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#651 by yorhel
2019-12-06 at 12:51
I've come to realize that VNDB is actually quite mobile friendly.
Some parts work alright, others are a major PITA. Threads are often rendered a bit too wide, so either I zoom out and can't read the text or I zoom in and need to scroll horizontally for each line.

Anyway, it looks like I broke the mouse-over-for-spoilers thing a few days ago. Fixed that now, with an additional fix that spoilers are also visible when focussed. On Firefox mobile just tapping on the spoiler works now. Can't test Chrome because fuck Chrome.

Please bring it back.
Yes, boss! (Buttons and stuff: Meh, maybe. I am thinking of adding support for Markdown-ish formatting, which is a bit easier than bbcode)
#652 by myopius
2019-12-08 at 02:38
Can you put aliases in spoiler tags? I don't wanna try until I know it can be done. If not, please make this a feature, since I know of at least two characters whose real names are a spoiler.
For cases like that, the standard practice has been to not list them. If the info is necessary or desirable, it can be put in the description within spoiler tags. The main utility of aliases (which I always wish was made more clear to users, since the field is constantly used for random forgettable nicknames) is to facilitate searches.
#653 by saeryen
2019-12-08 at 16:33
#652 I put some nicknames of characters in Ayakashi Koimeguri as aliases. Are you saying I should take those off?
#654 by rampaa
2019-12-16 at 17:00
I wish "Save as default" could remember the spoiler level as well. I think that would be the intuitive behavior anyway and it would save me a few seconds every time I search for something.

(I am aware of the "Spoiler level" setting that is placed in "My Profile" page and I am aware that it can be saved permanently but that's not what I am talking about. I am talking about the spoiler level setting that is placed in "Tags" tab in VN filters.)
#655 by 3i1
2020-01-06 at 06:51
Regarding filters, may I request a general UI simplification to have all three filter sections under a single drop-down box?

The "visual novel filters" "release filters" and "character filters" can be selected above each other respectively. When selected it highlights the selected header and shows the next level filters below that.

Images of proposed changes:



(Delete separate thread)
#656 by rampaa
2020-01-07 at 22:25
NSFW character images should be allowed. Character images like Goddess' is just absurd IMO. If screenshots and cover photos can be marked as NSFW, I don't see why character images can't be.
#657 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-07 at 23:14
I agree with rampaa, not that you can't see your quantity of pussy and boobs around (being actually quite softcore to some other content)... flagging should be enough, at least character portrait don't get butchered, look what I did in my early stupid days link!Last modified on 2020-01-07 at 23:15
#658 by warfoki
2020-01-08 at 02:17
Well, still a classier solution than my lazy black boxes on the Goddess page that Rampaa quoted. :P

Oh, and I agree, an NSFW checkbox would be nice.
#659 by beliar
2020-01-14 at 20:08
A long ass time ago there was a discussion if the supplementary discs, like say soundtracks should be counted in the media field. Just like many discussions on VNDB it went nowhere and no particular standard was devised. And there really is no standard: some users never include these extra discs in the number, other users do so.

So, I have an idea, Yorhel, what if we could solve this discrepancy by slightly tinkering with the release form? We could rename the current "Media" field to "Game media" and right beside it add a similar field, titled "Supplementary media". Unlike the two column (quantity and medium) game media field, we could make it three column (quantity, medium and a description to write in). For example: 1 / CD / soundtrack.... Thoughts?
#660 by shukumeiteki1
2020-01-15 at 02:20
Any possibility to add the "Staff filters" search into the normal one, it would make the search function way more robust and specific. For example I want to search "Role: Female + Gender: Female + Language: Japanese" while searching a VN, so I can add tags to the search too.
It's not possible to do so right now, I need to look through 300 entries and most of them are Otome writers, while I could just add the "otome" tag in the excluded ones and that's it.
(silly example but I hope it was clear)
#661 by yorhel
2020-01-15 at 07:31
@beliar: I thought the rule was to only list game media and mention other media in the notes field. I don't see a good reason why we should keep track of supplementary media.
#662 by beliar
2020-01-15 at 07:45
That's what I'm always doing, but as the rule has never been codified in a faq, I wasn't sure if I should revert edits that do otherwise.
#663 by yorhel
2020-01-15 at 08:04
The codified guidelines are woefully incomplete. >.>
#664 by barfboy
2020-01-15 at 18:12
Would it be allowable to start a recommendation thread? Looking through raw numbers and reading descriptions doesn't always give a sense of what to play. It would be kinda fun to share recommendations with people. This is especially true if people value artwork over story for example.
#665 by saeryen
2020-01-17 at 16:48
#664 Any kind of recommendation feature would be awesome. I once proposed a “if you like this, try this too” feature, since I think that, for example, fans of Destiny Ninja 2 would love Ayakashi: Romance Reborn and vice versa (I sure do).

#652 I just thought that what if the spoiler name is the only character name someone remembers? Like in Wizardess Heart Randy’s real name is Serge Derundal (sp?), and if they only remember that name and not his fake one it’ll be hard for them to find his character entry.Last modified on 2020-01-17 at 16:52
#666 by beliar
2020-01-17 at 17:20

1. can provide recommendations, based on currently rated visual novels in your profile.

2. And that's why a proper spoiler setting for aliases is a feature in the works (expect it to come live within the next 20 years) :-P
#667 by barfboy
2020-01-18 at 01:00
Interesting site. It recommended:
Little Busters
Maji de Watashi ni Koishiteru
Canvas 2
Koihime Musou
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
and Air

I prefer nukige, lolicon, and incest. Which are none of those (Musumaker I started and dropped). Does it just recommend popular titles to everyone? Maybe it's just weighted to popular titles because the number of votes.

#668 by saeryen
2020-01-18 at 04:41
Two suggestions:

1. I think users should be able to remove VN tags that they themselves added. Because I’ve added tags only to realize that a. the tag didn’t mean what I thought it meant and doesn’t really apply, or b. a child tag is more appropriate. But I can’t take the tags away, only vote them -3.

2. We should be able to vote on which tags are more important to be shown in summary, similar to the relevance votes we do now. I’ve added tags that, according to the guidelines, are a 3 but are ultimately less important than other 3s, but the older 3s are often pushed back by the newer ones. For example, in Ayakashi Koimeguri “Father Support Character” and “Youkai” are both a 3, but “Youkai” is more important. Unfortunately, it’s “Father Support Character” and not “Youkai” that shows up in the summary unless the former is downgraded to a 2.
#669 by savagetiger
2020-01-18 at 04:56
You vote 0 (click on the number) to take away your vote, but it will stay as long as somebody else also voted on it. You can message them to remove it too if they're active and it's completely wrong.

You can switch to show all tags, but I wonder what actually determines what shows in the summary.Last modified on 2020-01-18 at 04:56


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