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#76 by yorhel
2011-03-29 at 05:25
Still waiting on something about doujins.
I know it's your style to come with vague one-line remarks nobody understands formulated in a way that is guaranteed to annoy at least someone, but you might really want to be more clear here...

(Not to mention you shouldn't *wait* on a feature, things take a looooooong time here)
#77 by fujifruit
2011-03-29 at 09:47
#78 by yorhel
2011-03-29 at 09:52
How old is that tag, even? :-/
Since I hadn't added something like that to my todo list, I either forgot (which means I don't consider it to have any importance at all) or argued that it is handled by the release system (which has a doujin flag).

EDIT: Ah, found it.
The tag was added on 2009-05-01
The doujin flag for releases was added on 2009-06-07.Last modified on 2011-03-29 at 10:11
#79 by silence
2014-01-05 at 09:09
Some necro.

How about to create the page for a VN, where you could see a list of games associated with this VN, but not presented in the database because of the fact, that they are not or almost not a VNs (just a games)? For example. There is Fate Stay Night vn. As a fan of Nasu universe, I would glad to know, that a pretty good fighting game, "Fate Unlimited Codes", exists.

This would be useful for users and partially solve the problem of disputes about belonging of the game either to vns or to the games.

Of course, the info you would get from such a page, should be plain, without screenshots, releases, and even without the covers. Just the name in the original and Romanized languages ​​and possibly the link to some illustrative resource. And maybe some short description.Last modified on 2014-01-05 at 09:10
#80 by kinshomokuroku
2014-01-05 at 09:49
How about to create the page for a VN, where you could see a list of games associated with this VN
I think it should be something like Related Media list. Anime and manga adaptations and other stuff also would go there.
#81 by silence
2014-05-01 at 06:42
May I request a new kind of VN relation? I sometimes encounter small VNs, which are included in other independent VNs or compilations. It would be wrong to treat such novels as "share characters". So I suggest to add a new kind of relations: "Includes - Included in". For example, v3537 includes v1708.
However, I'm not sure what to do when a VN includes only a part of other VN, e.g., just one of the routes. It may be worth creating another type of relation, "partly includes - partly included in"
#82 by silence
2014-05-13 at 02:51
I would ask to add an option (or filter) for each parent tag and trait, which would clear the list of characters/VNs from those who has child tags and traits. Despite the fact that a parent and child have a lot in common, they are often pretty much different. For example, taciturn character can be sullen and antisocial, while silent character can have any kind of personality, but he's silent because he suffers from mutism (inability to speak). In order to find a 23 taciturn characters, I have to sort out 343 silent characters, and this sux!
I know, there is character search for this, but still...Last modified on 2014-05-13 at 02:54
#83 by space-ranger
2014-05-13 at 15:16
Speaking of adding links, adding a link to wouldn't be a bad idea. Sure it is in Japanese, but it has a whole lot of useful information. Most untranslated titles lack characters, screenshots etc as nobody took the time to fill in the info. A getchu link is much quicker to add.

It would be enough to fill in the ID only as it appears that all links are of the type

One issue with this would be what to do with multiple releases? v44 has 623025 and 195741.Last modified on 2014-05-13 at 15:17
#84 by ds1150
2014-05-13 at 16:18
#83, I agree that it's very good source of information, as well as rather complete. But I think we shouldn't forget that getchu is still a commercial website trying to sell products, rather than an independent source of information.

Linking to the site as an affiliate might be another option although I have no idea if western people would buy much from Getchu. Nor if Getchu allows foreign affiliates ^^.
#85 by silence
2014-08-08 at 12:21
May I request some slight modification? After adding another trait for the character, I would like to be focused on the field to type next trait. At present I have to click on this field with my mouse every time, what wasts my time and patience.
#86 by twinshk2
2014-08-12 at 06:06
Don't know if anyone is still reading... But it would be great to have user driven reviews in addition to the scoring system. It'd give more background to a vn before we commit to it.
#87 by yirba
2014-08-12 at 09:47
I'd like to see some editing-focused VN/release filters that would help identify, for example, VNs without a cover image, incorrectly-sized screenshots, or other missing information. This would be useful for finding entries that need attention.

Also, it would be nice if locked entries were automatically unlocked after a certain amount of time. Most of the locked entries were locked due to an edit war that occurred ages ago, and it's pretty pointless keeping them locked.
#88 by twinshk2
2014-08-20 at 10:03
So is no one still reading...?
#89 by yorhel
2014-08-20 at 15:01
Oh, I'm reading. But there's sooo many things on VNDB to add or improve, and I have hardly done any development in the past few years. I don't mind feature requests, but don't set any expectations...
#90 by tyr
2014-08-20 at 17:04
How likely is it to implement t5637.10 in the near future?
That means, not having three (or four with blacklist) hardcoded wishlists, but a feature to add as many nameable custom lists as the user wants.

Because, if you don't want to implement that feature, I have to change the way I'm archiving my VNs asap ^^
#91 by ano
2014-08-20 at 18:52
@86: users already do it for some vn.That's one use of the vn discussion boards.Or do I miss something?
#92 by yorhel
2014-08-20 at 19:26
How likely is it to implement t5637.10 in the near future?
Quite unlikely.
#93 by vario
2014-11-29 at 09:47
Is it possible to add the "writer" and "artist" on the game page?
Something like English version of this (for example):
原画: 樋上いたる、Na-Ga
シナリオ: 麻枝准、都乃河勇人、城桐央、樫田レオ

I think this should be useful when someone wants to find something by the same author.
#94 by silence
2014-11-29 at 10:18
I wonder, if there is some activity around that? Or did we bumped the dead end last time?
#95 by space-ranger
2014-11-29 at 21:25
I don't think it would be that hard to add artists/writers. I think it is a 3 step process.
- VN gets the ID of writer/artist added
- Table with ID and name of writer/artist
- New page, which lists all VNs where writer/artist is a certain ID

The question is if I overlooked something, which will then be hard to add later with this rather simple approach. Another very good question is who will code this? VNDB is open source meaning it could be anybody knowing perl.
#96 by dk382
2014-11-29 at 22:13
This is something that has been in the talks for a very long time. t4578
#97 by wakaranai
2015-10-18 at 09:00
today's post about whether you skip voices or not reminded me of a neat feature our boards could benefit from, namely a polls. here's a pull request with a sample implementation link (tested locally).
#98 by yorhel
2015-10-21 at 14:23
@wakaranai: Just letting you know I'll look at this later and I won't forget about it. :)
I'm currently obsessing over a largish project to improve site-wide SQL performance and will be touching a lot of code (and breaking a lot of functionality, as I always do). I'll definitely check out your poll patches after that.
#99 by space-ranger
2015-10-21 at 16:56
I speed read through the code and overall it looks like a real effort is put into it and I have a feeling that it very well could work. I did notice a few things though.

The tables are created in schema.sql and not any of the updates scripts. Not a big issue unless somebody assumes it to be in the update scripts without checking.

lib/VNDB/DB/ line 94. Did you mean to put the 1; there? I vaguely remember something about doing something like that to generate a return value from running a script, but I can't even remember if it were in perl and I usually do very well even though I don't do that.

The last thing is not something I really noticed in the code, but more something I started wondering about. What happens if somebody starts a poll, people vote and the poll owner edits the poll to add/change/remove options? Say it starts with the options A, B and C. One person votes for C and then it's edited into A, B, D, C. Will the vote magically move to D because it's the 3rd option? What if it changed into just A and B?
I don't know if this is an issue at all, but it's generally a good idea to consider what would happen once you expose your code to "user stupidity".
#100 by wakaranai
2015-10-22 at 06:44
i haven't followed perl language evolution for quite some time, but when i was actively using it in development it was a must for modules to return 'true', so placing a '1;' at the end of a script was a common idiom.

all votes are reset when anything in the poll is changed by originator, there's a specific warning message '_postedit_form_poll_warning' displayed when poll is being edited. editing might change options meaning completely, so there's no point in keeping votes.

there's an issue i haven't put much thought into, it's how poll should behave in locked threads. should poll be hidden? show vote results? still allow to vote? currently, polls operate regardless of the thread lock state.Last modified on 2015-10-22 at 07:03


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