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#1 by usagi
2017-09-20 at 20:10
I had a bad history with AJTilley/Dharker Studio games since they disappointed me greatly. I read Divine Slice of Life and Highschool Romance - and they were terrible. I was sure after that - this company is just another Winged Cloud, which can be considered as something as SofthouseSeal of EOLVNs - infamous for polluting the medium by tons of cheap short generic novels oriented to milk horny teenagers steam crowd.
So, after I read this by chance - I wasn't expecting anything at all. I was really surprised to find rather long interesting novel with lots of endings (21), hot girls and hentai. It has good writing, and main drawing factor for me - reaally naturalistic girls behaviour (unlike typical japanese works shame/innocence cliches) and hot voyeuristic scenes which is astronomical rarity in eng community (I am not talking here about 3DCG games). Of course, many people would be repelled by the fact that all heroines here are nonvirgins despite them being high school studends - but it's not a big deal to me. Conversely it adds to realism greatly.

tl;dr - I highly recommend it despite flaws (bad music and art's low detalization basically) as decent western almost nukige - at least for novelty sake. Also this game has nothing in common with army - despite its name. Apparently, it's just marketing trick.Last modified on 2017-09-20 at 20:17
#2 by cockblockula
2017-09-29 at 17:32
Exactly my thoughts, this is a really underrated game from Dharker as I was expecting another school, slice of life cliche game but this was.. good. I actually cared about the characters and did my best to save each and every one of them even If i wasn't on their route (rarity in my case)

None of the characters have ANYTHING to do with the army. Seem more like "Delinquent Gals" cause that's how the game portrays them.Last modified on 2017-09-29 at 17:34
#3 by desertopa
2017-09-30 at 15:50
I checked the game out after seeing this thread, and yeah, it is surprisingly good. It wasn't a grippingly emotional experience, but I enjoyed it pretty consistently throughout. I'd rate the comedy pretty highly, the relationships, I can generally only get so invested without a longer narrative to develop them, but still, they were good, and I liked them.

I wouldn't call it a "near-nukige;" the number of "adult" CGs is fairly high, but most of them aren't that long, and they don't constitute that high a proportion of the total play-time.

The poor use of music is probably the biggest flaw in my opinion. More than the music not being great, the poor transitions and the limited song selection leading to less-than-fitting soundtrack accompaniments and occasional inappropriate silences gave it less impact than it might have otherwise had.

Well, hopefully this game will be successful enough that later on they can afford to recruit someone better for the music.
#4 by triority
2018-06-07 at 09:39
It is a good game - some of the endings are pretty sad, but the main characters are likeable.


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