Machine translation?

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#1 by usagi
2017-09-18 at 13:38

Judging by discussion it seems as very likely case. Also there are hints about 18+ scenes but it's not clear how much they are censored or are they censored at all. Is this novel worthy to buy?Last modified on 2017-09-18 at 13:38
#2 by dk382
2017-09-18 at 15:09
I'm not gonna spend the $15 to find out, but yes, it is almost certainly machine translation. Also, it seems that this game has only ever been on Steam. The version we're getting is likely the uncensored, full version, with whatever nudity present being the extent of what was there before.

There's been a whole lot of machine translations popping up on Steam lately, which is a very disappointing trend.Last modified on 2017-09-18 at 15:13
#3 by xero95
2017-09-18 at 21:35
and Japanese publishers wonder why people pirate their games. If you're going to put in shit work and not even try, then no; I will not be buying your product.
#4 by cnkx
2017-09-18 at 23:08
Do you have any idea on the amount of triple A games that get hit on steam with the worst PC ports you can imagine? it's pretty much number 1 complaint in PC gaming nowadays.

If you're talking about low effort in general, bad ports exceed all the numbers of that definition.

If you're just talking about translation quality then yeah. But there's more mediocre localizations out there than there are full on "shit works". This one is the exception and not the norm.Last modified on 2017-09-18 at 23:10
#5 by eacil
2017-09-19 at 00:13
There is nothing certain in that thread pointing to the fact a MT was used. The developer said he was going to handle the translation and asked for feedback on his own level ability. One of those zealous idiot said he would adapt it even though the dev's english was terrible and jerky. Because of that, the dev started translating instead of paying translators on TLWiki like he planned to do. He finished and the zealous idiot seems to have done the bare minimum correction to fulfill his commitment even though we feel like he tried to run away after someone told him he sucked...
I received a translation the other day. There were not many correction points.

So, is that a MT?
Dev can have amalgamate "translation" with "abracadabra I am gonna feed a MT with my script" but it took roughly around six months to tl the VN. It's a lot for a MT but it's not a lot for a VN. Depends if the dev fully committed to this job and how long is the VN.
The only thing which is sure is the translation is awful and it could have been better if steam wasn't filled with dumbasses.
#6 by dk382
2017-09-19 at 00:38
I know a translator who messaged the dev and asked about translating it for him (before he decided to TL it himself), and the dev told him no, he didn't want to hire a translator. I guess he decided to do it himself, despite barely knowing English. A real waste of time if you ask me.Last modified on 2017-09-19 at 02:13
#7 by trickzzter
2017-09-19 at 08:14
I have recorded a video with the first minutes of gameplay. The translation quality is pretty low, but see for yourself: link
#8 by infernoplex
2017-09-19 at 09:59
#7 - Thank you for your efforts @trickzzter, I had a good laugh watching it xD ...
#9 by sakurakoi
2017-09-19 at 10:40
Personally, I kinda prefer pure machine translations over something like this (thanks to trickzzter for recording&uploading and possibly buying if you did not refund it) or insufficiently edited ones... at least I know the quirks of Google Translate and what vocab it tends to use but that's just NG and a sad story indeed. (For MT it helps anyway to know hiragana and katakana while certainly, hearing the text voiced can help quite a lot, when one has amassed enough basic and sporadic vocab from subbed anime and VNs which retain the original voice acting, i.e like all of them which had one to begin with, while Kanji are a nightmare).

I would have liked to give this a try but meh... OneOne1 is also dead to me, not that I was that much a fan of theirs to begin with (never expected them to release on Steam either). I rather did like to play their games with VNR as well instead of a "translation to Chinese and then MT'd" but I won't support such terrible practices. Even if this is rather a "I want to do it myself", it is much more of an arrogant "I can do it myself".

As much as I do wish for this "Japan Sales Only" restriction to be gone or at least just be seen as mere legal precaution (and not a reason to region-lock deliberately and very strictly...), these less than half-hearted translation are even more harmful to the respect to and growth of the industry (not that there is much respect to begin with...) than just centering the medium around drawn pr0n (which is at least an art with actual purpose, unlike some other kind of drawn art which is just about money&mocking art).
#10 by uzuki
2017-12-11 at 14:47
I worked on a new translation for this VN that's up on Steam now. Hopefully people will give it a try.

It's not perfect (I already see more things I could improve on, I do every time I re-read it, heh), but I think everyone should agree it's a world of difference from what it was before.

The VN is not censored at all.Last modified on 2017-12-11 at 15:07
#11 by surferdude
2017-12-11 at 19:06
>up on Steam now

#12 by butterflygrrl
2018-01-12 at 18:50
uzuki, can you put up some screenshots from your version?
#13 by trickzzter
2018-01-12 at 18:56
First minutes of gameplay with new translation:


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