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Fuck, we're old!

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#1 by Yorhel
2017-09-30 at 15:01
< report >For some reason I had it in my head that VNDB's birthday was on the first of October, but then I noticed v21531.3 and I just had to verify it. Turns out I was wrong, and VNDB did indeed just turn 10 years old today. So now I can finally break tradition and be on time.

I'm not the sentimental sort and I'll not dabble on for too long, but there's a few things I'd like to cover.

First of all, a bit on the future of the development side of VNDB: I definitely intend to pick up development again sometime - there's tons of features to add, tons of things to clean up and improve, and we're in dire need of a (mobile-friendly) redesign. I've been doing some web development on and off with 3 month intervals, some VNDB-related experiments, others only tangentally related. Each time I am reminded how much I hate web development and each time I try to find a workable solution to deal with the crap that is collectively called "web technologies". (My most recent attempt resulted in an article as collateral damage). At some point I will probably need help in the form of someone who knows how to build intuitive user interfaces and doesn't suffer when using front-end technologies, but after all this time I'm still not at a stage where I have any concrete ideas on the direction to take, so it will likely take another 10 years before anything is set in motion. And that's me being an optimist. :-)

Moving on from future plans to reminiscing about the past, because who cares about causality: Back when I initially created this site, I was fully convinced that, within a year or two, there would be at least one serious competitor. Because that's always how things go, right? Someone comes with an idea, implements it, someone else sees that idea, thinks he can do better (or just sees an opportunity to make money) and creates a competing product. Users then massively move on to the new and shiny thing because it's new and shiny, unlike that first iteration that is unintuitive and ugly. To my astonishment, this still has not happened. There have been a few attempts at creating an alternative visual novel database, but none of them really caught on and their creators invariably lost interest. So here I am, keeping a site online that I was fully expecting to be obsolete 5 years ago.

All this rambling may sound negative, but that's certainly not how I feel. I'm proud of what VNDB has become, and happy to see that it has been, and still is, an incredibly useful resource to so many people. Let's keep this up for 10 more years!Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#2 by infernoplex
2017-09-30 at 15:08
< report >Happy birthday VNDB :)

Also, why only 10? Make it 100 at least :D Or at least until the visual novel market doesn't implode and fall unto itself xDDD
#3 by beliar
2017-09-30 at 15:18
< report >Happy birthday!

Or at least until the visual novel market doesn't implode and fall unto itself

Great Visual Novel Crash! The Doom that Came to VNDB! What's gonna be the ET of visual novels? Tune in at 1100.
#4 by infernoplex
2017-09-30 at 15:21
< report >
Great Visual Novel Crash! The Doom that Came to VNDB! What's gonna be the ET of visual novels? Tune in at 1100.

H.P. Lovecraft... Nice, nice indeed, doesn't hurt to read real life literature instead of visual novels from time to time :) ...
#5 by lollipoppins
2017-09-30 at 15:22
< report >Happy birthday/anniversary VNDB ^^

I only joined recently, but its nice to see how much its come from when I first discovered it years ago.
#6 by azd-a9s
2017-09-30 at 15:39
< report >So 9/30 (30th of September, last day of September) is the official birthday of VNDB? Ok. Try to get it memorized.

Happy Birthday VNDB.
#7 by seraphic
2017-09-30 at 15:42
< report >I mean, VNDB isn't just better than any competitor, it's also, in my opinion, one of the most straightforward and comprehensive databases of any kind of entertainment. Kudos.
#8 by guilmon2712
2017-09-30 at 15:44
< report >Happy birthday VNDB
#9 by hinoe
2017-09-30 at 15:59
< report >A correctly dated birthday thread? In our VNDB?

IT'S MORE LIKELY THAN WE THINK! :DLast modified on 2017-09-30 at 16:00
#10 by ttm
2017-09-30 at 16:27
< report >Happy birthday VNDB! ^^
#11 by parfait
2017-09-30 at 16:27
< report >Happy birthday VNDB! :D
#12 by suraba
2017-09-30 at 16:36
< report >Happy birthday VNDB! =^-^=
#13 by lovely23
2017-09-30 at 16:37
< report >Happy birthday VNDB
#14 by roadi
2017-09-30 at 16:40
< report >IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND (divided by thousand) !!!

Btw, wouldn't ErogameScape classify as a sort of "rival"?
#15 by encrypted12345
2017-09-30 at 16:45
< report >Happy not belated birthday!

@14 They cover the the same topic, but since they are in different languages, the demographics of the two websites don't intersect much. As such, vndb doesn't have to compete with erogamescape, so they can't really be considered rivals.
#16 by zimbobwa1
2017-09-30 at 16:46
< report >Happy day of birth vndb
#17 by gabezhul
2017-09-30 at 17:12
< report >So we have managed to survive another full round trip around this weird fusion reactor on top of an equally weird wet mud-ball with a ferrous core? How novel. I suppose I might as well congratulate for the achievement.
#18 by arcana70
2017-09-30 at 17:20
< report >Happy birthday VNDB
#19 by any13th
2017-09-30 at 17:38
< report >Thank you VNDB for introducing me to some of the best and worst shit I've played in my life and for the community you've fostered among a small niche. A decade strong, and there's no where else to go but up, thanks to the people who use the site and make it what it is and most of all the staff who started it all.
#20 by settoW
2017-09-30 at 17:39
< report >Happy birthday VNDB ~~
#21 by PabloC
2017-09-30 at 17:50
< report >Damn, time sure flies. Happy Birthday!
What's gonna be the ET of visual novels?
Something tells me it will be called "Sakura E.T.". XD
#22 by mslzjq
2017-09-30 at 18:07
< report >Happy Birthday VNDB!
#23 by justinizhere
2017-09-30 at 18:40
< report >Damn time flies
#24 by tyrog
2017-09-30 at 18:49
< report >Happy birthday! Thank you, Yorhel, for creating this site, and all of you that help making it last. Banzai!
#25 by ppooorn
2017-09-30 at 22:34
< report >Not sure what needs to be changed, VNDB is one of the best databases I have the pleasure of using, both on desktop and mobile, its simple design is what makes it stand out among others who try way too hard to feel "new". Obviously there's always room for improvement, and while this might be my side that doesn't particularly like change talking, unless we really need to and have the ability for it, things are fine.

If I had to pick new features (I already requested this one) it would for more info on your list, like the date in which you added a VN, for example.

Maybe some more filter options too, like diferentiating between fan translations and official translations. Or being able to have 2 release filters at the same time, so for example, you could look up VNs with a specific Japanese release and also a specific English release, but nothing really too major really.

In any case, happy birthday!