Someone can explain to me end of main route?

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#1 by zenomx98
2017-09-09 at 20:43
How two shinkuro existing? There is must be background story. If has two shinkuro, appear one on last scene he wasn't who we played shinkuro character, am i right?Last modified on 2017-09-09 at 20:46
#2 by overstrom
2019-12-04 at 19:36
The one who died is a clone,both the clone and the protagonist are solving the puzzle,the clone maybe moved the protagonist to a relatively safe location before solving the puzzle.It makes no difference on the medical record who died since they have identical traits,almost cause another tragic.
The problem with the ending is in the game's universe, vampires simply becomes ashes when they are eventually dead,that means if a corpse is discovered after a while it won't be a vampire. Maybe a oversight from one of the writer.[spoiler-]
Last modified on 2019-12-04 at 19:39


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