Fuck, we're old!

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#76 by rawrformercy
2017-11-29 at 15:07
< report >Happy Birthday VNDB!!! I love this site.
#77 by haruchuu
2017-12-06 at 05:08
< report >This is the first and only visual novel database site i have ever found and have ever joined and i really love this place ^w^) Eventhough the site interface is simple but it's very user friendly. And this site is very informative! this is the only place where i found a list of my fave VNs and find potential fave VNs ^w^) Thank you very much for creating this wonderful site! May it grow for many many maaany years more! Happy Birthday VNDB!! ♥ヽ(*´з`*)ノ
#78 by anthonypython
2017-12-08 at 02:20
< report >@yorhel to answer your question with regarding the competitors with the idea's and improving on them. I think the main reason there isn't another one is because simply there isn't a need for another VN database. I know when this site first started it was small and anyone could have been competitive but no one seemed compelled to do this simply because it required time to manage a database that will ever grow larger and bigger. You stepped up and did what no else wanted to do. For some one to do this now seems illogical to do as there is already a great database built, and a new one simply would be repetitive for most people.Last modified on 2017-12-08 at 02:20
#79 by lucumo
2018-01-10 at 20:04
< report >Been here for over 7 1/2 years. The design of this website is great, it works well and is snappy. There is absolutely no need to change anything, so I hope VNDB stays healthy and keeps on doing a goob job. Thank you.
#80 by bobjr2000
2018-03-07 at 23:17
< report >congrats on birthday even if late. Ive started VN just shy of 2 years but have had interest in probably as long as this site has been up. Its almost possible to imagine not using this site. I always come to this site first when ever I discovery new VN. Saves so much money and time. Also great have as many passionate people here to help it out. Hopefully this site never dies.
#81 by hibiki-kun
2018-03-10 at 02:35
< report >Lol almost 7 years of VN... ah, good times.


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