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#1376 by Yorhel
2022-09-13 at 05:07
< report >I feel like our previous template user at least had a slightly more useful template, but these ones are absolutely worthless. All flagged.

Oh, and:
Obligatory user block option request number umpteenth.
#1377 by Ileca
2022-09-13 at 21:20
< report >For reference, here is a review from the previous template user: w3066.
#1378 by Mrkew
2022-09-19 at 16:36
< report >Could wishlist and finished be mutually exclusive labels? I often skip the other steps and directly mark vns as finished, but that doesn't remove them from my wishlist. Finished is already mutually exclusive with all the other default labels except wishlist and blacklist.Last modified on 2022-09-21 at 02:48
#1379 by Ezezin
2022-09-22 at 09:08
< report >Reposting what ravosu said in w5143.1:
Formatting tags, including [spoilers] shouldn't count towards character limit.
Last modified on 2022-09-22 at 09:09
#1380 by marvn
2022-09-24 at 22:29
< report >If a search for a producer/staff returns only one result, can it automatically redirect to the page? Like when searching for vns.
#1381 by Kosimus
2022-09-28 at 19:02
< report >There is one problem I always have in this very discussion board: if you're not a person who discusses stuff here all the time, it's not at all easy to understand which page you find yourself at, and whether this is the middle of a thread, beginning, or end.

I thought about it a bit, and I think I know why.
I think it's because of how the page numbering is shown, and so I have an improvement suggestion, that I took from another board, and that I think is not as confusing.

Here's the visual: link

And here's a description:
- Show page numbering and 'Previous/'Next' buttons always either on left or right hand side, but never split in half.
- 'Previous' and 'Next' on either end, as long as there is a previous or next page.
- Always show first and last page, but ideally as a number, rather than text.
- Show the current page, and highlight it in a contrasting color.
- Show two preceding and two following pages, as numbers.
- If there are more than 10 pages than have a 'go to page...' thingy.

I guess not all of this has to be implemented to perceive improvements. But at least clearly seeing where you are (as a page number, contrasting compared to other ones) would already help a lot.

Thanks for taking it into consideration :).
#1382 by shinytentacool
2022-09-28 at 21:30
< report >
Obligatory user block option request number umpteenth.
here's my script to do this. it's pretty basic and naive but I never saw the person(s) again so works enough
#1383 by catboy
2022-09-30 at 13:15
< report >The ability to set certain aliases as spoilers for characters?
#1384 by rangabang
2022-10-02 at 07:11
< report >I cant believe there isnt a way to view your VN list in card or grid format
#1385 by cubky
2022-10-02 at 07:13
< report >#1384 There are a number ways to do that and it has already been discussed multiple times. Look it up.
#1386 by Ninius
2022-10-04 at 09:32
< report >Dunno where to ask this but could Yorhel change the Finnish flag? It bothers me that the cross is so thin. This is how the official flag looks like: linkLast modified on 2022-10-04 at 09:32
#1387 by Yorhel
2022-10-04 at 09:35
< report >Give me a good-looking 13x11px png and I'll replace it.
#1388 by Ninius
2022-10-04 at 09:38
< report >I just scaled that pic in MS Paint lul linkLast modified on 2022-10-04 at 09:42
#1389 by Yorhel
2022-10-04 at 09:58
< report >Done, evidently I use shitty open source resizing software. :)
#1390 by Ninius
2022-10-04 at 10:00
< report >Hahah :D Thanks, now my Finnish patriotic heart can be at peace.
#1391 by kumiko1
2022-10-04 at 15:26
< report >Can we get an easy way to see your Vote date from the vn page? Clicking the note icon shows me the Start date and Finish date, which are empty and useless, why can't Vote date be here. Or alternatively is there a way to auto-import Vote date into Finish date?
#1392 by andOlga
2022-10-06 at 21:44
< report >[deleted]
(apologies for two of these in a row now, I keep coming up with solutions to problems by misreading the damn post and then realising that too late)Last modified on 2022-10-06 at 21:46
#1393 by Draconyan
2022-10-08 at 12:10
< report >Very minor, but Wealthy Hero and Rich Protagonist should probably both have either "wealthy" or "rich" as main name, for consistency.
EDIT: should've posted it in the tags threadLast modified on 2022-10-08 at 12:20
#1394 by danneo
2022-10-09 at 13:21
< report >Can we get a way to follow other users?
#1395 by nyaaamii
2022-10-10 at 10:30
< report >#1394 Yes, please. Just a list of saved usernames to quickly access their profiles would be enough.
#1396 by kumiko1
2022-10-14 at 04:02
< report >@yorhel Can you let us view past revisions via the edit history of deleted pages?
At the moment all past revisions just take you to the "this VN has been deleted" page.
It would be really useful for editing purposes, being able to reference other people's edits.
#1397 by Yorhel
2022-10-14 at 13:08
< report >I'd rather not display anything of deleted entries. They're supposed to be deleted, after all. I'm afraid that the more information we show, the more rewarding it will be for trolls and spammers to do their thing.
#1398 by kumiko1
2022-10-14 at 14:16
< report >The thing is most deleted VNs aren't trolls, they're simply cancelled VNs like Les Grandes Odalisques and now I can't reference all the previous edits on it anymore... Same goes for if 2 people make a page at the same time so one gets deleted, but it had information the other didn't that we might want to check.

I don't think it would really make a difference to trolls, you can still see troll edits on the edit history of other VNs and it doesn't really matter, and it would be a pretty convenient feature.
#1399 by andOlga
2022-10-15 at 09:52
< report >Can we have a Nintendo eShop parser for the "External Links" thing in the release editor?

It is convenient to be able to go to official stores from the VN page in one click, and this functionality exists for other storefronts like Steam, Itch, and even PSN (which has fewer releases across 3 consoles on the DB than Switch alone does).

I have half a mind to request an XBox parser as well but given how few releases it gets that's quite clearly less of an issue.Last modified on 2022-10-15 at 09:54
#1400 by trickzzter
2022-10-15 at 14:45
< report >+1 We need at least these stores:

Nintendo Store:
Example: link

Nintendo Store (JP):
Example: link

Nintendo Store (HK):
Example: link

PlayStation Store (HK):
Example: link