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#1 by any13th
2017-09-24 at 22:37
So apparently this was made by Dan Salvato, who I didn't even know made games.(Big name in the smash scene)
I'm slightly interested, but I booted up the game to find constant notifications telling me that it's not for people under 13 years and that there's disturbing imagery.
But the tags are what worry me, namely jumpscares and horror.
Now I did play corpse party 1, but I avoided the bad endings as much as I could and missed most of the horror.
I also played Higurashi 1-4 and actually enjoyed the tense atmosphere and such.

I'm a little of a coward despite those two being under my belt and I really hate jumpscares.
I like the whole subversion of expectations this has going for it with it being a dating sim but actually not one.
But I'd like to know to what extent is this game disturbing or to what extent the jumpscares are jumpscares.
Sorry if the question seems dumb, but I'd like to know.
Till then I'll hold back on playing it.

Note any responses use the spoiler tag for anyone who wants to keep the surprise.Last modified on 2017-09-24 at 22:41
#2 by awvnx
2017-09-24 at 23:32
There aren't blatant jumpscares
#3 by akihikosanada
2017-09-25 at 23:21
There's like one kindasorta minor jumpscare very late in, and it only appears depending on the choices made.
#4 by any13th
2017-09-26 at 09:55
Can you tell me the sequence of choices to avoid for that jumpscare?
I know it's minor and is probably no worse than the higurashi jumpscare with Shion's eyes, but I'd still like to watch out for that sort of stuff.
I look at the tags and see "Linear plot", "Enforced Playing Order", "Meaningless choices" and "Fake Options".

I'll still probably hold back on playing this one for a while and come back when I gather my courage.Last modified on 2017-09-26 at 10:02
#5 by surferdude
2017-09-26 at 14:12
#6 by any13th
2017-09-26 at 19:54
Ouch, I felt that in my wing
#7 by eacil
2017-09-26 at 22:23
Surferdude, that's not very nice, I resisted the urge so much of triple mocking any13th and you did it without any second thought. :(
#8 by being
2017-09-26 at 22:54
#9 by akihikosanada
2017-09-28 at 21:23
Mack on Natsuki as much as possible and you should be good.
#10 by gmayor61
2017-10-12 at 16:01
Pretty late probably, but this really isn't a horror in the "scary" sense. Saying more than that might be a bit of a spoiler.
#11 by any13th
2017-10-12 at 19:21
So more like the atmospheric horror like with higurashi?
#12 by encrypted12345
2017-10-12 at 21:16
@11 That's an accurate enough statement.

A lot of the characters are forgettable, but Monika's good enough to make it an 8/10. Just make sure you get to the actual ending though. That doesn't happen until you get to the credits.


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