Otakon 2017 announcements

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#1 by usagi
2017-08-12 at 11:38

Supipara (2nd chapter)
Ritaania no Seirei Tsukai -Meikyuu o Yuku Mono-
Room No. 9
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Michael no Otome-tachi
Sengoku Rance
Rance Quest (Magnum edition)

I think they are rather predictable and uninspired announcements.. well, we can have what we can have.Last modified on 2017-08-12 at 11:39
#2 by encrypted12345
2017-08-12 at 12:08
The Lunasoft game was a bit of a surprise, but MG starting to translate more gameplay titles isn't unusual.

Sono Hana was always a maybe. No one was quite sure how well New Generation did.

I personally didn't suspect a SR and RQM announcement in the same year even if both games were bound to be announced eventually. 3 big game announcements from one company is unusual for Mangagamer, but both Haruka and Rance VI sold really well.Last modified on 2017-08-12 at 12:11
#3 by abyssaleros
2017-08-12 at 12:15
Sengoku Rance and Rance Quest. - Now I know what to wait for.^^
#4 by infernoplex
2017-08-12 at 12:29
Far be from it that I am complaining but I honestly feel like I was more excited for the last year's Otakon than the one this year. Last year we also had announcements for Rance games but other titles that were announced then feel like they were more interesting than other titles that were announced this year.

1. Supipara - Chapter 2 (a VN that originally almost bankrupted minori from what I have heard and now they are trying to push this down our throats and we are supposed to fund this project by buying all minori titles localized by MG) - Not all that interesting;
2. Room No. 9 - Yaoi visual novel, I heard MG had a success with "No, Thank You" so I guess it's okay for yaoi and BL lovers, but me quite frankly isn't interested in it;
3. Sono Hanabira ... - Yuri, I guess it's good if you are a yuri fan but I am not all that much interested in it;
4. Sengoku Rance - Already has a fanTL and despite what Arunaru said on twitter about its TL quality, I hadn't heard anybody else complain about it, I wouldn't mind playing it with the old fanTL;
5. Rance Quest Magnum Edition - The only serious announcement on MG's panel this year at Otakon ... Together with Evenicle and Damekoi that were announced at AX, I find these 3 to be the best announcements MG has made this year (remind me if I am forgetting any more notable title announced this year by MG);
6. The Spirit Master of Retarnia - This one actually sounds very interesting to me, I don't know what is it all about but I am interested in it, looks like a decent hentai dungeon crawler, definitively will pay attention to it;
7. MG also announced some 3 random OELVNs, that don't feel all that much inspiring.

Compare that with last year's Rance VI + 5D announcements, HapyMaher, SonoHanabira New Generation, Sorcery Jokers and Sona Nyl. I think those were slightly better announcements, with the exception of Rance VNs, everything else feels weaker compared to last year, at least in my opinion.Last modified on 2017-08-12 at 12:34
#5 by kiru
2017-08-12 at 12:38
They need to actually release their announced stuff at some point, so it getting less isn't bad. There are still many games announced from last year that aren't out yet and don't have a release date yet either.

That said, yeah, the titles aren't particularly interesting. Rance goes the expected way, Luna Soft is as far as I know "avoid" territory (reviews of this game in particular talk about menus loading for several seconds and crappy balance..) and Sono Hana is Sono Hana. Aka if you aren't a starving yuri fan who takes pretty much everything, you probably won't find much in it.
#6 by rusanon
2017-08-12 at 13:12
Lunasoft is very weird pick. Their games are even worse than average RPGMaker doujin stuff on dlsite.

Doing both RQM and Sengoku Rance at once was very good idea PR-wise, /haniho/ already had their torches and pitchforks ready because of Sengoku rumors. Maybe success of AliceSoft partnership will finally make Eushully and SHChara to follow the trend.
#7 by encrypted12345
2017-08-12 at 14:04
@5 Most of their games announced last year seem to be in the scripting or beta stage at least, but there are a few notable examples that aren't: The Fata Morgana fandisk, Maggot Baits, Hapymaher, and most notably, Sona-Nyl. Out of the large games announced this year, Damekoi, Evenicle(vodka said that it's planned for this year currently), and Sono Hana seem poised to release before any of them. I'm actually expecting both Rance games to come out before Sona-nyl because Arunaru is a pretty fast translator when he's motivated, and RQM is at least halfway done even if you factor in what has to be fixed in the translation.Last modified on 2017-08-12 at 14:05
#8 by xero95
2017-08-12 at 14:20
Great, all crappy games imo.

Where's Lilith damn it...*sobs* Wish they translated Alicesoft titles beside Rance Rance Rance now-_-
#9 by encrypted12345
2017-08-12 at 14:32
We got Evenicle. Rest of the Beat Series seems likely enough. Probably Escalayer announcement next year or perhaps they'll skip to Ixseal. If any Rance is announced, it'll only be 01, but with how Rance heavy this Otakon was, I'm not expecting any new Rance announcements until 2019.

I don't think AS's milf nukige are coming though. It feels like one of them would have been announced by now if that was the case. Dai series probably won't come since Daiakuji is too old, and Daiteikoku is mediocre. Pastel Chime series would be silly unless MG and AS really wanted steam bux. Other than the Beat series, the only non-Rance games that seem likely to be localized by MG are the ones in development right now.
#10 by usagi
2017-08-12 at 17:02
If any Rance is announced, it'll only be 01
why not IX?
#11 by encrypted12345
2017-08-13 at 00:33
IX is after 01 in release order. I don't think you need 01 to understand IX, but 01 is a lot shorter and easier to translate because of that. Rance IX will probably be announced 2019 at the earliest.Last modified on 2017-08-13 at 00:34
#12 by dk382
2017-08-13 at 00:36
I suspect there will be rance announcements every single year until they have no more rance left to translate.
#13 by infernoplex
2017-08-13 at 01:47
Do we now hate Rance or what? :D LOL ... Joke on the side, I don't mind if they do all Rance games, MG is selling them good so whatever works of them, works for me as well. That being said, Alicesoft has more good stuff besides Rance and I'd be happy to see more non-Rance stuff like the already announced Evenicle and some other stuff :) ...
#14 by surferdude
2017-08-13 at 02:42
It's just too bad that a lot of Alicesoft's good stuff is considered too old for today's cool kids.
#15 by chemicallove
2017-08-13 at 03:17
Tsumamigui 3, tsuma shibori , and oyako rankan. Maybe I hope, I mean beat blades is old enough and they released that.
#16 by asaki
2017-08-13 at 08:54
As for the announcement, well the most interesting one was both Rance Quest and Sono Hanabira 11. For Sengoku, it's redundant if I may blunt here but then again maybe some of you here interested with that. For the rest, no much comment for now although looks like Supipara would had quite hard time though now that they announced that they need 150,000 in order to develop Chapter 3 (Good luck to minori though, although I wasn't quite interested with that right now). That's all for now.
#17 by abyssaleros
2017-08-13 at 09:06
The interesting thing for me that MG will re-translate and release Sengoku Rance (and Rance Quest) is, that ultimatively there is be the possibility for a physical release. And that is something good for me.
#18 by sakurakoi
2017-08-13 at 09:19
For Sengoku, it's redundant if I may blunt here but then again maybe some of you here interested with that.
Personally I am hoping for an all-ages version, after all, just the gameplay is supposed to be so good, right?~

Now what I am the most interested in, which is still not that much, is The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~ simply because I know nothing about it and welp, maybe the gameplay is bearable and the art as good as it seems.

Can't really get hyped for a Kiss for the Petals anymore, especially the first generation which is solely featured in the 11th since too many pairings have at least one character whom I find less than agreeable. Mostly the ones who are incidentally not the protagonist but some protagonists I would not just criticize for falling in love and putting up with them but at least one I find utterly pathetic in other ways.

Supipara, Room No.9 and that other Rance even though it is not a strategy-conquest game are a simple no (yaoi is simply not mine and one major reason I read visual novels is their closed nature, I do not want to wait for more chapters, episodes, volumes or whatever to be released/translated whenever, anime is at least also very consistent with weekly releases. Dungeon crawlers are simply outdated to me, open world exploration replaced them, not just 15 years ago but rather since like always and they at least to be roguelike to have actually enough replayability and content plus the variety thereof)
#19 by spciysama
2017-08-13 at 09:22
Another rance game wow MG are taking the piss now. What about Tsumamigui 3, oyako rankan, Heartful maman?? we have been asking for a while for.
#20 by kiru
2017-08-13 at 11:26
^Cut them some slack. They didn't hear you two through the hundreds of people screaming for Rance.
#21 by usagi
2017-08-13 at 19:25
IX is after 01 in release order. I don't think you need 01 to understand IX, but 01 is a lot shorter and easier to translate because of that. Rance IX will probably be announced 2019 at the earliest.
From business perspective it's not profitable to release remakes of old short rance games at all. Maybe in a bundle but even then old style gameplay can't be really popular now. Why do you think they sell V in a bundle and not as standalone? They can't put high price to such short lowbudget title and only diehard rance fans are interested in those.
If they cared about release order - they would never started Rance from V+VI. But release order is almost always the last thing publishers are concerned about. Conversely, I think IX as the next rance title is more reasonable to expect.Last modified on 2017-08-13 at 19:28
#22 by kiru
2017-08-13 at 20:26
01 is a full remake. Selling it with 02 may be a good idea, but that's solely because 02 alone is pretty short. 01 lasts you 20-30 hours. Though I don't know how the text extensions of 02 change things. I only played the one with the original text, and you can 100% that in ~5 hours without too much of an issue, as far as I remember.

Both are definitely not bad mechanic-wise. Probably better than what they've released so far actually. No surprise, given that they are newer.Last modified on 2017-08-13 at 20:27
#23 by sanahtlig
2017-08-13 at 23:22
I played Aku Ochi Labyrinth from Lunasoft. While the gameplay was so-so, and the animated sex wasn't bad, the story was pretty weak--mainly due to uninteresting characters. Lunasoft's games are basically Softhouse-Seal tier: good for a quick fix and little else. They have some gameplay, and what I saw wasn't awful, so some might find them more appealing than Softhouse-Seal's titles.Last modified on 2017-08-13 at 23:22


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