Partial English H-patch released!

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#51 by surferdude
2019-03-05 at 18:39
Nope, it's 0.75, +15 H-scenes.
Then there are 15 more to do for 1.00.
I guess I didn't mention that.
#52 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-05 at 18:53
Ah i see. Thanks for the info and effort as usual.
#53 by drakish
2019-03-05 at 19:11
I really do hope someone translate the story after you are done with the h scenes. The first game was really good imo.
#54 by surferdude
2019-03-12 at 22:26
Ivan and Qin Shi Huang are done.

Any progress from the other group?
Are they still working on the story parts?
#55 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-12 at 22:53
Nothing so far, its pretty slow and i think the guy is moving or something like that.
Also thanks for the work, question: will Goemon or Balin be in this next patch? I remember liking those 2 a lot.
#56 by surferdude
2019-03-13 at 16:05
Goemon, yes.
Balin, no.
#57 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-13 at 17:42
#58 by bryanfuryz
2019-03-18 at 15:54
Thank you surferdude for this Patch!
May I ask when would 0.75 patch release?

And another thing, I'm currently playing this game using VNR, there are quite a lot fan-based english translation, since i saw that you are quite strict on the translation side, have you seen the VNR translation? is it spot on?
#59 by surferdude
2019-03-18 at 17:11
^ The patch should be out after I finish translating and play-testing all the scenes that I intend to include in it. The translation should take about 4 days, give or take, but the testing will take a while, as I need to slowly look for typos, compare the translation with the voice clips, and get rid of any bugs, for all 15 scenes.

And I haven't seen the VNR translation because I never used VNR. If you post here a fragment from one of the H-scenes, I can tell you if it's spot on. Text only, though, no YouTube or things like that.

In other news, Jeanne d'Arc and Achilles are done.
#60 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-18 at 19:08
Thanks for the update.
I kind of remember that one but i think it wasnt very common and it was only in the first few events so not in the H-scenes. Will have to double check.
#61 by surferdude
2019-03-18 at 22:11
^ What are you talking about? The VNR translation? If so, is that like, machine translated, or is it made by random people who want to contribute?
#62 by kratoscar2008
2019-03-19 at 00:04
Yeah, VNR had an option where someone could translate a game script and it would be uploaded to the database so it could be shown as a TL in a game (As long as you have the user translation up). I remember Gold and i think Sukebe Elf having them. I tried looking on both but i couldnt find it, then again the version of VNR that i have is the old dead one so maybe i cant access that anymore.
I wonder why it didnt caught up much as it got away from the hurdle of hacking it.Last modified on 2019-03-19 at 00:05


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