Comparison to previous games in the series?

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#1 by luther
2017-08-28 at 22:47
So how is it compared to Escalayer and Haruka? Judging from the scores out right now, it's inferior to those but am curious to know why's that.
#2 by dergonu-jp
2018-03-11 at 09:58
Been playing this for a few days, and I'm pretty close to the end from the looks of things. I personally like this a lot more than Haruka. (Haven't played Escalayer.)
The story is better, the protagonist is a lot cooler, and the character design for the enemies has improved as well. The gameplay was dumbed down a bit, and I think this gameplay is much better than Haruka's.

In terms of H-scene variation, Haruka had more varied scenes, but I gotta say, I think this game has better H regardless. The vanilla scenes are boring like always, but the darker scenes are really good.
The only thing I haven't been able to compare yet is the endings. Haruka had some really good, (but short,) bad ends.
I'm hoping this game has equally good, or better, bad endings.

EDIT: So, after having finished the game, I have to say, I liked the endings. Haruka had more ending variation, (normal>bad>brutal), where as this only has (Bad>good) + a general "normal" ending. But, the endings were pretty cool, (albeit short, just like Haruka's endings. These were a little longer, but not by much.)

Overall, I'd say this is better than Haruka. The setting is cooler, the story is better, and the gameplay has been improved. I do still want endings with a bit more meat to them, and I'd also like to see these games branch earlier. Both Haruka and Ixseal only reach a branching point all the way at the end.
It would be cool being able to play the story as an evil character for a longer time, in my opinion, instead of just getting to that point at the end.Last modified on 2018-03-12 at 11:10
#3 by izalith
2019-03-03 at 22:57
Is Ixseal a virgin? The game doesn't make it seem very obvious and the other heroine's CG has deflowering but Ixseal does not.
#4 by dergonu-jp
2019-07-09 at 19:40
Oh, uh, super late to reply to this, but yes, she is. In fact, she's the first girl you sleep with in the game. (The scene is like a tutorial to teach you the gameplay.)Last modified on 2019-07-09 at 19:40


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