is this a final fandisk?

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#1 by adamkenway007
2017-10-08 at 10:56
Da Capo III has fandisk for 3 related from main story.unlike previous D.C series (D.C I & D.C II).Da Capo III fandisk much like canon of every girls route,will be another after story likes Dearest Marriage for every girls route?or expand series (D.C IV or maybe another fandisk hopefully)Last modified on 2017-10-08 at 11:03
#2 by aleisster
2018-02-13 at 00:11
I don't think so, all stuff are already setted with this game.
#3 by adamkenway007
2018-05-27 at 18:17
okay,let the time answer it
#4Post deleted.
#5 by aquahorse
2018-05-30 at 22:28


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