Idoling Alice ~ release in december

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#1 by exilim
2010-11-16 at 20:58
< report >upcoming oelvn release in december.

Idoling Alice Summary

Idoling Alice is a visual novel told from the perspective of Jun Ryuuji who is thrust into a manager's position for an up and coming idol courtesy of his father who also happens to run a talent search agency. It is then that Jun meets an incredibly ambitious and motivated girl who simply calls herself Alice and his transference from normal everyday third year highschool student to gig searching idol prepping manager begins. As Jun and Alice's career develops and progresses, they will be exposed to a variety of situations, places, people, and successes or failures that will ultimately determine Alice's fate as an idol. The fact Jun and Alice initially do little but argue and nit pick at one another forces the pair to eventually decide how badly they want to make it in the vicious world that is pop culture.
#2 by hikigane
2010-11-17 at 01:36
< report >Looks promissing for an OELVN.

I suppose you are a member from the team developing it, seeing as you are announcing it over here.

I'm not sure if posting a thread with the sinopsis of the game is allowed here at vndb, as it kind of figures as spam in my opinion, but i'll leave that up to the mods...

Anyway, there is no website on the entry. The project really doesn't have a website or you just forgot to add it on the db?Last modified on 2010-11-17 at 01:38
#3 by fujifruit
2010-11-17 at 02:31
< report >Ero plx.

OOC: Gj.
#4 by hikigane
2010-11-17 at 02:59
< report >@fujifruit
Are you really expecting porn, or you are being sarcastic? (Even tho i see no reason for sarcasm...)

Actually, i've never seen ero on OELVNs before, and thanks to your comment, now i'm curious on how it would turn out to be...
#5 by saberger
2010-12-31 at 22:27
< report >Will this ever see the light of being released?

I mean, the characters sprites seem nice and all, which tickle my curiosity. But today is the end of December,and there is still no news of it...

As ahaz said, there is also no website link to the developer's page. Will it get released or is it a troll? Anybody know?
#6 by gabezhul
2010-12-31 at 22:36
< report >Well, according to to the site's clock, they still have ninety minutes to release it! Let's watch if they do! :P
#7 by hiei
2011-01-01 at 13:18
< report >Now TBA ^^"
#8 by azathoth
2011-01-02 at 02:52
< report >@5: It is probably not a troll as I found a place where the creator announced the project. We don't see the progress though but as he said in November that it would be out this December I don't think it'll take too long until it's released.
If you want to read it yourself:
#9 by saberger
2011-01-02 at 03:03
< report >Thank you. Hope they release it soon
#10 by sailorsean
2011-10-09 at 02:58
< report >So, what happened to this? It looks very promising. With all the information given though, it just looks more like a troll to me. However, I guess you can say the same about Katawa Shoujo, since I believe this had a specific release date for December 2010. It's already October 2011 as I'm writing this.Last modified on 2011-10-09 at 03:00


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