personal tag spoiler levels, which would force a tag to be treated as a "spoiler" for you, even if it isn't tagged as a spoiler for that visual novel.

e.g. I'd put all ending related tags as personal spoilers so they wouldn't appear by default on any visual novel page and would only appear if they were there once I view spoilers.
#631 by bakauchuujin
2019-10-12 at 20:26
I think it would be nice if the vndb developer page enabled you to sort by popularity and rating. You can currently get the same effect by just adding the developer or publisher as developer in the search function but I think it would also be nice to have it on the defult as I would assume it is used more since you just need to click on developer or publisher of a title.

I also think it would be nice to add the ability to add links to openings for the VN, maybe have a spot for openings and let people add it if it is available.

Lastly I think it would be nice to have a button added that can be used to instantly filter only the VNs with commercial english releases for those who want to get official english releases so it is easier for them to look for those titles than it is to use the search function.
#632 by fuukanou
2019-10-13 at 01:29
Another suggestion is on VA pages, to be able to highlight games that are on your list / set as Finished so you can quickly see if you've previously heard a VA in VN you haven't played before.
#633 by kumiko1
2019-10-13 at 10:39
Can we get an option to customise the number of items displayed per page? Personally I'd much rather have 1000 search results on 1 page than 40 different pages.
#634 by rampaa
2019-10-13 at 15:34
Can languages be sorted by their shown names instead of their ISO 639-1 codes?
#635 by yorhel
2019-10-13 at 16:01
Uhm, just because I spend more time on VNDB doesn't mean I can suddenly fix all things simultaneously. >.>

your own personal tag spoiler levels
Haven't seen this suggested before. Initial reaction: That seems like a lot of complexity for a very niche use case...

links to openings for the VN
We have ErogeTrailer links nowadays. Granted, it's not very discoverable, but it's a start.

highlight games that are on your list
This is useful for both staff & producer pages. Let's wishlist that.

Personally I'd much rather have 1000 search results on 1 page than 40 different pages.
And have pages load super slow? Hmmm :/

Can languages be sorted by their shown names instead of their ISO 639-1 codes?
#636 by skorpiondeath
2019-10-13 at 16:39
Personally I'd much rather have 1000 search results on 1 page than 40 different pages.
And have pages load super slow? Hmmm :/
Maybe an option in user page where one can decide page size? (with a maximum threshold like 100 records per page for example)

I personally would like a way to upload multiple covers for a game since releases sometime have different graphic. And maybe a way to cycle through his covers. Also a way to upload and show a cover horizontally instead that vertically.
#637 by shining17
2019-10-13 at 18:39
Please add Game Jolt as one of the official store links. It has over 1,800 Visual Novels listed on their site.
#638 by veileno
2019-10-14 at 19:55
Something I've noticed when searching is that the tags you want included/excluded don't save, this proves to be quite troublesome when i want to search because i have to re add all the tags i don't want and tags i do want.

Could you add a feature where the tags you include/exclude in your search are saved? I hope this isn't to much, it's something small but i believe it will improve searching a lot.

Could be toggleable to so if you dont want it saved then you leave the box unchecked but if you do want it saved you can check the box that toggles itLast modified on 2019-10-14 at 19:56
#639 by eacil
2019-10-14 at 21:25
Ever tried "Save as default" when searching? It saves tags.
#640 by kumiko1
2019-10-15 at 12:17
And have pages load super slow? Hmmm :/

I don't imagine they'd take that long to load, and even if they did I'd still find it useful to be able to view everything on one page, especially for long user lists and discussions.
#641 by veileno
2019-10-15 at 12:57
#639 ah, woops i completely missed that. thanks


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