Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]

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#126 by evanescentblade
2015-08-04 at 14:22
< report >Thanks for your response, green.
Yes, I see that argument brought up a lot - about Sumika representing that "return to normalcy" for Takeru. While I actually agree with that analysis, for me personally, it still doesn't make her a compelling "individual character"; this is definitely subjective, but I feel her personality didn't have to be that... cute, moe-ish, or bordering on obsessive at times. And so I can't agree that her character revolving around Takeru should be construed as okay, because representing a return to normalcy should not justify a lack of personal identity (nor does this issue send a really good message, honestly...). Such traits would also be bad for the romance: it might have worked well in Extra because Takeru was also an average, happy-go-lucky person back then, but through Alternative, Takeru just experienced and grew so much that it's hard for me to really feel much for the love. Meiya has none of these problems, because she is her own person who is not at all defined by Takeru, because she is the one who contributed a lot to his development, and because she is most compatible with the greatly changed Alternative Takeru. Moreover, I hated the "-chan" honorific (calling each other just by first name, no honorific, would be best), ugh.

Interesting how you bring up being a sucker for childhood friend scenarios, because I am as well haha. It's just that, because Sumika herself wasn't really an endearing character to me, the romance in general fell flat. Not even the childhood friend trope could save it, unfortunately...

And honestly, most of the other heroines weren't that well developed either, imo. They almost felt more like side characters, especially later in the story, which is why I didn't feel much for their deaths in the end. They just weren't given enough personal moments of awesome, unlike Meiya. Tama had that HSST incident, which was epic and contributed to her characterization, but then Alternative erased that, and so my feelings for that are mitigated and "reset".Last modified on 2015-08-04 at 14:30
#127 by green
2015-08-04 at 23:47
< report >I can definitely see where you're coming from evanescent. I think Sumika has a very polarizing character, and I can see why people would prefer Meiya over her. Although I am glad that they chose Sumika in the end. I thought it was pretty sweet how Alternative's original Takeru and Sumika knew each other and were neighbors just like in Extra. I wish they had gone a bit more in depth with that but I'll just assume that their relationship was exactly the same as it was in Extra. In the end it's all really subjective. As for the whole romance and compatibility portion, I feel like either heroine would have suited him well.

The overall development of the other characters was pretty bad like you said. I definitely feel that the romance that the other heroines felt towards Takeru weren't really that justified either, unlike in Unlimited where he did have more personal moments with them. Even if the memory leak is supposed to make them feel closer, I feel that it still isn't all that justifiable because the other heroines never really got an explanation for that. I feel like they only fell in love with him because he was the only guy in their squad. I feel like Meiya and Sumika were really the only "correct" choices in the end.

Meiya was definitely one of my favorite characters as well. I feel like she and Takeru both helped each other grow in their own ways.Last modified on 2015-08-04 at 23:49
#128 by guraff
2015-08-24 at 22:49
< report >Does anyone else find the fact that Takeru never tells his comrades in MLA of his predicament leaves a bad taste in your mouth? I just felt that it made Takeru somewhat distant from his friends and the ending would have been much more emotional if they all knew the truth and had a deeper connection with eachother.
#129 by noirx
2015-08-25 at 11:23
< report >It will create unnecessary chaotic situation if they knew. I would also keep it secret from the girls if I were thrown into his position
#130 by pendelhaven
2015-09-02 at 14:36
< report >I'm very late to the thread am I? meh whatever. I'll put my thoughts now that I've calmed down more.

MLA is basically an 'if' situation. What 'if' aliens suddenly came to earth to destroy us? The premise was indeed interesting, but as I have said now that I've calmed down more, I don't need an 'if' situation. Reality says there's no aliens, yet everyday I see all forms of persecution, suppression and the sick desire for domination, even down to the simplest school bullying. We don't need aliens to have everyday suffering and strife. All you need is humans.

Second, the whole notion of MLA Takeru "growing up", now I also find that useless. Yes I say that again, all that shits that happened on MLA Takeru just to "grow up" is pointless. Let me give an example.

Cue in Major Walken from the coup arc. When he was introduced to me I was like "racial discrimination is running high here people!". Turned out he's a pretty likable and relatable commander but I'm getting to the point. The scriptwriters could have just wrote him as a total jackass, and no amount of "growing up" could save Takeru. He's his commanding officer, and Takeru's just some random fucktard. The difference in their rank, authority and power are crystal clear. Heck, the very first thing Takeru did in MLA was to acquire some sort of power through Yuuko. And most importantly, that which will place everything here in its final coffin, there's Sumika's character. She's probably what I'd describe as "innocent childhood days lost".

As much as I'm bashing here, I still give props to MLA for it thought me one thing: The importance of childhood. Okay, I sound like an escapist here but I'm dead serious. We can only imagine ourselves to actually be inside MLA Takeru's shoes, and his struggles was a lot worse compared to whatever one of us went through, yet I still claim that his sufferings and growing up are pointless.

That all said, I offer two choices. Either you enjoy even the silliest of things like a total idiot, or try to grow up just like MLA Takeru despite knowing what awaits on the other side.Last modified on 2015-09-02 at 15:25
#131 by formis
2015-09-05 at 19:38
< report >As usual I'm several years late to the party. Not sure if it's of any use to react to old posts, but might as well, as I just read all of this thread in one go.

[2) Yuuko keeps saying that everyone in Unit A-01 posses a natural talent to subconsciously choose the best possible future. She says that their deaths are what meant to happen for the sake of the best future for humanity, but that doesn't make any sense. Who decides what's the best for humanity? That natural talent should affect only ones who posses it, helping to choose the best possible future for themselves, but they can't do that if they're dead. I don't understand this whole concept. Am I missing something?
For starters, the natural talent is not god-mode. You are "lucky" and your choices are more likely to make you end up in a favorable branch of reality, but you're still part of causality and more often than not the events are out of your control. There's also the fact that the ability itself cannot be always successful. As a result you could still end up in a situation where no matter what you choose you're gonna die, but your choice could save/doom someone else. In that case the best possible future would probably be saving someone else.
To put it in perspective, I'm just gonna use the last part of the Valkyries' creed, "...Make your death count.". When causality put them in a no-win situation, despite their "luck", the most they could make out of it was make their sacrifice meaningful. That's something that affects them, but as a result must also have a favorable result for humanity, because if humanity dies then there is no one to remember their sacrifice. I think that's true for Captain Isumi and Lieutenant Hayase.
As for squad 207, their choices in the end had Takeru's well-being in mind, which also happened to corresponded with the completion of the mission.

Regarding the discussion about Marimo's death scene and its tastefulness. I suppose that topic's been talked to the ground, but why not.
As pretty much everyone here agreed, the scene was done the way it was for a reason (like most things in MLA, heck, even the fan-servicey Eishi uniforms and lack of male characters had a good explanation) and I "liked" the way it was done, even with the flashbacks. Afterall, it was all supposed to convey Takeru's state of mind. The game is from his perspective, the reader's perspective, and most of the game we see what he sees, hear what he hears and know what he thinks (exceptions do exist). Marimo's death scene followed that, Sumika's rape scene followed that.
Now, if I look at the other way of handling it, like gabe suggested, I can see how that could work, and it would probably make the flashbacks a bit more diverse.
Instead of showing the entire death scene, they could show part of it sans gory head and then describe the rest. Not all of it at once mind you, but what they would describe should be done in painful detail, to express how the scene was burned into his mind. It wouldn't convey the shock, but it would show the effect on his psyche.
Then, whenever he was reminded of that scene, they could describe bits and pieces (no pun intended) previously left out. It would still be repetitive, but maybe less so.
But hell, I'm not a writer nor a psychologist, I'm just throwing ideas. And for me personally, the most disturbing thing about that scene was the infamous *chomp*. Especially during the news scene in Extra world, I had the urge to take my headphones off when that happened.

Well, and that scene was nothing compared to certain redhead's. I'm not sure whether the same treatment of not showing directly could've been applied here as well. Afterall, Sumika wanted Takeru to SEE everything to make him disgusted with her and leave so that he would be safe. They didn't have to make it straight into tentacle porn, but the imagery would have to be pretty disturbing regardless, along with the detailed commentary.
And of course, the thing I found most disturbing anyway was the psychological aspect of the experiments. I mean, Marimo's death was gory and shocking, but also relatively quick and painless, only traumatizing to those around her. In Sumika's case, it was slow, methodical and the worst part, they didn't even leave her the luxury of being disgusted or horrified at what was being done to her. They basically drugged her with sexual ecstasy and slowly stripped her of humanity both mentally and physically, so when it came to cutting her to pieces she didn't even care. True, it probably made things easier on her while it was happening. But I think her mental scars were only made deeper for that when she finally had a chance to remember it all with clear head in 00 Unit's body.
I think it's a similar disturbing feeling (if much worse) to what I felt when they put the hypnotic therapy on Takeru after Marimo died. When he just wanted to break down and cry, but wasn't allowed to.Last modified on 2015-09-05 at 19:41
#132 by czer0c
2019-09-27 at 09:21
< report >Imma just dump this here even though I bet ain't nobody gonna bothers reading, but just feel like sharing my thought of this piece of art.

After coming this far I have to say this work actually had a lot of potentials that could have been further polished to push it to a whole new tier. But well, I guess ascending perfection is just too much of a pipe dream.

Despite what most people claimed, I really enjoy Muv-luv Extra and Unlimited. This is not the first time I've gone against the typical recommendation "It will get really awesome once you reach certain episode/chapter/arc bla bla", because IMO that's a shit way to talk people into a series or work, because if it's good, I could feel it (not tell, feel) right from the start, and yup I was.....80% right maybe.

Muv-luv Extra set up as a warm-up for what to come in Alternative, I got to get through a certain amount of time with the majority of the cast, liked them, hated them, admired them, etc, only to get drawn to sorrow and grief at the climax of Alternative. That's what really makes Muv luv as a whole a unique experience. That being said, it's definitely not without flaws, but even with those flaws it still managed to wrap up everything decently, at least that's from my perspective.

I have to agree with many people that the cast, the heroines to be more precise, was wasted potential. Meiya and Sumika are the only 2 who got the most focus, but even so, Meiya got sidetracked in a very unfair way. When I first hopped onto Alternative after finishing Extra, I was like "Yeah boi, let's get some shit kicking", only to get a "Bruh?" moment when not seeing Meiya's name showing up in the "route" (if there's even one that is) guidance (yeah I always read VN with guides, sad life that is), it was also at that point that I got a bad feeling this wouldn't go the way I had expected it to be, yet I still proceeded with it anyway.

The whole drama with Sumika is, well, fine...I guess, but not that breakthrough to me. I've never actually been a fan of the "torture" heroine stereotype so yeah what happened to Sumika didn't really hit me that much since it's kinda...force, and even if I disregard that, her personality never got on well with me in Extra anyway (apparently her Alternative's counterpart ain't that much diverged). If anything though, the only really positive point about Sumika' development is only to make me salute Takeru more for accepting her (though I'm still mad that there's no legit Meiya route).

What's funny is that apart from Meiya of the main cast, I enjoy some of the side characters far more than any of other heroines, namely, Tsukuyomi the G.O.A.T and Captain Isumi the no.2 G.O.A.T. It's not a strange case to me anymore, I always tend to have my eyes on side characters but these 2 really outshine even some of the heroines in many ways, and that's not even bias. Apart from that, Yuuko is also an interesting character with a very twisted nature that kept things excited.

That aside, the pacing is also quite an issue. Like some people pointed out, some acts felt rather slow, but some were rushed. I didn't have much problem with the slow ones though, as long as there is an explanation to plot and shit going on, it's all fine by me. Heck I wouldn't have minded some more characterization and even more, vivid world-building, because it would have added up more to the climax as well as some dramatic moments, kinda like, you have to "go through" with the characters, so when shit happen you'll feel for them more. But whatever, I guess the story has never really been about human vs BETA anyway, but it's just as the summary pointed out, a love story that breaks through all barriers. Cliche as it may sound, the author sure did a nice job at presenting that idea plus the exposition to deliver the drama. That said, again, spending more time on the characters, as well as world-building, would not have been a bad idea, since this is a Visual Novel anyway,length shouldn't be an issue unlike other mediums such as anime.

Regarding the ending which apparently received lots of devisive opinions, for a degenerate like me who actually found Extra enjoyable, I think it was okay-ish. I mean, isn't that the whole point of the story? As it had been constantly repeated over the course of like 10 episodes? that it had to happen that way. Yeah, the harem aura it gave off at the end was kinda inevitable given the warm-up known as Extra, other than that it serves as a "reward" for the protagonist for all the fucked-up shit he had gone through in previous loops. Keep in mind that the real Takeru coming from Extra (it all started from that) doesn't belong to Alternative world anyway, so him returning to Extra is necessary.

Regarding the "memories" loss thingy, I have to disagree with many people though, as it had also been explained in the story many times before how this "time travel" and "loop" work, it was inevitable to Takeru. In the first place, it's not even memories loss, he cried seeing the girls again, meaning that part of his subconsious definitely still hold the fragments of memories carried over other world-line, it'd just need to meet right moment to kick off the recall again, but even so he would have just account them as delusion of such, but again, facts remain that everything happened in Alternative were not meant to be disposable, they were not all for nothing, and hold more meaning than what people claim to be undermining the drama in the progress of the story. Point is, Takeru has to traded so much in the other worlds so he could find a happy one for him to be in peace, if you think there should be a darker, more depressing ending then you're just being edge, every story deserves a happy ending.

At any case, the only complaint that I have is Meiya should have gotten more focus (yes, she should have been an equal to Sumika in terms of plot-relevant), but that's just me being bias, I've been on team "blue" ever since Extra, and never regretted following her till Alternative despite the unjustice she got, as her final moment could not have been more epic and dramatic (actually reminded me of TTGL... Row row, fight the power).

Overall, MLA has been a very intriguing journey that gave me various feeling ranging from laughing to being emo (not on Takeru level but whatever). While on the surface it had a very captivating premise with apocalypse alien thingy, the Quantum Causality time-space traveling shit really added a new layer to that which made things even more interesting, and lastly, war and perhaps some political drama were blended in neatly as well. It could have been further improved in many ways, but can all be put together as "should have been longer".

Final rating: 8.5/10

P/S: Meiya is objectively the best girl, no matter what the world-line.Last modified on 2019-09-27 at 09:26
#133 by neil
2020-02-08 at 04:25
< report >I read through ML/MLA in one sitting and when I was done I was slightly confused and immensely disappointed. After trying to reconcile how this is apparently the #1 VN on vndb over the course of a few days, I've concluded that it's an overhyped steaming pile of dog shite. I'm probably in the extreme minority in that ML Extra was actually my favorite part; I loved each of the cast and it had me physically smiling and laughing throughout. I could empathize strongly with how each of the character's seemingly small hangups could be so dramatic to each of them in their small environment of school and daily life.

There was none of that in MLA; I was not compelled to emote despite the constant cheap attempts to make me do so. There's only so many times you can read, "I thought I had the resolve, but I really didn't...!", even though I painstakingly did anyway. After a certain point in MLA, the pattern becomes set in stone - wait for the walking internal monologue to have his resolve tested, wait for the next "twist" to drop from Yuuko or Kasumi, have the walking monologue's resolve broken, and then repeat. This isn't groundbreaking, this isn't clever, this isn't impactful, this is a chore. And then there'll be the mindbroken cucks who'll come out and say something like, "It's supposed to be a chore!" Not an excuse. And you know the biggest reason why that bullshit doesn't fly? Because there's absolutely no payoff. You know what the biggest climax for me in the series was? It wasn't the 20 Fort-classes jobbing, it was in fucking Extra of all places, lmao, when Takeru finally fucking explodes on his dysfunctional lacrosse team and puts them to WORK. Meanwhile in MLA it's just a neverending stream of monologues and this pseudo-Gary Stu getting literally dragged across the finish line by everyone around him and on top of their corpses. And then to put the shit cherry on top of the shit sundae, all of that effort and constant driveling about resolve gets reset to zero. Nothing is learned or retained at the end of it all. And then to put this at #1? Absolutely disgraceful.

I rated this dog shite 3/10.
#134 by zakashi
2020-02-08 at 13:46
< report >I seriously don't understand these people saying Takeru is some Gary Stu like character, he has so many flaws, fails so many times, and come on he can't be that well written (which is something I STRONGLY DISAGREE), but the writers surely put A LOT of effort in him, he is full of layers, full of emotion, information, development, he reflects in his actions, contradicts himself sometimes which is perfectly understandable, and even thinks in suicide,, and the same thing i say about the game overall, i just didn't give it a 10 because of the ending (shitty ending), very long and boring explanations about how to invade hives, how the robots work, very detailed information about every BETA species and so on, and the romance department which was a disapointment for me in this game, it showed very little except with sumika at the end, come on i wanted to see at least Meiya being his partner, sadly this wasn't the objective of the game, and he didn't even end with anybody, stayed single, the ending was shitty, when i saw the pure love story tag here i thought "wow, this game is perfect for me", but meh, MISTAGGED, i didn't think the tag was meant only for Takeru and Sumika, and just because Sumika keeps Takeru trapped there until he finds her? Is that the reason of the tag? Or is because Takeru's love for Sumika is his main driving force to keep him sane?, i don't know but it certainly wasn't the way i expected .Last modified on 2020-02-08 at 13:51
#135 by neil
2020-02-08 at 22:03
< report >@#134
When you have experiences from a video game that just so happens to make you the best TSF pilot prodigy ever (as far as the UN Yokohama base knows) and on top of that memories from a previous timeline, that makes you a Gary Stu. What the writer did here to try to balance Takeru was as egregious and ham-fisted as what made him a Gary Stu in the first place. One time, two times, maybe three times, but no, from beginning to the very end, the walking monologue doesn't shut the fuck up about muh resolve. When things are too convenient and easy for the protagonist, immersion is broken. When everything that can go wrong keeps going wrong, it's the same thing - immersion is broken. I suspect the effort put into the walking monologue was actually minimal, because he DOESN'T DEVELOP, the writer literally re-treads the same cycle of "I thought I had the resolve, but I really didn't...!" and had the audacity to pretend that's growth.
#136 by hybtranslation
2020-02-09 at 14:35
< report >I'm sad to hear that MLA did not work for you. It's kinda interesting that you liked ML, though. (I hold both games in very high regard).

You're criticsm regarding Takeru is not completely unfounded, although from my perspective also not completely fair either. I guess we could theorycraft back and forth what's realistic, explainable or whatever, but it won't change the fact that you did not have fun reading it. Which is a real shame, because MLA is a BLAST unlike any other if you like it.

It probably comes down to a matter of taste. If you did like ML, you may want to give Altered Fable a try. It's more of the same craziness as ML, paired with a fairly good parody of 24.
#137 by zakashi
2020-02-09 at 15:19
< report >
I suspect the effort put into the walking monologue was actually minimal, because he DOESN'T DEVELOP

I give up, think whatever you want, i understand your point, but i can't agree.
#138 by neil
2020-02-10 at 15:17
< report >Maybe I just have the unique perspective of already feeling like I live in a constant hellscape clown world, and seeing over-the-top attempts at despair like CHOMP, S00mika's rape, and muh 10^37 feels just that - over-the-top, phony, and try-hard. Literally everything that can go wrong keeps going wrong, lmao, but not too much so as to stop Takeru from being the one at the very end who gets to pull the trigger. Why? Because he keeps internally monologuing about muh resolve? That makes him strong? Worthy? Can't help but laugh.

And nah, I feel turned off from the whole MuvLuv series. Altered Fable seems nice, but just, nah.Last modified on 2020-02-10 at 15:20
#139 by hybtranslation
2020-02-12 at 17:43
< report >I've kept thinking about whether and how to respond to your latest post. It's especially hard since neither of us knows the other, and this is something you probably don't want to discuss with random strangers on the internet.

I feel like you have at least a light case of depression. Since I don't know you, and only have a few posts to go with, I might be wrong, could be lots of other things. I'm not someone educated about such things, either.

The only thing I would really like to recommend is that you talk with someone professional about it. Might be a priest, for example, or a psychologist (which would be my recommendation). I can at least say from my own experience that there are some holes that are hard to crawl out of on your own. And are easier to crawl out of than you thought with some help.

Sorry for being meddlesome.
#140 by zakashi
2020-02-12 at 18:39
< report >#139 Don't worry man, i have some relatives who went through depression a few times but i myself am perfectly fine, i work out and eat healthy, which is a good remedy for depression ;)Last modified on 2020-02-12 at 18:39
#141 by neil
2020-02-12 at 19:51
< report >@#139
Try being a white, heterosexual male in the CURRENT YEAR. Whites are already only 11% of the global population and it's currently being celebrated that they're going to become minorities in their own countries. And once that tipping point is reached, you don't get enlightened, civilized, empathetic societies. You get warlords, favelas, jihadists, and parasites. But no one has given up, and certainly no one is going around in circles about muh resolve, lmao.

True strength is not the absence of weakness, but in spite of it. Also, here's some anti-white propaganda hot off the press, if you're interested: link
#142 by kiru
2020-02-12 at 20:21
< report >Japanese shounen storytelling in a nutshell: Hard work, effort, will and friendship/love. That will get you through everything. It's idealistic through and through, and calling it good writing would be mostly silly. After all, you get most stories bent to fit the idea, and not the other way around how it probably should be.

I never liked Muvluv myself. After extra, I hated 95% of the cast. And unlimited wanted to go the "love>all" way so forced, I couldn't take it. ("volcano mission") Extremely predictable, and if I had a choice, I would've immediately told my boss what she wants to do and that I wouldn't want to be her partner in the mission. But alas, you can't. You gotta donkan. And play the lover boy for a girl who doesn't deserve it. Go against all rules, that are established for a reason.
Scenarios like this are a good way of showing good or bad writing. I'm sure there are tons of people who like the concept, and that's enough for them. Good writing needs to pull in the others. I'd say it failed. And it's a good example of what Muvluv is ultimately about. It's idealistic through and through, but doesn't sell it well. You might be inclined to agree with its views, in which case it can be enjoyable. Or you'd rather want something a little more grounded, in which case the game isn't worth it. But then, unless you listen to people screaming "it gets better, trust me", you should never even reach alternative. In fact, you probably drop it during extra. Not everything is for everyone, no matter how well rated it may be.

That said, I wouldn't give much about ratings. Muvluv being popular isn't strange. Shounen, as a concept, is popular after all. That's why it's done. And with the presentation being what it is and so on... yeah. It's not strange, that this is popular.
#143 by hybtranslation
2020-02-12 at 23:26
< report >#140 Sry for not being clear, I meant neil in the first place.

#141 This has gotten pretty weird from my perspective. To be honest, to me it seems like you've been ensnared by some weird cult. No matter if white males are endangered or not, I think it got little to do with whatever is making you feel unwell.
I just watched the movie you posted. I didn't know what to expect, but certainly not an airline commercial. O_o
To be frank, man, I think you're better off solving your own problems first, before taking on those of the country or all white males or anything like that. Wish you best of luck.

#142 Well, I guess we agree that if you hate pretty much all of the cast after what's only the introduction, you're probably better off not reading the rest. ^^Last modified on 2020-02-12 at 23:27
#144 by zakashi
2020-02-13 at 01:41
< report >#141 White people don`t have the state making laws against them so you should be fine if you`re an heterosexual white man, and neither do have black people just for the record, of course i become sad seeing people treating white men as complete scumbags, but fortunately they don`t make the laws, they`re just in their own bubble screaming "check your white privilege" and not really harming anyone without being punished for it, so no, being white is not that terrible.

EDIT: unless you live around with people that hate white men, in this case yes, you're in trouble :(Last modified on 2020-02-13 at 02:00
#145 by zakashi
2020-02-13 at 01:46
< report >
Japanese shounen storytelling in a nutshell: Hard work, effort, will and friendship/love

You're just seeing what you want to see, MLA has a lot of themes, i particularly enjoyed the part of them discussing about loyalty to your country, the royal family, nationality etc, and hard work, friendship and love are really broad concepts that can be explored in a lot of different ways, saying these themes are overused seems a bit unfair to me, i like the fact that they are vastly used (especially love for me).Last modified on 2020-02-13 at 01:50
#146 by behappyeveryday
2020-02-13 at 04:45
< report >@142 This is actually good writing to make a person emotional. For example, the Harry Potter storytelling is absolutely the same - "Hard work, effort, will, and friendship/love", though you forgot about the courage! Basically, Harry Potter is a western book series with the Japanese protagonist and the setting, lol. There are different subjective criteria of "good writing", but from the objective point of view, good writing is the one that sells, the one that pleases the target audience. And both MVA and HP are great series in this sense. What you yourself consider "good writing" probably wouldn't sell and wouldn't be popular or rated highly. It would be liked only by a very small number of "true smartasses who understand good writing". While the rest of humanity would be bored AF reading your masterpiece.Last modified on 2020-02-13 at 04:47
#147 by neil
2020-02-14 at 05:05
< report >#143
"What even is Scandinavia? - Absolutely, nothing"
"Wow, I wasn't expecting an airline commerical!"
If that's what you got out of it because it had planes in it, then I'm sorry, you might be an NPC.

White people aren't allowed to not be in proximity to non-whites. Communities that have too many white people get called "too white" and "a problem" by municipal government workers. If your place of education, employment, or community is "too white", it will get non-whites shoved in there by the federal government via affirmative action, the civil rights act, and section 8 housing. White people and their children are being exposed to targeted rape, murder, and harassment because they're not allowed to get away from the people who commit these crimes or else it's "racist". When a white man snaps and protects himself and his people, it gets uniquely classified as a "hate crime", used to further persecute whites.

I disagree with you on the essence of "shounen storytelling". If a man always tells the truth throughout his entire life, does he become truth? For me, "hard work, effort, will, and friendship/love" are not essential to "shounen storytelling". Always telling the truth doesn't necessarily require that much hard work, effort, will, friendship, or love, it just requires being true to oneself, or purity. A purity so hot and bright it leaves a mark on the universe. And it doesn't have to be "always tell the truth" - it could be anything.

I don't like stories where everything conveniently works out either, but stories where people constantly change, compromise, and become less pure are also very tedious to me - you can probably find 7 billion of those stories at any given time. For me, "shounen storytelling" is the search for this pure man who hasn't been bent by the universe, but has instead bent the universe back by just remaining true to himself. Also, in this regard, Muv-Luv Alternative might be totally up your alley, because it is the exact opposite of "shounen storytelling".Last modified on 2020-02-14 at 05:10


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