How many append files are there for this game?

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#1 by forbiddenone
2017-08-23 at 17:13
Is there just the one, or are there 3?
#2 by kzel
2017-08-23 at 17:45
there are three
#3 by forbiddenone
2017-08-24 at 03:54
What do each of them add anyway? Routes?
#4 by kzel
2017-08-24 at 07:18
Each append adds one extra H-scene for all four heroine, usually involving some form of cosplay. The last one also adds a mini event (with CG) on top.
#5 by namiultedjapan
2019-02-18 at 21:08
Do they get auto updated into the game when you buy it?


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