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#1 by ssdd61
2017-10-05 at 08:55
Can someone give me the Walkthrough?
Or i would like to know more about the nurse route, if someone can tell me how do you end up with here since im highly interested in here. Infortunaly, i cant read moon
#2 by seraphic
2017-10-05 at 14:48
Aight, here's a Google Translate of her route from link

I haven't played it, so keep in mind this could be totally wrong.

June 27
Selection: I ask a lot about her.
Selection: Drop one thousand species.

June 30
Selection: ... .... Chikan?
Selection: I will leave a girl.

July 1
Selection: Let's make it green
Selection: committing to green

July 2
Movement: two-year classroom classroom
Selection: I am a little worried.
Movement: before the flowerbed
Selection: Flower and friends? Mysterious
Selection: It's hard work

July 3
Movement: Three years Classroom Front corridor
Movement: cafeteria
Selection: Run quickly.
Selection: As a result, I guess.

July 4
Movement: Second floor hall
Movement: classroom front corridor
Selection: There
Time selection: You just stick around and you're around.

July 5
Movement: schoolyard
Selection: Go to Batchguh.

July 6
Movement: Nursery school

7th July
Movement: Nursery school
Movement: Second floor hall

July 8
Time selection: Ask a question.

July 9
Selection: I will go to class without delay.
Movement: Nursery school
Selection: I ask one thousand kinds of opinions.

July 10
Movement: Nursery school
Movement: Before the flowerbed (Futaba)

July 11
Movement: Nursery school
Movement: classroom front corridor

July 12
Movement: before the flowerbed
Selection: I like it more.

July 13
Movement: Nursery school
Movement: Nursery school front corridor

July 14
Movement: Nursery school front corridor
Movement: before the common facilities

July 15
Selection: Teacher, choose from juniors.
Selection: Go with Chikusa.

July 16
Selection: Do it carefully

July 17
Movement: Nursery school front corridor
Choice: My teacher's attitude is dissatisfied.
Time selection: Close your eyes openly.
Select time: date.

July 18
Movement: before the flowerbed
Movement: classroom front corridor

July 19
Movement: before the flowerbed
Movement: before the common facilities

July 20
Movement: Dormitory corridors
Movement: before the flowerbed

July 21
Selection: Undertake.
Movement: schoolyard
Jump to: Men's dorm before

July 22
Selection: Take me to the back of the mountain.
Selection: I do not know.

July 23
Movement: Nursery school
Selection: I will go.
Selection: Drink more.
Selection: I have not seen it.

July 24
Movement: before the flowerbed

July 25
Movement: schoolyard

July 26
Movement: Nursery school front corridor
Selection: Chika Teacher ~ What's going on?

July 27
Movement: classroom front corridor

July 28
Movement: Elevator
Selection: Staring silently and looking at Chikusa.
Selection: Depart from one thousand species.Last modified on 2017-10-05 at 14:49
#3 by tyr
2017-10-05 at 17:44
Uhm, there should be no problem to get on the route you want.
Just visit every time you have the chance on the map screen the character of your choice. Multiple Choices don't seem that important (except maybe the last few when you are already on a specific route which decide between good and bad end for that character).

You might need a walkthrough if you want to see every character's sub-event on the map screen. It seems there are different events depending on day and your progression with each character. These events are not important for getting on a route though. As long as you always choose the character you want to end up with, you will end up with her.

The first route I played was the school nurse route (best character) and I had no problem to bring her scenario to a satisfying conclusion without the help of a walkthrough. You shouldn't either.Last modified on 2017-10-05 at 17:45
#4 by rick12
2017-12-06 at 22:14
So, what happens in the school nurse's route and ending?
#5 by tyr
2017-12-06 at 22:40
School nurse is in charge of preventing any romantic contact between the boys and the girls. She herself had a bad experience with a relationship when she was younger so she thinks young students should rather focus on studying than relationships with the other sex. But actually, she is Green Green. Green Green is an anonymous girl who hijacks the school radio a few times to tell the students to enjoy their student life and to take the opportunity to make some good memories.
Protagonist is doing some extra work for school nurse during the game and both flirt with each other. Eventually protagonist falls in love with her but she runs away from school after they had sex since she is a teacher and he is still a kid. Protagonist decided to become an adult so he is worthy of her.
A year later or so the protagonist is listening to a radio program and notices that the guest talking there is the school nurse. He runs to the radio station.
Game ends.

It sounds a bit random, but it works in context. Essentially the route is about growing up and leading a life without regret. Which is a good theme for a forbidden love route with an older woman.
#6 by rick12
2017-12-06 at 23:58
Wait, what? The game seriously ended there while the protagonist is running to the radio station to meet up with her again after so long? They didn't show them reuniting after so long of them being apart after he declared to grow into a man worthy of her and that she will return his feelings? The heck? Also, the school nurse is Green Green herself? Isn't the school nurse's name Chigusa Iino?

I mean, I get that the route is about growing up and leading a life without regret, which is good for a forbidden love route with an older woman, Chigusa. I wonder, is there an ending CG to her route at all?

Have you played the other heroine routes as well, tyr? Can you tell me what happens in their routes and endings as well, since I doubt the game will ever be translated to English? What about the two sequel games, Green Green 2 and Green Green 3? Did you read them as well? I wonder, do any of the five original heroines (Midori, Futaba, Wakaba, Chigusa, and Sanae) appear in the sequels? What about the four extra heroines in this game (Eri, Kozue, Kaori, and Mina)?Last modified on 2017-12-07 at 00:07
#7 by tyr
2017-12-07 at 01:21
If I recall correctly, the last CG in her route is protagonist in his room and then leaving the room to go to the radio station while he is narrating how he will never allow himself to lose her again. There is no scene of reuniting with her, but it's heavily implied that this is a good end and everything will work out.

Despite the game titled Green Green, Green Green herself is not that important to the overall story and is more just a reminder of the theme of the vn. I don't think it's ever outright stated that Chigusa is Green Green, but it's pretty obvious, at least to the reader. Chigusa's route also has no scene where she explains why she is doing this. You have to come to your own conclusion why she will not allow relationships between students when acting as the school nurse, but feels the urge to anonymously encourage the students to do so nonetheless as Green Green.

I'm still in the process of reading everything Green Green related, but since it's my favourite charage series, I'm taking it very slowly and read only one route every few months or so. So I can't talk about anything else for now.
#8 by rick12
2017-12-07 at 02:00
Huh, that's nice and heartwarming in how the protagonist is vowing to never allow himself to lose her (Chigusa) again while he runs to the radio station. While we don't see him reuniting with her (there's no scene), it's heavily implied that this is a good end and that everything will work out between the two? This is her True Ending? Can you link the last CG to her route to me if you can?

How many endings does Chigusa's route have by the way? Also, take your time. Let me know how it goes.Last modified on 2017-12-07 at 02:01


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