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#1 by blizarddriz
2010-11-22 at 10:22
I have a problem with my installer, it keeps saying that disc1 is not found though the file is right here with disc2, any suggestions?
#2 by gabezhul
2010-11-22 at 19:23
Moved to the correct board... Though I have to ask: why the hell did you add this to Adhinferno's user page on the first place? -.-'

Meh, never mind... A few ideas:
-Don't pirate. (Hypocrisy up to 9000! Yay! :P)
-Use applocale.
-Change your system to Japanese.
-If none of those work, use... wait for it.... wait for iiiiiiit...

That's all, I have no other ideas. :P
#3 by blackiris
2010-11-22 at 19:49
2 DVDs, right? I don't know what causes your problem, but do as follows:
1. Copy both .iso files to one directory and make sure that in the access path no foreign symbols (kana/kanji/etc) appear.
2. In DAEMON Tools set the number of virtual devices to two. Then in those two vdevs mount both .iso files, do not start the installation yet.
3. Now, run your AppLocale (if your OS is Win7 and you don't have AppLocale installed, then google how to do it) and select "install.exe" from the first disc. As the language choose 日本語.
4. Proceed through the installation. Once finished, do not run the game.
5. Open AppLocale one more time and select the main executable file, then choose Japanese once again and start the game. It runs perfectly.

If you do how it is written above, then no problems should appear.
#4 by adhinferno
2010-11-23 at 07:55
@blizarddriz and gabezhul : Why me...? This site is full of surprise, eh??? Sorry, I can't really help you....
Sorry if I make this a bit OOT.... But, I just want an explanation.... Why you put this into my user page?
I hope you just have made a mistake at where you put your discussion page.... Just like me at my first try to make a discussion....
Sorry if my English made you don't understand....Last modified on 2010-11-23 at 08:00


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