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#1 by behappyeveryday
2017-08-18 at 06:17
This is a game from an author of SubaHibi and for now it rated even higher. But from description, tags and screenshots in this one much less craziness and violence? Moreover there seems to be standard routes for different heroines. This one closer to Key games? Or there are hard plot with different twists?
#2 by tyrog
2017-08-18 at 08:12
Yes, it has quite a few common points with Clannad, although it is different in tone. I stalled close to halfway through and can definitely say it is quite overrated, but maybe that's just me. For what it's worth, I also think Subahibi is pretty flawed but still memorable work.
#3 by kzel
2017-08-18 at 09:01
From what I hear it is in fact quite similar to Key games (think Little Busters, Rewrite, etc...), with standard heroines routes at first, before the grand plot and the "true" route(s) reveal the game's true nature and themes.

To be honest, I stalled pretty quickly, as the two routes you have available at the start (enforced playing order) were both so soporific and boring that I quit reading both partway through.

Supposedly if you can get past the early routes it gets much better. Also, I hope you really like art, cause there's a lot of discussion on it.
#4 by tyrog
2017-08-18 at 09:52
You mean you don't find discussions of pottery glazing techniques engrossing? Nah, me neither...
#5 by kzel
2017-08-18 at 16:52
That, and pretty much everything else from Makoto's route was just terrible. Be that the lengthy sleep-inducing pottery discussions, the annoying mommy issues drama, and also Makoto herself, the superhuman who can apparently study 4 hours in the morning, make her own lunch, attend classes, attend art club activities, spend hours refining her pottery, work part time in a café and then study 6 hours in the evening, all in a single day. I'm not against some exaggeration as is so prevalent in anime character, but that's just too much.

To be fair, her route is written by a different scenarist than the rest of the game, and Rin's route (the other option you have at the start) is much better in comparison, though still slow and involving "natural genius" characters (the kind that is godly at something without needing training), something I can't bring myself to like.

If you feel like trying out the game, I recommend going for Rin's route first and hope to grow attached enough to the characters that you can suffer through Makoto's route and get to the good parts.

And yes, I know I could skip Makoto's route altogether but once I start skipping my interest in a game just drops to almost zero.

/Sorry for the rant
#6 by czxcjx
2017-10-08 at 13:54
May click with you:

If you’re a creator of some sort and have experienced the joy of creating things for yourself
If you’ve wondered what the purpose of Art is
If you’ve experienced that mysterious thing known as Beauty before and want to know why you felt what you felt at the time.
If you’re a repressed lesbian
If you enjoy gratuitous Slice of Life
If you find yourself questioning why elitists exist in any community and drag a work of art down
If you’re a student of Art History or Art
If you like Natsume Ai’s Voice Actress
If you felt that the themes of SubaHibi (rather than the plot entertainment) resonated with you
If you know what it feels like to be taken from the one thing you love.
If you feel inadequate after seeing others more talented than you
If you value things close to you in life
If you don’t value things close to you in life, and feel that you should value them more
If you like shiny pretty anime art
If you like romance without serious drama.
If you’ve read Wittgenstein
If you’re an alcoholic
If you like whimsical fairytales

May not click with you:

If you liked SubaHibi for the Denpa alone.
If you hate gratuitous Slice of Life.
If you don’t like lolis, and loli-senseis
If you want narratives full of fast-paced excitement and plot twists
If you prefer narrative closure rather than emotional closure
If you can’t stand SCA-Ji’s crazy humour.
If you prefer works that manage to consistently hit the mark across scenes, rather than works that might be inconsistent across scenes, but manage to build up to a thematic structure.

This list may not click with you:

If you hate hazy generalizations on works of fictionLast modified on 2017-10-13 at 01:35
#7 by shukumeiteki1
2017-10-09 at 04:47
@6 Do I need to be under the effects of alcohol to fully appreciate the VN too? Mmh...
#8 by 420yoloswag
2017-10-10 at 07:37
@6 Brings up some good points, mainly that there is very little Denpa compared to SubaHibi. and also that this VN is super thematic.

Kind of obvious, but if you can't understand the themes of a story, you won't be able to fully appreciate it. But I feel as if that statement is even more true for this VN.
#9 by kuroageha
2017-10-17 at 21:18
Up to end of Act II was pretty fun (but that's available for free, I believe).
I personally liked Makoto route, though most people seem to hate it.
Rin route bored me enough that I dropped the game for a few months before coming back to it.
Hikawa storyline was enjoyable, I think.
Once we get to Shizuku we finally get into the canon storyline, where things really start picking up.
I was looking forward to Aoi as a heroine, so was disappointed since she didn't actually get a full route.
I think everything previous to the canon storyline functions like the RH2 from Subahibi, by basically setting up what you know on the surface.
The fact that the character routes only go up to Act III while the canon storyline goes to Act VI (and leads into the sequel) should clue you in to the level of importance of the other routes compared to the canon.

Somewhat unrelatedly, I was fairly disappointed that it had fantasy/supernatural elements to it.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience and definitely worth the read, though you'll have to drag yourself through the enforced playing order.Last modified on 2017-10-17 at 21:51


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