Walkthrough? (Spoilers)

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#1 by ruthalas
2017-09-24 at 21:54
The games has only been out for a couple days at the time of posting, but I'd be interested in a walk-through when someone spots one pop up.

--------- Spoilers Below ---------

I've heard about a true ending that can be achieved by using saves to get all of the CGs in a single playthrough (before Monika purges your saves at the end of the sections).

Unfortunately, the descriptions are a bit vague, and I am not sure I have the patience to try every combination to determine how to get there.

(This is the information I have found: link)

Any help would be appreciated!
#2 by sesto
2017-09-25 at 00:54
It's not very complicated. All you need to do is get all the CGs before Sayori kills herself

Each girl as 3 CGs, except Monika. Run through the VN three times for each girl, picking poems to suit them to get 2 school CGs for each. For the festival preparation, do one with Yuri and one with Natsuki for their CGs. And choose I love you for Sayori when she confronts you as that also has a CG. Always make sure to quit before you open the door.

There's nothing else to it. The order you do this in doesn't matter. You just need to see all the CGs.

After you have, just run through the VN as normal. Everything will continue exactly the same except something different will happen at the end.
#3 by ruthalas
2017-09-25 at 04:22
Many thanks sesto. I appreciate you taking the time to type it out.
#4 by dakilla
2017-10-04 at 17:16
Thank you very much, sesto.
#5 by nobracommander
2017-10-08 at 14:31
You don't need spoilders, just play it.
#6 by borisman2296
2017-10-12 at 16:00
Good Game. 10/10


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