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#1 by 4affr0
2017-09-25 at 20:56
I am gonna start reading This one...So if anyone has already played please share ur review here..Thanks!
#2 by gunnir
2017-10-15 at 12:03
Okay, so far I think this VN is pretty good, a semi-Nakige type VN

H-scene is good
True Ending is good, just choose the silver haired girl route
#3 by ernovace
2017-11-25 at 07:13
A bit late, but for future readers:

The setting feels good, but I was a bit underwhelmed for the True Route (despite it being the best route in the game).

Also childhood friend route ending is a hit/miss. I personally didn't like it but some people who played alongside me, did like it as the best.

I wrote a review about it on Reddit. Don't know if it is allowed to be linked or not.Last modified on 2017-11-25 at 07:24
#4 by shukumeiteki1
2017-11-25 at 21:36
Not recommended, it puzzles me how people can recommend or even like this VN.

Is hard to talk about this VN without spoiling the whole plot but the main character is the closest I've seen to Forrest Gump in a visual novel (constantly stuttering, getting nervous around girls, he just does what everyone else tells him to, etc,)
I could understand if some (I repeat SOME not all of them even) of the heroines would have fall for him when he was his "old self", but this new version of him, the one you read for almost the whole VN, it just doesn't make any sense. He is a puppet following commands most of the time.

- Now to the randoms ramblings and complains - :

*I like how you crush Natsumi's feelings not once but twice and she even thanks you for that xD

*Or how the only time you can choose something morally correct aka protect or find out why your childhood friend and ex girlfriend is doing something "weird" going out with the old guy ... that's actually not the correct answer and you wont be able to get the true end by choosing that.

*Your friend is actually much more capable than you are, like that penalties match where he actually did something, not like you (anyone who understands about football knows that the goalkeeper is the most important person on the team when it comes to the penalties and he should receive all the praises if he stops one! And the player who misses one should not receive anything) but no, all praises goes to you for doing nothing. Nanakita should be all over your friend at this point but she instead ignores him... she doesn't even thanks him!!!!!!
But I digress.

I can go on and on with every single scene of this vn, where it doesnt make any sense or is just plain dumb.


So why is this VN bad?

*The fantasy elements are all over the place and not properly explained (or explained at all)
*The slice of life is boring and badly done.
*The main character is boring for most part of the VN.
*Side routes are boring and don't have any meaning.
*Most of the characters are boring or badly written like Natori Suzu (I'm being generous by not talking about her whole kidnapping scene and Risa... my god...)
*Some characters are introduced randomly and don't play any real role... or are properly explained like Chihiro.
*The writer wants us to believe that the main character is some kind of Tsubasa Ozora... LOL

You see this thought out the whole vn (just a parody dont take it too seriously xD)

Pros: (I guess(?))

*Now to be perfectly honest and to give some credits to this VN, the last part gets a bit interesting, which is around 2-3 hours of reading at the very end of the true route. Not that it makes any sense or is even good but it's more engaging to read than the rest, that's for sure.

*Dutch angles in 90% of the CGs :D

*Not having a deus ex machina... wait no, it does! Just look at the very last CG of the game!

*Natsumi's looks cool with a cigar. link (when you don't have enough strong points you make some yourself!)

EDIT: I rephrased some parts to avoid spoilers and added when needed, though there are actually no real spoilers.Last modified on 2017-12-02 at 12:39
#5 by rick12
2017-12-01 at 06:09
Wait, so what happened in the True Ending? We know that Yuuya sacrificed his own life so that Yuuki can survive, but is there more to it? Do they meet again? Can you explain the True Ending to me, shukumeiteki1?Last modified on 2017-12-06 at 23:47
#6 by sylverith
2017-12-01 at 12:10
^^ Jesus christ, please at least put spoiler tags on your posts...
#7 by shukumeiteki1
2017-12-02 at 08:57
Yes, please use the spoiler tags xD

Yuuya dies in the bus accident, since natsuki blames herself for it (she wrote that letter to him and ask him to no read it until he was inside the bus and he changed seats because of that, because everyone was teasing him becaaaaaause his friend start joking about that love letter and blah blah well he changes seats to the front and dies, yes he actually dies and everyone see his corpse in the hospital... why would they leave his corpse in the hospital bed and let all his classmate see it? How is that happening in a hospital... anywaaaaay
Natsuki wants to kill herself (jumping to the train rail) but makes a deal with the devil just before that or should i say his/her "teacher"... to revive him, but by doing so she takes his place by "disappearing". And so the novel begins, with her stalking him realizing that after he revived he changed drastically in the way he was before, not even helping the poor old lady when she fell D: xD so she wants to turn him into his old self again, *insert here all the subplot about natsuki wanting him to date her sister because of the guilt and fear of him dying again or something*
He also believes that he is sad because of his leg injury and not being able to play football anymore... but he really can and he is sad because she is not with him anymore.... but she really is (?)

Rant mode = on

The game doesn't explain what they really are these "devils"
How many there are in the world.
Why they do what they do.
How they manage to erase the memory of so many people (when someone starts to remember that weird sound happens and they forget again xD)
What happened to the old teacher all that time?
Why would they grant the "wish" to natsuki/yuuki just to nullify it granting it again to Yuuya...?
Where does natsuki lives? She doesn't have a home anymore so where does she eats or sleep? Does she lives entirely on the nikuman that Yuuya buys to her from time to time?
Do these devils erase birth a certificate and all documentation related to such person? It makes you believe that they can alter the time of the world or even create a parallel world, they erase natsuki from the photo so she actually was never born in that timeline she was just there (something similar like back to the future)
So if they have such powerful powers are they gods and not just simple devils granting wishes?
What or who is Chihiro?

And I can go on and on. sorry on topic again.

Rant mode = off

The important part here is that the devil/teacher says to Yuuya many times, people don't die they just "disappear", which is a wink to say, people just forget about those who make a deal with the devil, they don't die they are just forgotten (?)
Either way, Yuuya, before everyone including him forgets about natsuki (the 300 days that have to pass or maybe was less, can't remember xD it was the graduation day) makes a deal with the devil to take her place again... and so he reverts everything again but this time he is not dead... because he was revived and nobody knows what happens or could happen when someone that was revived by this "wish" gets a wish itself again.... either way he is just being forgotten by everyone.

Now in the very end they tell you that 6 months passed since natsuki started going to the music school (assuming she graduated and started going to the school that is), which means 182+- days passed and not the 300, so she can remember him (apparently just her and not anyone else just like what happened with her in the whole story) and he still send her cellphone messages, she even calls him an idiot like she always did... also they show you in the last CG that he is around her too while she is receiving text message, so the vn leaves the path open to make you think that she might or might not forget about him in the future (insert deus ex machina here for the happy ending) but he is not dead just "forgotten" by everyone except for her because the limit time didnt arrive or since nobody knew what would happen if a person that was revived had a wish like a said before maybe he can "dodge" the consequences of the deal with the devil/teacher. Also the main menu picture stays with natsuki, her sister and you, she is there and you are still there, another wink to let you know that you are not dead just wondering around because everyone you knew except natsuki forgot about your existence.
Convoluted and poorly explained as it sounds it was the most interesting part of the whole VN.

I forgot and omitted many parts of the plot which might be or not relevant. I read the true route when the game came out and then stalled it for a few months, then I continued reading the side routes (since i dont rate games i play partially or with a few routes) so maybe i forgot some details and parts here and there of the true route.
Last modified on 2017-12-03 at 11:08
#8 by styr
2017-12-03 at 14:00
I really liked the H scenes in this. It had a good point of view and the lighting was superb.

The story, on the other hand, was a convoluted mess like shukumeiteki1 has told. I don't understand why everyone was able to see "Yuki"? Plot convenience I guess, she solved too many problems for Yuuya.

I also think that Suzu was easily the most boring heroine ever. Why we got her instead of, say, Risa, is beyond me. Risa at least had potential! Imagine Yuuya going down the dark path, becoming yakuza under her aniki and pimping out stupid girls like Suzu while he publicly acts as Risa's manager. But no, let's keep the MC as a boring crybaby forever!!

As for the side girls, I actually liked Ruri the best after Risa. They both acted like retarded teenagers, and the game absolutely loves to rake you over the coals for picking the first heroine. And hey, at least they had a happy ending.
#9 by rick12
2017-12-06 at 21:46
I wonder, how are the other heroine routes? Are they (and the other heroines) good in terms of quality and writing or are they bad? Do you feel this VN is a huge disappointment because what you said?

So, Yuuya isn't dead, he's just forgotten by everyone except Natsuki/Yuki after he made a deal with the devil to take her place, which reverts everything back except with him still alive and revived. Everyone just forgets him, he's not dead, only Natsuki/Yuki remembers him where she receives text messages from him even after 6 months have passed ever since he made the wish to take her place. Of course, he's still around her alive, as you stated for the last CG. So, do we even know they can get back together in the future? Also, Yuki's real name is Natsuki?

This is the true/real ending for Natsuki/Yuki (since she's the de facto main heroine) and for the game as a whole?

Seriously, the whole thing is so convoluted, poorly-explained, and just reeks of bad writing. What do you think, shukumeiteki1?Last modified on 2017-12-06 at 21:47
#10 by shukumeiteki1
2017-12-07 at 23:48
As for the side routes, there is really nothing to talk about since the fantasy elements don't kick in at all and it becomes a plain slice of life visual novel.

I mean I could explain for example the whole issue with nanakita and her abusive boyfriend and how you "netori" her from him...which is really bad since he is abusive and also using her and she knows it along with every one else in the whole universe.... so you don't really steal her from anyone. Even this is poorly implemented and executed... this vn fails at so many levels. (he is the guy you play the whole penalties thingy with)
Or how you end up with suzu and there isn't much else to that really... How much I hate her... you are a god to her, she keeps saying, "I saw you shining and my dreams were to shine like you", "I can't reach you, oh oooooohhh"
She clearly has some kind of weird weird obsession with you lol

Basically in every side route Natsuki/Yuki's wish/deal is granted, you revive and have a new life with another girl which can include her sister and she is forgotten at the end by everyone, done. xD
What do I think of this vn?
That I can't recommend it.

*The real plot of the vn is a mess and doesn't make any sense.

*It's too long for is own sake, maybe it if was shorter but is long as hell and being so boring makes it extra long and tedious to read.

*The slice of life is boring.

*The music is good except when it's actually needed inside the VN itself, they fail to use it. When she is playing the acoustic guitar for you the first time inside the classroom, she doesn't sing for you or play the guitar LOL! There is no music at all!!!!!! WTF???? how did they fail so miserably!? >_>

*As for the art style and eroge scenes I won't comment on those since that's really subjective so is not up to me to say if it is good or not.

*Voice acting is actually decent on most of the characters, sadly is a waste on the whole VN.Last modified on 2017-12-08 at 00:56
#11 by rick12
2017-12-07 at 23:57
What. The. Heck? OMG, that's just a whole new level of bad from what you described about the side routes. Seriously, it sounds a like bad fanfiction, but this game is not a fanfiction. You'd think that the routes would be executed and implemented better. Hell, Natsuki/Yuki's True Route is far better, but that's not saying much since her route is also poorly executed and explained as well. Do you think this is one of the worse VN, shukumeiteki1?Last modified on 2017-12-07 at 23:59
#12 by shukumeiteki1
2017-12-08 at 01:06
No, not really. There are far worse VNs out there, at least this one doesn't try to be philosophical about anything...
If we are talking about nonsensical and convoluted plot I can say Tsuisou no Augment wins over this one by a great margin. It's so convoluted and has so many layers of nonsense that is hard to keep track of everything that happens within the plot itself.
I also haven't read a whole lot a VNs so I can't really say for sure.

I can think of positive thing for this VN in particular, it was easy to read xD
#13 by rick12
2017-12-08 at 01:51
Hey, shukumeiteki1, so basically in every side route, Natsuki/Yuki will eventually be forgotten by everyone in the end once Yuuya gets a new life with another girl? The only route where she isn't forgotten is her own route, where Yuuya trades places with her so that he gets forgotten instead? Of course, in both cases, both of them are still alive. Is that all?
#14 by shukumeiteki1
2017-12-08 at 02:23
Yes basically that's the plot, after the 300 days passed she will be "forgotten" because of the deal with the teacher/devil, that's why the side routes are essentially "fillers" and there is a true ending/route that continues the "real" plot.
You could also see the side routes as good endings too even if she is forgotten, since she was scared of going back with yuuya because she thought he could get killed again.
She was still filling guilty and a bit paranoid about the whole letter-bus crash accident. That's why she also insisted in hooking you up with her sister throughout the whole VN since she believed that if you had been with her sister instead of her from the beginning you wouldn't have died...
Also she kinda betrays her sister by going out with you and promising her sister that she would make you fall in love with her but instead she falls in love with you and you were already in love with her O.o

Btw I'm not saying that doing that type of route-branching is bad on itself, G-senjou no Maou did the same and it was a great VN (if i remember correctly some of the side routes in g-senjou didnt make sense if you took the plot as a whole... but I'm going offtopic xD).
doing side routes like this with a true ending is always tricky but this was bad because other reasons :PLast modified on 2017-12-08 at 02:24
#15 by rick12
2017-12-08 at 05:44
Yeah, G-Senjou no Maou worked because it wasn't convuluted and the routes, story, and characters are all interesting. Heck, it executed its premise and story well, unlike Golden Hour. Seriously, Haru's route in G-Senjou (which is the True Route) was very satisfactory and well-executed, but Natsuki/Yuki's route just feels weird and full of bad execution.

Sure, Yuuya isn't forgotten by Yuki when he took her place in her route via making a deal with the devil (the True Route of the VN) and it's likely that he will be able to come back to her without being forgotten by everyone, but we don't know since the game ends with him near her. The payoff here feels like crap that you throw in the trash, and the fact that the game is long doesn't help, shukumeiteki1. Is that what you stated previously?Last modified on 2017-12-08 at 15:27
#16 by rick12
2017-12-18 at 18:05
Also, yeah, I don't get how Golden Hour has good scores to it when it actually sucks. Like you said, everything is poorly explained and convoluted and the side heroine routes are nothing special at all. What would you rate this game?
#17 by shukumeiteki1
2017-12-24 at 02:05
Sorry for the late reply xD (I lost track of this topic)
Scores are a tricky thing, I prefer to give an actual opinion as I did here rather than say "this VN is a 5/10" that doesn't mean anything really, a 5 compared to what? So many variables in place...
The scores I gave to VNs are for myself mostly, to keep track of certain things, so ignore my 5.5 that I gave this vn.
But if you want to see an score then something below 6 for sure. (6 being something borderline readable)
#18 by rick12
2018-04-25 at 16:55
So, Golden Hour is far below 6, that it's not even readable unless you turn off your suspension of disbelief?


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