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#1 by eacil
2017-10-10 at 07:35
You wonder if school mode is worth playing? I asked myself the same question during the whole year it took me to find the motivation to put and end to it. The advice is now obvious, it's a no. I liked the main game but this school mode was such a waste of time and pissed me off so much that I don't know if I still like it.

You have to go through a very tedious RNG-based minigame to gather material to build spares for Monokuma. Then you need to find a present (I hope you played a lot with the capsule machine) through tries and reloads so you can read Free Time Events. I played it for that but, let's be honest, Danganronpa is not the best at characterization. You won't die if you don't know the last secret of the last character but you will if you spend hours watching 50+ Monokuma's announcement telling you it's night time.
Then they added Trip Tickets. You go to a place to have the honor of asking a question to someone. Depending if you match the character's taste, you get from 0 to 1 heart. WOW, so... uncool. You have Trigger Happy Heart which is you listening to a character's thoughts in Non Stop Debate mode and triggering a thought with a bullet. WOW, so... useless.
With 10 hearts, if you built all the spares (true pain in the ass), you unlock the character's ending and get his/her underwear. Sasuga Japan, they find a way to sexualize an all-age game in the most incongruous way.
You won't be able to unlock them all at once. I am sure you will be happy to go through 50 days of this terrible gameplay multiple times to 100% everything.

Now, if you have the same disease I have, the completionism syndrome, I have the solution. After you have looked a little inside until, one or two days later, you wonder how it's possible to keep going, you can use the wiki, which is quite complete, to read the transcripts of the Free Time Events. It even has scans of the Report Card. Neat.
To watch the endings, go to youtube. This playlist has everything you want at the end. See, watching all characters' endings which are basically dating sim bullcrap is long 47 minutes. The result was not worth any of the suffering.
If you didn't want to read the transcripts of the Free Time Events, it's already here. inb4 it's also gladly not with english urg voices.

You are welcome.Last modified on 2017-10-10 at 08:38
#2 by kiru
2017-10-10 at 12:35
You blow it out of proportion. Danganronpa had enough problems anyway. This extra mode isn't better or worse than the rest. It's mostly there, so you don't have to replay the same chapter again and again and again to get all events. (and coins for unlocks? I don't remember)

Youtube is an option for people who don't care, but I'd recommend those to youtube the whole game anyway. The gameplay... was just not good. DR2's is way worse though.
#3 by eacil
2017-10-10 at 22:01
I don't blow out of proportion a mode who waste hours of your time just so you access backlog of the free time events. They made that simple task a way of the cross instead of stuffing that inside a gallery. You just have to look at their additions like the Trip Tickets... come on, it's the cheapest way I ever saw to mimic a dating sim. Everything is inflated in this mode and it can't be different. Even the devs are apologizing at the beginning and ask you to not be harsh on the mode.
It's a simple idea who turned into a terrible dragging concept. (And now I have a save without all the trophies.)

Well, why am I answering when your point is not to defend the school mode but to say it sucks as much as the whole game anyway... Did you even play/finish the shool mode?
#4 by cnkx
2017-10-10 at 22:26
I agree with most of your criticisms and I'm just hoping it's different in DR3 (still haven't finished the game)

It would actually be a pretty decent mode if they got rid of the shitty mini game. It seems like it's been a trend with the danganronpa devs, they want to force as many mini games as possible into their games to make it less of a VN. Are they really this ashamed of the genre? geesh. This will be even more noticeable with each game, they're clearly trying to stray away more and more from the VN genre to appeal to non VN fans (it actually works btw)

That's beside the point anyway, if they had this mode without the mini game it would actually be a rather pleasant mode. Being able to do all the events in a relaxing manner would be nice, even if they're not great. And they could also expand on the dating sim aspect and actually make something proper out of it - there's many possibilities, they just took the easier way out.

Who knows? maybe DR3 actually has a better bonus mode, I'll wait to see.

But to conclude it all, at the end of the's just a shittier version of social links from Persona. I didn't necessarily feel like I missed a lot.
#5 by eacil
2017-10-10 at 23:58
I am personally against those love love modes who distort the characters to make them fit the fantasies of their fans. It's no fanservice. Real fanservice would be to write episodes which deepen the background of a character or refine its personality, not to put them at the same level (i.e. the ground) of their stupid fans. Here, I don't protest much because Danganronpa is based on huge stereotypes so it's not really a loss and can be viewed as part of the trip.

It seems like it's been a trend with the danganronpa devs, they want to force as many mini games as possible into their games to make it less of a VN.
I think looking like a VN was never relevant to them because visual novel is mostly an occidental fantasy. I, myself, never considered Danganronpa or Gyakuten Saiban to be VN and it's was never a big deal in the first place. It has mini games because they want their game to be dynamic, less talking and more pseudo-emotions (adrenaline mostly).
#6 by cnkx
2017-10-11 at 00:46
Am I to assume you haven't played 2 or 3? if you've played those and still think the mini games are there for those reasons, I don't know what else to tell you but to just say that we'll have to agree to disagree.

The amount of useless mini games get more and more apparent - and btw, ace attorney is not guilty of this. They always knew how to keep things in moderation in order to not reach a level of annoyance that is uncalled for.

I dunno, maybe I'd just prefer if they actually fully voiced their games for one instead of putting all that budget on their flashy mini games. If your run of the mill moege can afford 50 plus hours of top notch voice acting, I don't understand why the "kings" of VN's can't.
#7 by eacil
2017-10-11 at 01:27
I didn't play 2 and 3 but I never said the mini games in the 1 were good or anything, I just said you could find better reasons than a non existing detachment from VN and judge the game for what it is and not related to a posture (or are you saying the devs made statements?).
#8 by kiru
2017-10-11 at 19:50
DR1's minigames are bad, but they managed to make it even worse in DR2... so there's that. DR1's biggest problem is, that you are mostly fighting against game logic. Even if you know how something happened, that's not necessarily helping you, as the game asks weirdly. Let alone the cases with 2 or more possible solutions, where you have to pray. Otherwise they were meh.
DR2's minigames didn't fix that. But they made them massively more frustrating. One of my favorite (irony!) changes was the one to hangman. The so called "improved hangman" isn't even hangman anymore, and is just one hell of a dumb and frustrating experience. Amazing how there were people actually thinking that's okay.

So yeah, have fun with 2. Oh and for your question about me having finished it: Of course. Pretty sure I had platinum on Vita.

@6: "Run of the mill moege" do not feature 50 hours of voice acting. Maybe half of that. MAYBE. And they'll use much cheaper actors as well. High profile moege still use cheaper voice actors and also "only" feature 20-30 hours of voices. Keep in mind that most VNs have maybe 20-30% of their lines voiced. Some even less, some a bit more. Very few ones get close to 100%, but those are usually comparatively short. Danganronpa would probably sit at 80%+ if it'd fully voice things, as it voices the MC and doesn't have too much narration...? Something along those lines. So the way it actually is, partially voiced and all, it's actually pretty normal voice coverage.
DR3 not being fully voiced is just silly though. (or at least all of the enforced mainstory, optional dialogue and freetime events or whatever can remain silent like in Persona) The franchise grew enough to get to that point. edit: Assuming it actually isn't already doing that. I haven't played it, and just assumed it stayed the same like in 1+2.Last modified on 2017-10-11 at 19:53
#9 by traumatizer
2017-10-12 at 00:20
>DRV3 not being fully voiced is just silly though.
The game's script is literally 4MB in size.

I've had fun with V3's minigames more than I did with with DR1's and 2's (though the Hangman's Gambit is still as shit as always).
#10 by any13th
2017-10-12 at 08:42
The minigames take away from the main meat, the nonstop debate.
It and all its permutations are pretty good, rebuttal showdown which is the blade game from DR2 and mass panic debate which has 3 debates going on at once.
I never really hated the mini games, although I did feel like the rhythm minigame to serve as a "final blow" was off base.(Now called Argument Armament in DRV3)
The mini games just find new ways, often irrelevant, ways to force a conclusion on you.
The exception to this is one annoying new minigame in DRV3 which has the jury split into two sides who disagree on something and have you match statements to convince the other side.
It doesn't really do much to provide insight into the case itself and just serves to get the students in order.
The debates with the perjuries, multiple choice questions, numerous pieces of evidence and some variations are fine as is.
A little bit of subtraction to focus on the trials would have absolutely helped.
Although, I doubt this gameplay type will be coming back since I find it very unlikely that Chunsoft or Kodaka plan on making a sequel or even a spiritual successor.
I hope that for their next series they provide more improvements from sequel to sequel and better meld story and gameplay.Last modified on 2017-10-12 at 08:51
#11 by kiru
2017-10-12 at 10:42

Then why is it sitting at 30-50 hours here?
And like I said, enforced story is enough. Even if it had this much text, it probably features good amount of duplicated text, random text if you talk to people and some kind of thing to raise affection of characters or whatever. So for a franchise that got this big, that shouldn't be an issue, even if it'd ultimately turn into a game with a bit more voice acting than normal.

.. that said, I really hope it's not 4mb. The localization was a little fast for that.
#12 by traumatizer
2017-10-12 at 14:54
From what Kodaka's said in the interviews, he's taking a break from DR but would gladly want to see a new writer attempt on the series. So who knows, really.

Because I underestimated the length it had back when I added it and I had no idea the script was THAT big.

>I really hope it's not 4MB.
"No one's going to bother fixing up a game with a 4 MB script that most people consider acceptable (or even good!). NISAronpa is almost certainly the only version we're ever getting."
-BDH, the original Fan patch TL

V3 is a huge rush job for Nisa, even just basing from the dub and they also had a very low budget for it (even if it was for plot-related reasons) considering they recasted only VAs from the previous three games.Last modified on 2017-10-12 at 14:56
#13 by kiru
2017-10-12 at 15:49
Okay, that 4mb can be anything then. I've heard my fair share of overblown scriptsizes, sometimes more than a factor 2, for various reasons.

Unless someone specifically mentions a 4mb script of unique shift-jis text, without nametags and any kind of control-code, it's wonky. Judging from the average time spent on DR3 based on gamefaqs (less than 50 hours btw, which makes the 30-50 hours actually correct enough), I'm actually considering it pretty much impossible to have that much text. A random guess on my end would be ~2mb. Which is btw still more than long enough to make people not want to clean up the whole thing. Look how long the Ar Tonelico 2 retranslation took, and that's not even 2mb.


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