could anybody help me find a guide

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#1 by michelous45
2017-09-11 at 00:37
i am looking for a walkthrough to get all endings
#2 by seraphic
2017-09-11 at 03:31

I think this is what you're looking for? It's in Japanese, though. Having not played the game, I can't tell how helpful it is.

Edit: The bottom two posts are guides for each route.Last modified on 2017-09-11 at 03:35
#3 by nutellafan
2017-09-11 at 04:53
Choro's walkthroughs are accurate, especially when it's been some time after the game's release (she polishes up later on).

I can see it corresponds to 20 ends (I remember completing about that many when I played through the JP version) so it should be good. As I've 100% completed this game, please feel free to message me if you're still having issues, michelous. =)
#4 by fairahh
2017-09-12 at 19:59
Gameplay Tip Guide. All endings and extras

This is the one I used when I was stuck.


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