Partial English H-patch released!

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#1 by surferdude
2017-10-24 at 01:35

This patch translates 37 of the game's 67 H-scenes. The translated scenes are:
- Yoshitsune - first scene
- Himiko
- Sun Tzu & Qin Shi
- Ashoka
- Marco Polo & Kublai Khan
- Vlad Tepes
- Kamehameha
- Drake - first scene
- Columbus
- Billy the Kid
- Perry
- Geronimo & Himiko
- Huayna Capac
- Caesar
- Nero
- Magellan
- Cook
- Marie Antoinette - both scenes
- Arthur
- Gawain - both scenes (full version, so if you read these using my patch for the original Eiyuu Senki, read them again here for the complete experience)
- Palamedes
- Kay - all three scenes
- Ywain
- Bors
- Percival
- Mordred - both scenes
- Nostradamus
- Rasputin
- Cleopatra
- Gilgamesh
- Siegfried
- Cu Chulainn

As a bonus for Majikoi fans, this patch also translates the Hazakura Seiso scenario that comes with one of the official JP patches.
#2 by kozmo
2017-10-26 at 17:28
Thank you surferdude , you're my hero !!!Last modified on 2017-10-26 at 17:29
#3 by surferdude
2017-10-26 at 17:37
You're welcome. ^__^
#4 by kainlegacy535
2017-10-27 at 10:43
surferdude you are today hero.
#5 by leonidastan
2017-10-30 at 10:26
Oh my God! Surferdude, you're awesome. Thank you so much!Last modified on 2017-10-30 at 10:29
#6 by veldor
2017-11-16 at 20:21
Where do i put that save game?!
#7 by surferdude
2017-11-17 at 14:24
^ That depends on your operating system. If you can't figure out where the UserData folder gets saved, you could try getting in the game once, and then searching for the name of the save file on your HDD and see where it is. Then simply replace it with the one provided in the patch.
#8 by periah250
2017-12-21 at 23:12
I can't get either the H patch or a save with all scenes unlocked, any helpful peples out there?
#9 by kozmo
2017-12-22 at 13:22
Try this link:
#10 by abyssaleros
2018-01-20 at 15:46
Surferdude, do you intend to translate the other 30 H-scenes, too?
#11 by surferdude
2018-01-20 at 20:21
I intend to, but I don't know when/if it's going to happen, as I've been busy with other stuff.
#12 by abyssaleros
2018-01-21 at 11:14
However, got to know, that you are still intend to.
#13 by kratoscar2008
2019-01-09 at 03:11
So one year later, what are the plans for this? Its canceled or stalled?
#14 by surferdude
2019-01-09 at 16:23
It's been cancelled for quite some time due to only a handful of people caring.

Get JAST to do it, as it seems people prefer their official, half-assed version of the original over mine.
#15 by kozmo
2019-01-09 at 19:15
C'mon Surferdude

I thought you was better than this....


Thank you surferdude , you're my hero !!!

I posted this one year ago, and I really meant it!

You said that would translate only the H-scenes, but I believed that the whole game would be translated at some point by you. Not only me, but a lot people thought the same.

I don't know what you expected us to do...
I really hope you reconsider. ;(
#16 by kainlegacy535
2019-01-09 at 21:03
Dude, Surferdude, you are right, maybe we dont show all the appreciation that you deserve, but you must know that a great deal of people were patiently waiting for the patch.
#17 by shining17
2019-01-09 at 21:11
Please continue Surferdude!
#18 by varcetti
2019-01-09 at 21:25
Please Surferdude, Translate Eiyuu Senki Gold for us!Last modified on 2019-01-09 at 22:44
#19 by infernoplex
2019-01-09 at 21:38
Get JAST to do it, as it seems people prefer their official, half-assed version of the original over mine.

Eh? Is this true?
#20 by sanahtlig
2019-01-09 at 22:21
Was there a problem with JAST's release? I sort of ignored it because I played a few hours of Eiyuu Senki Gold (JP version) and was unimpressed by the story segments featured in the prologue.Last modified on 2019-01-09 at 22:23
#21 by killallnazis
2019-01-09 at 23:17
#20 I wish you had ignored this thread as well...
Jast aren't running any kickstarter at the moment?

#14 Listen Surferdude, don't let these JastFags bother you, do it for the fans!
#22 by kratoscar2008
2019-01-10 at 01:39
There is one person attempting it on Fuwanovel, allegedly he contacted you. What are the news on that?
#23 by surferdude
2019-01-10 at 21:26
I never said that I would translate the whole game. It's simply too big and I don't have the time to invest in such a huge project.

When JAST released the original Eiyuu Senki (one whole year after my patch), I compared some of the scripts I translated with their version and noticed that they removed many chunks of text from the game for absolutely no reason.

I don't follow Fuwanovel and I stopped using HongFire due to technical problems on my end, so that's news to me.
Anyone who wants to get in touch with me should do it here on VNDB, as I check this site at least once a day.
#24 by kratoscar2008
2019-01-10 at 22:55


They dont say where they send the PM, but i assumed it wasnt here then. Though its likely dead since the guy hasnt updated in a while.
#25 by surferdude
2019-01-11 at 02:41
Okay, so to make things clear, IF anyone is actually working on translating the story parts (and I don't mean MTL), then I recommend that they stick to those and not touch the H scenes, just in case I find the time to continue working on the H myself.

Had some time today, so Goemon is now translated. Aristotle is next. Don't expect fast progress, though.Last modified on 2019-01-11 at 21:07


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