I plan on clearing the moderation queues, but...

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#1 by nutellafan
2017-09-09 at 05:50
Hello mods,

I almost forgot about it (terrible, I know), but my moderation permissions also extend to tags and traits! Since I have free time, I wanted to try my hand at clearing the list.

BUT I am new at this, so I was thinking that I shouldn't get started without double-checking with the more experienced moderators first?

What are your thoughts on this? Thank you in advance.

P.S. I tried tagging the people I know- or am at least under the impression- are mods for this discussion; not sure if I did it properly xS. Apologies if this discussion won't apply to you!
#2 by savagetiger
2017-09-09 at 11:51
You posted this in VNDB discussions so...
There's a list of all the mods in the FAQ. link

If you want advice about specific things that were proposed just ask.
#3 by nutellafan
2017-09-09 at 15:59
How embarrassing... I totally forgot about that list! xS

Thank you, I think I will. In a few days I will make a list of things that I feel is safe to approve and a list I'm not sure about to seek advice.

Thanks again! =)


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