Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]

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#101 by yimw
2011-08-17 at 09:13
fun to see another person that has enjoyed this wonderful game to that extent
It is pretty rare to see someone give MLA a 10.
#102 by winterfury
2011-08-17 at 09:32
10/10 also for me
#103 by overmage
2011-08-17 at 17:07
It is pretty rare to see someone give MLA a 10.

If this is sarcasm, it's masterfully done :x
#104 by gabezhul
2011-08-17 at 17:54
(...) giving it an ever-so-prestigious gabezhul 10/10?
Oh come on, you are making me blush. :P

I will disclose my comprehensive opinion on MLA, but not right now, I have no time to sit down and write at the moment. I won't write a review either, it would be a little too big of a bite to chew, even for me... :P
#105 by haricot
2011-09-24 at 07:40
I just finished reading MLA and most of the discussions here, and i still have a question.

Do you remember the dream Sumika had after the h-scene? What she said after waking up didn't make sense and it kinda freaked me out.

Even Yuuko didn't give an explanation about that later so if you figured out what she saw in that dream i'd like to know
#106 by overmage
2011-09-24 at 08:02
She was regaining her repressed memories. Having sex with Takeru unlocked all her memories of how the BETA worked and what she was remembering was most likely the information overload (the BETA are using her, etc)
#107 by haricot
2011-09-24 at 10:05
Hmm, yea, but the words she says doesn't make sense. The text is " ... then the huge twins ... got smaller one by one... "
I know it's a dream, so maybe it's just random words, but i was wondering if there was some kind of meaning behind them.
#108 by emmanuelvr
2011-09-24 at 10:09
By twins she obviously means her tits.
#109 by haricot
2011-09-24 at 10:33
Baka her tits didn't get smaller after the rape event, they were removed ....
#110 by lazerline
2011-09-25 at 23:52

This is just a random deduction but maybe is those two silver maidens in Total Eclipse?Last modified on 2011-09-25 at 23:54
#111 by ayreos
2011-10-01 at 04:18
Just dropping by to say i disliked the rape scene because of the gross drawings and not it's actual plot meaning. It was meant to shock, but using one of those weird japanese fetish rapes to accomplish it feels extremely tasteless no matter how i try to rationalize it. Even if the BETA were trying to study a way to control humans through pleasure there was no reason for them to be so gross about it...

They can remodel humans into more BETA, which entails superior biotech skills, so why can't they stimulate nerves directly instead of fabricating complicated rape tools? Even if they have no understanding of the human nerve system they would still get to it before actually having to remodel her body!

It's just disgusting to watch at that picture and it made me feel really disconnected from what Sumika was describing at the moment with so much seriousness.
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#112 by astral100
2011-10-15 at 06:33
#105 Hmm, I also remember thinking that the meaning of the dream hasn't been explained anywhere. Probably something they forgot to include in the game.

#111 well, the Sumika rape scene was a beta experiment in making a human experience a maximum pleasure possible. Obviously when you explore new territory you try different things. In this regard everything beta did made total sense. And they did eventially figured to stimulate the nerve endings directly, disposing of unnecessary body parts in the process. Beta might have wanted to experiment with external stimuli or a million other reasons.
If you simply look at the scene from a logical perspective, it makes perfect sense.
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#113 by blindzzz
2011-10-26 at 08:08
For all of you who liked the series, I recommend to check this out.
Sorry if it was mentioned in any of the previous threads/posts already.Last modified on 2012-04-24 at 21:37
#114 by transcendence
2012-12-18 at 12:51
I just finished the game and for some unknown reason there's no general discussion thread, so I thought I'll be dumping it here.

Now, I think there's no wonder why the game is the highest rated here, it's indeed good. I was actually reluctant to play Extra at first, since I thought it's got negligible significance to MLA's plot or even Unlimited's (it's all 'moe' after all), but now that I've finished the game, I'd say I will not enjoy it as much if I didn't play it. That's one good thing about Alternative I guess, they didn't waste Extra (thus making it not really 'Extra' anymore'), there were some foreshadowing even, (Takeru throwing Sumika's shoes away from the bush so that Takeru wouldn't see himself). Also, they've made some plot significance out of the existence of different routes in both Extra and Unlimited, which is pretty neat.

The story's good, all that military stuff is cool, plus sci-fi is always welcome. The characters are probably its best asset, there aren't any 'Stereotyped Roles' any of the characters are partaking, I wouldn't really say Tama is there to satisfy 'loli' fans, or Chizuru for trunderes, the characters are nice on their own right. The protagonist too, Shirogane had the most character development, which I don't really see from some VN protagonists where they are just a tool to play through the story. One last thing is the music I guess, not particularly good, I don't really remember the background music but at least it's put in where they should be from what I remember. The opening and closing themes are the only one that I'd remember.

The ending wasn't very strong for me though, for some reason Shirogane going back to his original timeline without the memories and the skills was like a huge level down for me, it's like grinding a game character to level 99 only to revert back to the exact starting level and status in the new game plus after the final boss. Also, Yashiro seems to be the one from the other world based from how she acts during the epilogue. Is there an answer for that? The epilogue really seems lacking for me.

Pretty good stuff anyway, the whole series, it kept me playing for consecutive hours. So yeah, I don't really think this game's unnecessarily hyped, I also think it can be one of the best VN I've played. Now, looking forward for Muv Luv Altered Fable, might really be a nice send-off for the cast.

Edit: Damn, I rambled too much in here.Last modified on 2012-12-25 at 19:55
#115 by porchoky
2012-12-21 at 19:12
Gotta agree with you about the characters part. I was very surprised how well rounded and developed the characters became, even in Extra. All the characters at first glance seemed like run of the mill stereotypes, but they really took them and made each one shine.

For the epilogue, I think everything can be hand-wavy explained by the fact that Sumika recreated everything so it's a ideal world with everyone in it, etc... I dunno.
Personally I would have liked to see another arc with Takeru searching for the causality creator thingy; them revealing Sumika being it seemed a bit of a cop-out. But that's just me.
#116 by finjas
2014-05-18 at 18:41
So, I didn't want to start a new topic and that one looked like the closest to the General Discussion-topic, so I'm gonna ask my questions here.
Just finished MLA and there are couple of things I wanted to ask.

1) If Sumika's subconsciousness is the reason for Takeru to be a Causality Conductor, why wasn't he kicked out to his original world when Alternative V occured in Unlimited? G-Bombing the whole planet should've destroyed Sumika's brain.
2) Yuuko keeps saying that everyone in Unit A-01 posses a natural talent to subconsciously choose the best possible future. She says that their deaths are what meant to happen for the sake of the best future for humanity, but that doesn't make any sense. Who decides what's the best for humanity? That natural talent should affect only ones who posses it, helping to choose the best possible future for themselves, but they can't do that if they're dead. I don't understand this whole concept. Am I missing something?
3) What to read next? Is there any more info on BETA? There's not much about their creators and purpose. I would like to know more about that.
I also would be interested to know what happened to Alternative's universe after Takeru returned to his.
#117 by albedo
2014-05-18 at 18:55
1- G-Bombing was done only to the hives, not everywhere. As The Day After shows, the brain survived.
3-As to what to play next, Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles 1 was just released, so how about that? All the info there is on post-takeru Alt world is that they manage to infiltrate hives succesfully
#118 by finjas
2014-05-18 at 19:10
Yeah, thought about Chronicles Vol.1, but in one of the topics on it's discussion board someone said that translation is bad. I'm not sure I want to start Chronicles if that's true.
#119 by albedo
2014-05-18 at 19:30
Judge by yourself, it's only about 5 hours long, and you'll be able to tell long before if the translation is bad. Personally, I don't think it was bad. Lots of military terms used, though.Last modified on 2014-05-18 at 19:32
#120 by shadowripp3r
2014-05-19 at 08:24
Have to say I am enjoying this quite a lot , The characters' personalities changed drastically from how they were in extra and unlimited.I still haven't finished this thought so I am not sure what direction this will take.

Can someone maybe give me a rough idea of how far I am into this percentage wise , usually I can fairly accurately estimate it by the character routes that I am doing , or by choices , but seeing as this novel has none I am unsure of how far into it I am? (I am currently just after the H-Scene between Sumika and Takeru that occur in Episode 9). Thank you.
#121 by overmage
2014-05-19 at 08:25
roughly 70% in
#122 by shadowripp3r
2014-05-19 at 08:26
Thank you very much.
#123 by green
2015-08-04 at 04:03
Enjoyed this vn a lot, I really liked Sumika. All of the characters were enjoyable and I ended up getting attached to almost all of them.
#124 by evanescentblade
2015-08-04 at 05:15
I still don't really get why Sumika is apparently so loved. Most of her identity revolves around Takeru (probably my most important point), she hardly says anything insightful (unlike Meiya and some of the other heroines), she doesn't support or teach Takeru all that much other than that one time in the Extra world Chapter 7 (it's almost always the other way around; and it's mainly people like Meiya, Yuuhi, Marimo, Isumi, Hayase, and Yuuko who supported Takeru, helped him get his act together, and contributed to his growth as a person, not Sumika), and her character is... just not very appealing to me, personally. Plus, that whole BETA rape scene... I know lots of people also really didn't like that sequence, even if it was likely the only plausible justification for her behavior, because it still seemed somewhat out-of-place and felt like cheap tragic shock value.

Of course she had some moments, but I just feel like she wasn't a great main heroine overall. Character-wise, Meiya was much better suited for that role, even though I understand only Sumika could be the main heroine, plot-wise.

So yeah, just my unpopular opinion.Last modified on 2015-08-04 at 05:26
#125 by green
2015-08-04 at 09:50

For me personally her character and mannerisms really stood out. Her facial expressions and things like that gave away exactly how she was feeling in a given situation, I just get a feeling that they put a little bit more effort into her than other characters in Extra. I'm also a big sucker for the childhood friend type scenarios.

Now moving onto Alternative, I can definitely see why people wouldn't like Sumika. Her character basically stayed the same for the entire series, but I think that's why I liked her. All the characters in Alternative suddenly get all of this political importance and everything becomes really serious and personal for them. They all have this huge burden on them not just from BETA but from other sources as well.

I feel like Sumika represents that normal aspect of life that Takeru lost, and she represents that return to normalcy that Takeru desires. Though her character basically revolved around Takeru I feel like that's okay, because in both worlds she's basically the same person. She's just a normal girl in both worlds and didn't need to get some sort of political significance because she's supposed to show how the BETA ruins the lives of normal people like her.

But that's just my take on her character, I really enjoyed all the other characters as well. However there was just something about Sumika that gripped me more than the others.