Favorite route? *SPOILERS* (of course)

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Favorite route in your opinion?

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#1 by llee1000
2017-09-10 at 17:43
Finished playing this, and it's pretty cool. Yuuma can be dense sometimes can he's tolerable for a decent portion of the game. Definitely not the best VN protag but I'm sure there are worse out there. My favorite route has to be Maya's route. I played it first and the flow from common route made it seem really natural. Also, the drama and source of tensions are probably the best executed, although it isn't completely flawless. Maya grows as character in this route, probably more so than the other heroines in their respective routes, and I like how the other heroines still have somewhat of a presence in this route. Imo, Maya!Yuuma is probably the best Yuuma because he's less of a git in this route than the other routes. On a side note, I really like Maya's design and her H-scenes are probably the best of the bunch lol. All in all, Maya is best route and girl, fuck you fite me.
#2 by alpalin
2017-10-14 at 15:41
Maya is the BEST.
#3 by pendelhaven
2017-10-15 at 14:14
Midori route, the first half only.

the second half was trash which is why I kinda edited it out in my head. it's from when Midori's dad says that he's giving it all for her daughter's sake
#4 by inocentz
2018-02-27 at 18:33
Yuuma is beyond dense. I got extremely irritated with his lack of intelligence especially in Runa's route.

Maya's route was definitely my favorite route and I can agree with her being the best girl as well. She kind of reminded me of Asa from Shuffle and that always a good thing in my book.
#5 by kugimaru
2018-03-01 at 05:58
You guys talking about yuuma and not mentioning yukino route hurts, holy crap the guy was a pushover the whole route, when yukino break up with him I was actually happy for her xDLast modified on 2018-03-01 at 06:02
#6 by 50g4rd
2018-06-19 at 09:53
I'm more fond of Maya myself, but I think Kyou x Yuuma is the best match up & route overall.

Kyou's route feels like the only one in which the protag was at least somewhat competent/normal throughout so I ended up enjoying her route the most. They just make a good pair IMO
#7 by slaveknight
2018-06-19 at 21:50
Maya's after(true)story saved her route, making it the best one. 9/10 the ending choice should've been there from the start.
#8 by jpo05
2018-06-20 at 05:25
No route really got my attention but Kyou’s route was somewhat “standard” for me , maybe because I already played so many high school vns that this one just felt bland or my interest was equal to zero, afterstories were rubbish which you find in most vn, seriously this vn was not worth it but I’m glad that tone works learned their lesson and the new titles like hoshi ori and snow Haruka have better plot and epilogue

Overall h1/1’s kyou route was acceptable rest were meh
#9 by kells
2018-07-27 at 15:45
I really liked all of the routes, except for Yukino and Maya, though overall Midori was probably my favorite (:
#10 by skyjet
2018-08-05 at 10:18
I like Maya's route (include append), and Maya as a character too. Although Kyo's route also liked, but Maya is top1 ;)Last modified on 2018-08-05 at 10:19
#11 by fontsize72lol
2018-11-17 at 01:07
My favorite route and the best route are different. My favorite route was Kyou because the drama wasn't over the top and I liked Kyou the most as a character. The best route was probably Maya's though.

Voted for Kyou though. I think he objectively pairs the best with her, while she kind of whips him, he learns responsibility and becomes a more dependable person thoughout her route. I think he was by far the most mature in her route, and his interactions with his co-workers and her father was pretty funny. My main gripe is that most of the other characters disappeared in her route other than the bare minimum interactions, but it by far had the best mood going for it.

My least favorite route was Runa by a mile though.
#12 by exaccuss
2018-11-17 at 09:23
I'd have to say Kyou. Everyone and their grandmother seems to love the maya route, but i definitely found Kyou's to be the most enjoyable.
#13 by agagne122
2018-12-05 at 23:13
I would say Maya and Kyou are a close 1 and 2. I liked Runa as a character and her backstory is cool. However, Yuuma is beyond stupid in her route. Midori was fun for a while, got saved at the end.
#14 by drozzhat
2018-12-24 at 18:57
Maya for best route. Runa for best girl.
#15 by batoo
2019-02-07 at 13:42
Personally, I can't choose a route. Let's be honest, each route has its good points and they are all varied. I played the routes in the following order:
Morino Yukino (+append)
Fujikawa Runa
Makabe Midori
Tsukishima Kyou (+append)
Tokizaki Maya (+append)

When I started the game, I had a clear preference for Yukino and Midori and I enjoyed discovering Maya during the common route. But once the game was over, it was impossible for me to choose the best route. And that's wonderful.

Yukino : I liked Yukino's route, I think it's the cutest route (although I found Yuuma really stupid in that one).
Yukino really surprised me in this route, because you can see the extent of the feelings she has for Yuuma and that she has kept buried in her since her early childhood and that she has sealed hidden in her with her shojo mangas as a lock. We also discover that she is a quite popular girl at school (the character of Okajima scared me enough lol) and we see that she is ready to sacrifice her happiness for the good of others.

Runa : The only route I advise to play after playing someone else's before (here Yukino) so that it affects the player more on the other hand, but be careful! Yuuma is a real asshole in this route.
For me, her route is the most "eventful". Yuuma sees Runa as a little girl, he even considered her as his little sister and, from the player's point of view, it is something quite successful. I saw Yukino as very cute and as a romantically accessible girl since the start. Whereas for Runa, I saw her as Yuuma, very cute but as if she were my daughter or my granddaughter. I find the middle of her route quite cruel (for Runa), because she "disappears" completely for the happiness of Yuuma and Yukino (it hurt me for her). In addition, I have the impression that Runa "matures" at the graphic level (CG) as we progress along her route and the evolution of Yuuma's feelings for Runa is very consistent, even from the player's point of view. The end of her route is also quite revealing of the feelings that all the girls of the committee have for Yuuma, too bad her route didn't have an extension...

Midori : The route I find the most "natural" to follow in terms of the game's plot (for the first half).
Midori is Yuuma's crush, and everything that has happened up to the creation of the current committee comes from Yuuma's desire to show that he is sorry for ruining Midori's speech at the beginning of the school year. In addition, there is a kind of mutual respect and admiration between the two characters throughout the story (even in other roads). I find Midori endearing, kind, a little naive (but it's cute and not boring)... A real onee-san, the kind that makes us fall in love at first sight. The only "sad" thing in her route is that it's her story is the cliché of the girl from a good family, a bit like Romeo and Juliet. But it's not disturbing, on the contrary: it makes the end of her route even more beautiful. I would have loved to see how Yuuma and Midori maintain their relationship once they're university students, far from the others. Too bad she didn't get an extension...

Kyou : The most fun and perhaps the only route where Yuuma looks like a protagonist with balls. It was also the one where I found the introduced secondary characters very, very interesting (the trio of part-time workers: Ichijou, Ninoiya, Mikuni and Kyou's father made me laugh to death).
We can discover Kyou from another angle and her "dominant" personality is very accentuated in her route; she is a strong woman who leads all men as she pleases and I loved discovering her from this angle (she is also the most perverse and it was great to discover her as well ^^). She also has weaknesses and regrets, seeing Yuuma help her overcome them made me love the protagonist (for the first and only time).

Maya : The classic coodere with an exceptionally unique route (I just found the story of the promotional video of the cafeteria really heavy, much too focused on it, and Yuuma who "forces" her to become an actress again... It was boring).
Maya is cold with Yuuma, and I must admit that her path is the second that seems the most natural to me to take, not from the "romantic" point of view but from the "character development" point of view. To see her jealous of always hearing that "Makabe-san is the best", to see her get more involved in the committee's activities should have been put on all the routes. On the other hand, the evolution of Maya's feelings for Yuuma, the discovery of her trauma, seeing that her desire is to be loved and useful just to a few people who are dear to her... Beautiful. To discover Hinami and the affection they have for each other without Hinami suspecting "who is really Maya to her" was beautiful.

Afterwards everyone thinks what they want about this game, but for me all the roads are beautiful to discover. All here is quite well written, even for the player, the characters of Yukino and Runa become special as if they were our true childhood friends.

The only problem with this game is Yuuma. It is too much... Stupid. After he is young, I can understand that he doesn't understand some things, but sometimes it's too much. Say that he thinks that the work of student council president of Midori' is more important than Kyou's work (she does to "survive")... It's abused. To say that he stubbornly refuses to see Yukino and Runa as romantically possible partners because "they are childhood friends" was also too much! Shit, there are protagonists who have less scruples about dating their blood-related sister!
Yuuma has too many flaws, so much so that it is really cool only in Kyou's route. He is moderately cool in others and very pathetic in Runa's.Last modified on 2019-02-07 at 13:55


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